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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope makes an emotional confession to Eric about how difficult it was for her to be in Amsterdam with Liam and Ivy. Under the ruse of brotherly bonding, Wyatt pays a visit to Liam to pry him for information about how it went with Ivy during the remainder of their trip. When Quinn learns about Hope’s baby shower, she becomes determined to be a part of the festivities, invited or not. Knowing what Quinn is capable of, Deacon gives her a stern, but loving, warning not to crash Hope’s baby shower. Hope and Liam share a tender moment as they set aside their feelings for each other to express their gratitude that the other has found happiness. At Hope’s shower the general consensus among the guests is that Quinn is persona non grata. Determined not to miss out on the celebration intended for her grandchild, Quinn finds a way to be a part of the festivities. Liam grills Deacon about how he can remain in a relationship with someone who has caused Hope so much strife. Quinn gets a dose of reality when she overhears what the others think about her attendance at Hope’s baby shower. Ivy and Hope mutually asset aside their differences when they realize that, one way or another, that they will always be in each other’s’ lives. Ivy makes a selfless declaration to Hope stating how she wants Liam to be a significant part of her and Wyatt’s baby’s life. In return, Hope makes a vulnerable confession to Ivy about Liam. Liam interrogates Quinn about whether or not she had crashed Hope’s baby shower despite being warned not to. When Wyatt voices his concern about Quinn negatively affecting his marriage, Bill suggests that he take drastic measures to ensure his family remains intact. As a promise to Hope, Liam vows to protect her and her baby from any threat Quinn may present. Wyatt begins to have second thoughts when Bill informs him that measures to keep Quinn away from Hope have been set in motion.

THIS WEEK: Quinn makes an emotional plea to Deacon to speak to Hope on her behalf. When Deacon is unsuccessful in his attempt, Quinn takes it upon herself to right her wrongs with Hope. A moment of tension between Caroline and Maya take place at the party when the topic of Rick is broached.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sonny finally hears from Will, only to have his husband angrily rip into him. Chad’s true intentions become clear. Melanie warns Abigail about Chad. Jordan gets a surprise when she shows up to Clyde’s hotel room to confront him. Brady shares a happy reunion with Melanie, who is unaware someone is trying to track her down. Daniel and Maggie realize Melanie isn’t being completely truthful. Victor tries to be proactive about protecting Sonny against Chad. Clyde and Jordan have another big blowup. Melanie panics when Daniel tells her about the mysterious phone call he received. JJ tells Paige he wants to keep seeing her – but it must remain a secret. Nicole tries to clarify things with Eric. Adrienne admits to Sonny she knows about his secret and gives him stern advice. Eve enlists Theresa’s help to separate JJ and Paige. A furious Rafe confronts Kate when he learns just how conniving she’s been. Ben demands answers from Clyde about the lie he told. Hope’s thrown when she learns an interesting tidbit about Aiden’s past from Chase. Melanie’s past catches up with her, leading to a dangerous situation for those around her. Melanie’s friend, Serena Mason, shows up in town… and reacts when she sees Marlena. Rafe tries to convince Jordan she’s making a mistake with Chad.

THIS WEEK: Kate tries to deflect Stefano’s taunts. Jordan wonders if Rafe has a point to consider.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Tracy receives a surprise visitor and Alexis, in turn, updates the Quartermaines on this person’s circumstances. Larry is appalled by this guest’s accusations. Julian tells Jordan the truth about his boss and later in the day, someone is waiting for him. Britt makes a discovery. Franco encourages Nina to return the baby, while Kiki and Morgan are worry about the baby’s whereabouts. Silas confronts Ava about what she is hiding. Dante calls Anna about some new Intel on Luke. Julian’s life is being threatened due to his recent actions. Tracy is embarrassed about a recent revelation, while this disclosure also causes tension between Alexis and Ned. Ava begs Silas not to turn her in. Franco is developing a soft spot for the baby. Julian has doubts about a surprising reveal. Alexis admits something to Molly about her father. Madeline is onto another one of Obrecht’s lies, and threatens to tell all unless she helps her with her case. A cryptic phone call takes place. Nikolas is furious over a recent finding. Nina and Franco pick a name for the baby. Patrick makes a difficult admission to Sam. Obrecht crosses path with a possible nemesis. Spencer demands answers from Nikolas. Jake recognizes the mysterious visitor from Thanksgiving, and asks Elizabeth about this person. Later in the day, while Jake begins to look for a job, Elizabeth calls Anna about Jake’s encounter. Brad has some advice for Britt. Anna apologizes for a recent incident, but assures everyone that they are now safe. Sam presses Patrick for answers about his choices. Jake finds himself in a quandary that could get him in trouble. Luke seeks the truth.

THIS WEEK: Sabrina is surprised to see someone. Obrecht has another proposition for Britt. Nikolas is stunned to learn some news from Elizabeth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon goes to see Nick at the Tack House but instead finds Summer. They exchange harsh words and Summer threatens to throw Sharon out if she doesn’t leave. Later, Summer goes to visit Avery and tells her she is worried about Nick. Joe blasts Michael for not being up to speed on the public opposition to his real estate project. Stitch runs into Chelsea and tells her is worried about losing Victoria to Billy. Chelsea tells him he needs to have faith in his relationship with Victoria. Later, Victoria, Billy and Stitch meet to get the results of the paternity test. Kelly overhears Jack talking to Abby and wonders if she was just a “placeholder” for Phyllis. Hilary introduces Devon to Gwen, the co-worker at Jabot she has “set him up” with. Phyllis and Billy come to blows when she tells him she wants her back her old position at Jabot. Sage learns more about Adam’s past and warns him not to mess up their deal.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis is not through with Billy by a long shot. Sage goes out of her way to defend herself against Adam.

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