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RECAPS: 12/15 – 12/19



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill attempts to convince an already vulnerable Quinn to atone for her misdeeds towards his family. Rick shocks everyone when he backs Eric’s suggestion that Ridge and Caroline should team up for the next collection. Deacon becomes Quinn’s knight in shining armor when he comes to her aid when she needs it the most. Maya is the recipient of an early and very generous Christmas present. Bill is disturbed when he gets the sense that Katie and Ridge may soon be taking their relationship to the next level: marriage. Katie is taken aback when Bill confesses to her about a mistake that he made in the past. Rick and Maya take the next step in their plan for complete domination by getting the law on their side. Unaware of what is in store for them, Caroline and Eric are grateful that Rick agreed to give his marriage another chance. Rick and Maya implement another phase of their deception that they feel will solidify the belief of others that he is completely dedicated to his marriage. Bill makes a confession to Justin about his relationships with Brooke and Katie. Ridge is forced to reexamine his feelings for Caroline when Katie calls him out on who really has his heart. When Bill learns about the latest status on Katie and Ridge’s relationship, he presents her with an alternative option. Rick has a difficult time fending off Caroline in the bedroom while attempting to maintain his charade of devotion to her. Caroline confides in Ivy about the insecurity that she is currently feeling in her marriage. Katie and Bill discuss what will happen between him and Brooke when she returns from Italy. When Ivy confronts Rick about what she saw the night before, he angrily attempts to justify his actions and warns her not to tell anyone. Ridge reveals to Carter his theory about why feelings for Caroline suddenly sprung up for him.

THIS WEEK: Maya confides in a friend. Caroline becomes worried about Rick’s suspicious behavior and whereabouts.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope gets a dire warning about Aiden. Serena asks Eric out on a date. Nicole uses her sneaky skills to help out a friend. Theresa witnesses a tender moment between Brady and Melanie. Will is set on a collision course with Sonny’s past. Unbeknownst to Hope, a furious Aiden threatens Bree. Brady comes to Melanie’s rescue when Anne and Theresa try to thwart her. Nicole is struck when she sees Eric with Serena. Sonny confronts Will when he learns the truth about why his husband really came back to Salem. Melanie and Theresa get into another fight when Melanie accuses her of trying to entrap Brady with her pregnancy scare. Eric makes a confession to Serena about Nicole. Marlena gives Nicole stern advice. Eve manipulates Shane’s condition to her advantage. Victor and Clyde clash in a major way. Rafe turns up the heat on Chad. Eric is furious when he catches Nicole looking up information on Serena. Nicole tells Daniel she wants to start dating. Serena asks Melanie for any dish she has on Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Will questions Paul about his love life. Paige has upsetting news for JJ.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — A mob enemy tells Sonny that he is holding a family member hostage, and in order to secure his release, he must accept the terms of his deal. Carlos also updates Julian on his potential role in the new Port Charles mob. Ava and Nina come to blows. Carly lays it all out on Franco. Ava’s baby gets some tests. Olivia is jealous of Ned and Alexis, causing tension between the three of them. Maxie learns the verdict of her custody hearing. Elizabeth confesses to Jake why Sam is suspicious of him. Sam shares with Dante some enhanced footage that shows who might have been involved with her incident. Obrecht visits Nathan and reveals some confidential information with him. After prying the truth out of Spencer, Nikolas has a surprise guest. Olivia opens up to Ned about her feelings. Jake confronts Sam about her suspicions, while Patrick later asks Sam for her forgiveness. Nathan makes a promise to Maxie. Sonny updates Shawn on the mob wars and solicits his help. Michael continues to take out his anger on Kiki, Morgan and Carly. Sabrina apologizes to Ava for trying to hurt her baby. Elizabeth has a warning for Sam and in the interim, Sam questions Elizabeth’s motives. Jake doubts his recent actions, and is advised by Patrick to seek psychiatric help. Julian is shocked to learn the leverage a crime family has over Sonny. Shawn and Duke team up to protect Sonny’s interests. At the end of the day, Jordan continues to go under-cover in order to get to the bottom of the latest mob wars. Franco urges Nina not to give up on him. Franco and Nina learn the fate of their actions. Julian tries to make amends with Sam. Shawn provokes Jordan, demanding to know answers about the Jerome’s plan. Unbeknownst to them, someone is about to blow Jordan’s cover.

THIS WEEK: Kiki comforts Morgan about some news. Maxie is taken aback by a decision.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Things become more intense when Nick finds David Sherman at Sharon’s. Faith comes in upset that her parents are fighting. Later, Sharon pleads with Noah to help her before this custody battle becomes war. Ashley meets with Victor, who offers her a job at Newman-Chancellor. Victoria confides in Nick that she has hope for her and Stitch. Stitch then shows up and Victoria asks if he wants to go on a date. Joe convinces Cane to invite Victor to the cocktail party that he’s throwing. Joe can tell that he has upset Lily with his business plan and thinks he has a way to make it easier on her by offering to have the event somewhere else. Anita insists that Chelsea needs to keep Billy away from Victoria and Katie. Chelsea admits that if Billy wants to be with Victoria, she can’t stop him. Devon tells Hilary that he had a dream about her and later gives her a key to a private hotel suite. Michael is concerned that Lauren wants to tell Fen about his cancer because he doesn’t want his sickness to ruin anything. Sage thinks she and Adam should stay away from Genoa City for a while. Adam is furious and tells her that he has another choice besides either living a lie or becoming Gabriel Bingham and abandoning his old life.

THIS WEEK: Sage is left with a big decision. Devon goes all out to impress Hilary.

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