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RECAPS – 2/18-2/22

ALL MY CHILDREN – After believing Jesse dead for twenty years, Angie was overwhelmed to be back in his arms but said she’d never forgive him if he left her again. The skeleton in the tomb was identified as a man Angie once dated. Erica was shocked when Samuel had her arrested for insider trading. When she tried to get out of it, Samuel added attempted bribery to the charges against her. Unaware that JR agreed to be his donor, Richie had JR kidnapped and planned on getting what he wanted no matter what. Zach hired a reluctant Aidan to be Kendall’s bodyguard while she on her book tour.

THIS WEEK: Angie and Jesse hear unsettling news from Tad.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig was furious with Paul for misleading him about Lucy and Johnny. Paul’s car exploded when he turned the ignition and he was hospitalized in critical condition. Barbara wanted Craig arrested. Craig sent word to Margo that he was leaving Oakdale never to be found again. Jack and Carly collaborated to get Kit to reveal the truth about Sam’s shooting. Despite Gwen and Will’s plea, Aaron didn’t want to stab Sofie in the back. Chris comforted Sofie. Emily was jealous when she saw Sofie with Chris and later, Sofie with Paul. Matt called a mystery person to report that his plan is going well.

THIS WEEK: Noah and Luke learn more about Ameera.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Eric went out on the ledge of the building, stark naked, to keep Stephanie from finding him alone with Donna. A detective took a picture of Eric and it wound up in the morning newspaper. Eric whisked Stephanie on a jet to Tahiti to keep her from seeing the photograph, but she saw it anyway. Unmoved by the Logan family’s pleas, Stephanie called the cops to accuse Steven of shooting her. Taylor returned home and told Nick that she wished their marriage had worked. She then stunned him by saying she was taking baby Jack from his home.

THIS WEEK: Taylor cannot control her emotions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – The plane crashed and many lives were in danger. Grandpa Shawn died and Kayla feared that her unborn child wouldn’t make it. In makeshift shelters, Belle and Shawn rekindled their love. John had sex with Marlena, but confessed that he didn’t remember they had been madly in love. When they were rescued, Bo was taken to ICU for tests. Steve told Stephanie about Kayla’s pregnancy, but late he received a threatening note from a woman named Ava. Marlena told the Dimera’s about Colleen’s last words. John demanded his share of the family fortune since he now knows Santos was his father.

THIS WEEK: The Bradys say goodbye to Grandpa Shawn.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Logan maintained his innocence, saying he was gathering evidence to frame Johnny. While trying to flee, Lulu hit Logan with a wrench and rendered him unconscious. After accidentally shooting Kate, Michael ran off and hid on a boat. He was stunned when the ship went out to sea. Assuming the Zaccharas were responsible for Kate’s shooting and Michael’s disappearance, Sonny vowed to murder them all. Nikolas began to convulse as he remembered the night Emily was killed. Emily was horrified as she helped Nikolas relive her murder. Ian proposed he secretly use an experimental drug to treat Nikolas. Sam walked into the killer’s trap!

THIS WEEK: Kate learns a heartbreaking truth.

Guiding Light – Gus and Natalia broke up when she sent him to be with Olivia. Alan vowed to get back the women in his life that matter to him. Cassie fought Reva and Josh to keep Will out of juvenile hall. Jeffrey forced the issue, insisting that if Will continued unpunished, he would become a criminal. Rick told Beth he wanted to be her baby girl’s father, no matter what the DNA test said. She agreed, but only if he fingered Cassie as the one responsible for switching the DNA results. Jon asked Lizzie to marry him so they could raise Sarah together. Bill made Lizzie wonder about Jonathan’s past with a woman named Aubrey.

THIS WEEK: Will thinks about doing harm to Jeffrey.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Ramsey replaced Bo as the new police commissioner. As Jared was professing his love to Natalie, Jessica was begging a gun-toting Allison to spare her life. Jared positioned himself in the line of fire to save Jessica, causing both him and Allison to fall over the balcony railing. Charlie pulled Jared to safety, but Allison purposely released her hand and fell, destroying the DVD in the process. She survived the fall, but wasn’t expected to make it through the night. Jared’s bravery endeared him to the Buchanan family. Dorian paid off a guard to get her hands on the incriminating surveillance tape.

THIS WEEK: Marcie learns what the future holds.

PASSIONS – Paloma put her own life in danger while trying to save Noah from falling to his death. She was overjoyed when she saw he was okay, making her certain that she was still in love with him. A furious Ethan told Gwen that he was going to sue for full custody of Jonathan and that he wanted her out of his life for good. Ethan mourned Theresa’s death as her ghost tried to comfort him. He, Luis and Miguel all searched in vein for her missing body. Marty unintentionally controlled

Fancy’s every move when he found the controls for her implant.

THIS WEEK: Pilar is driven to avenge Theresa’s death.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Upon Hope’s death, Vic accepted Victor’s job offer and said he’d go by his middle name, Adam. Jeff retrieved a hidden camera he planted and realized what Gloria and Kevin were up to. Michael learned that Jeff was transferring large amounts of money to a woman’s account in Korea. Michael, Lauren and Kevin wondered what was wrong with Gloria, and Kevin tried covertly to convince Michael that Jeff might have poisoned her. When the poison didn’t register on a toxicology report, Kevin learned the poison was only water. Heather thought it was time to drop the Ji Min murder case.

THIS WEEK: Nick gives his brother an icy reception.

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