Whitesburg KY


RECAPS: 12/22 – 12/26



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya confides in an ally about her and Rick’s plan to be together. Carter becomes contemplative about his past relationship with Maya when he tells Ridge that he’s looking for a good woman to share his life with. Ivy is put in a difficult position when Rick warns her not to divulge to Caroline about their conversation about what she witnessed earlier in the evening. Rick is put on the spot when Caroline reveals her desire for their future together. With the holiday just around the corner, Wyatt is beside himself unaware of the current status of his marriage or what his future holds. Knowing that Pam misses a particular loved one around the holidays, John surprises her by making her the guest of honor at the best show in town. Out of fear that Ivy may become a hindrance, Rick fells anxious to get Eric to sign the legal documents as soon as possible. The Forrester family introduces their holiday tradition to the new additions of their inner circle. Ivy experiences her very first Christmas in Los Angeles. Having been estranged for weeks, Wyatt and Quinn come face-to-face for the first time with Deacon acting as mediator. Wyatt is unsure if he is ready to forgive Quinn for all that she has done and all that she has cost him. Feeling that something is off in her relationship, Caroline confronts Rick about whether or not he has completely forgiven her.

THIS WEEK: Maya fantasizes about what her life would be like if she marries Rick. Ivy questions Liam about his feelings for Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole snoops around Serena’s hotel room hoping to find information on Eric’s mysterious ex- lover. Jennifer extends a friendly invitation to Daniel. Will and Sonny take Arianna for a long-overdue visit with Gabi. Abigail keeps a secret from Jordan – who then gets the wrong idea about Chad. JJ blasts Eve for the lies she told to keep him and Paige apart. Paige is stunned when Kimberly tells her the truth about Shane. Melanie catches Nicole redhanded.

Doug and Julie arrive in town for the holidays – and Doug is furious with Hope for not telling him about Aiden. Eve and JJ have sex once again! Paul opens up to Will about his lost love. Lucas comforts Adrienne when she reveals Justin isn’t coming home for Christmas. Hope urges Doug to accept Aiden, while Maggie and Jennifer argue Aiden’s case with Julie. Theresa is stung when she spies Brady and Melanie getting closer. The Kiriakis men give Victor a special gift. As the Hortons gather for a Christmas Eve celebration, the Bradys also have a heartwarming get together, where Eric introduces Serena to the rest of his family. John returns home for the holiday, just in time to reunite with Brady and Marlena. The Hortons continue the annual tradition of hanging their namesake ornaments on the tree – and this year, Sonny gets one, too. Paige is devastated when JJ breaks things off with her.

THIS WEEK: Kayla warns Hope she shouldn’t be dating Aiden. Paige confronts Eve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Maxie has some news for Nathan regarding Georgie. Johnny helps a fellow prisoner by repaying him for a favor. Carlos has a warning for Jordan, and Shawn fears she now has a target on her back. Fluke updates Julian on the status of Luke, and later instructs Julian to carry out a mission. Alexis is about to tell Molly the truth about Ric, but is quickly interrupted by a surprise visitor. It’s a heartwarming Christmas Eve with holiday miracles. Maxie receives an uplifting gift. As Chief of Staff, Obrecht continues the General Hospital tradition of telling the children the story of Christmas… with her own unique twist. In the interim, we learn that Obrecht has done a very good deed for Nathan. Sam and Patrick start to reconnect. Jake and Elizabeth find themselves under the mistletoe, but someone suddenly walks in on them. Nikolas has a warning for Spencer. Maxie and Nathan’s special night is tested due to unforeseen circumstances. Anna tries to convince Jordan to stay undercover for her own safety. Shawn admits to Duke that he has a feeling that Jordan is hiding something. Elizabeth gets asked out on New Year’s, putting a damper on her relationship with Jake.

THIS WEEK: Alexis confronts Julian. Molly shares some great news with TJ. Monica and the Judge grow closer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy brings Chelsea to Delia’s roadside memorial.. Chelsea comforts Billy as he puts a picture of Katie at the site. Adam sneaks into the penthouse. But Chelsea soon comes home and he is forced to hide in the closet. Paul is dressed up as Santa for an event the Police Department is having at Crimson Lights. Nick comes in with Faith and tells Paul that he needs a Christmas miracle. Paul mentions to Dylan that he’ll talk to the Mayor to try and get the landmark status of Crimson Lights pushed through. Meanwhile, Sharon thinks that what is best for Faith is for Nick to drop the custody suit. Nick doesn’t agree and says they need to work harder to make Faith accept the reality of the situation. Victor meets with Tobias who doesn’t have a definitive answer for Victor as to what Ashley is working on. Victor demands he get Ashley to confide in him. Nikki is upset that Victor accepted an invitation to Joe’s cocktail party. Meanwhile, Jill is upset that Colin wants to invest in Joe’s project. The Winters family gathers for Christmas Eve, and Neil wonders why Devon hasn’t brought Gwen. Devon tells Neil that he is seeing Gwen tomorrow. At the Jabot Lab, Abby mentions the office Christmas party where the suits and lab coats mix it up for the evening! Ashley and Stitch exchange a look that doesn’t go unnoticed by Abby.

THIS WEEK: Abby questions Ashley and Stitch.

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