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RECAPS NOV. 24 - 28



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Having resolved herself into believing that her marriage is over, Caroline is shocked when Rick makes an unexpected declaration about his desires. Feeling as if she must step in as the matriarch of the Logan family, Katie confronts Maya about her intentions towards Rick. Eric and Taylor share a connection as the two discuss love, loss, and what the future holds for them. Ridge has conflicted feelings when Katie puts him on the spot regarding the status of their relationship. Expecting the worst from Katie, Bill is pleasantly surprised when she shows him gratitude for his chivalry. Rick reveals to a heartbroken Maya that he cannot be with her because he plans on working on his marriage with Caroline. Knowing that there are still unresolved feelings between the two of them, Ridge informs Caroline that they need to focus on their respective relationships. Caroline is torn when Rick asks for an immediate response to his appeal for them to reconcile. Everyone, except Quinn, is invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Forrester mansion. In honor of the holiday, Rick sets his animosity towards Ridge aside strictly for Eric’s sake. Hope brings back the tradition she created last year of asking each dinner guest to say something nice about the person seated next to them. Having been placed in a strategic manner, not everyone at the table is as excited about this tradition as others.

THIS WEEK: Caroline can’t give Rick what he’s looking for. Maya refuses to take no for an answer.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ finally comes to a decision about his future with Paige. Maggie reunites with Melanie – who does her best to cover up a secret. Maggie, however, knows that something is going on that she’s not talking about. Daniel and Nicole try to resist their obvious attraction to one another, but they are fighting a losing battle. Sonny has it out with Chad, demanding to know if he can count on his business partner. Chad gives him a less than reassuring response to his question. At Daniel’s apartment, Melanie confronts a towel-clad Nicole about her new “friendship” with Melanie’s father. Nicole gets defensive and wants to cut the conversation short, but things gets intense, nonetheless. Jordan has a stunning realization about Kate. Chad walks in on Paul shamelessly flirting with Jordan. Clyde has his first therapy session with Marlena, but she senses that he is a more complicated case than she first imagined. Melanie is on a role. First she sets things straight with Chad, then she has an eyeopening encounter with Ben. Jordan blasts Kate for bringing Clyde to Salem. Sonny reels from a stunning development that he never saw coming. Rafe seeks Marlena’s help.

THIS WEEK: Melanie is not finished with Nicole. Marlena tries to solve the puzzle that is Chad.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna is caught off guard, forcing her to disclose more about what went down with Faison. Sam, Patrick, Tracy and Lulu continue to piece together their latest findings and how it might answer questions about Luke. Alexis is furious with Julian and demands more answers about his crime involvement. As a result, Julian is forced to reveal another truth to Alexis. TJ and Molly bond over their fathers, while Jordan and Shawn are worried about TJ. Later in the day, Jordan is pressured by her boss to get to the bottom of who is behind the Jerome organization.

Alexis and Julian have two unexpected run-ins. Sonny asks Duke for a favor in regards to his organization. Carly is heartbroken over Michael’s latest actions. After a difficult night, Elizabeth asks Jake to Thanksgiving. It’s Thanksgiving Day in Port Charles. Carly and Sonny share a special moment. Duke crosses with Anna and has a proposal for her. Alexis and Julian make huge discovery. Meanwhile, all walks of Quartermaines will gather together to see if they will have a normal, Turkey dinner. Jake receives a mysterious visitor, while Danny continues to be drawn to Jake. In the interim, dinner is also being served at Wyndemere. As villains continue to lurk about town, surprises are in store. . Luke questions the identity of the covert man. Ric is caught off guard when he is suddenly faced with criminal charges. Despite their shock in regards to Ric’s alleged misconduct, Elizabeth asks Alexis to represent him.

THIS WEEK: After being scorned, Olivia and Morgan lean on each other for comfort. Sonny does not believe Ava’s claim

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick decides to leave town to clear his head and get some space from Sharon. Victor plans a family dinner to show Nick support and is disappointed that he is leaving town. Victor tells Nick to stop running away from his problems. He tells his son to man up and stay in Genoa City and face his issues head-on. Stitch tells Kelly the truth about Maureen and their father. Kelly is devastated but encourages Stitch to move on with his life. When Adam tries to get his strength back so he can return to Genoa City as soon as possible, Sage tells him he needs to slow down. Later, Adam has a nightmare and screams out Chelsea’s name. Ashley visits Billy and tells him he is kidding himself that he still isn’t in love with Victoria. Billy brushes off her comments, but secretly feels that Ashley might be correct. Later, those feelings are expressed when Chelsea overhears and later confronts Billy who admits a part of him will always be connected to Victoria. Chelsea sympathizes as she will always have a connection to Adam. Devon and Hilary share a romantic dance in the Jabot Offi ce. As the families gather and celebrate Thanksgiving dinner there are unspoken tensions in the air. Devon and Hilary worry about how much Colin knows about their affair. Cane assures Colin that he is happy being out of the corporate world. Lily shares her concerns for Neil with Hilary and Devon.

THIS WEEK: Hilary and Devon give Lily advice. Billy and Victoria have an awkward encounter.

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