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RECAPS: 12/29 – 1/2

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam gets heated when Ivy informs him about her most recent interaction with Rick. Ridge shares his joy of Caroline’s repaired marriage while delivering the news to her about the current state of his relationship with Katie. Maya begins to worry about her future with Rick because of the recent hitch in their plan. Deacon attempts to talk Quinn out of meddling in Wyatt’s effort to win Hope back. Feeling the pressure of the ticking clock, Rick pleads his case to Eric requesting that he sign the legal documents that would seal the deal of his Forrester Creations’ take-over. Knowing that the tables may soon turn, Maya holds her tongue during a venomous confrontation with Caroline. Ridge has a candid conversation with Carter about his feelings for Caroline and what he plans to do about it. Eric is torn when Carter, as legal counsel, advises him not to sign the papers that Rick has delivered. Unaware of the motive behind the document, Eric feels compelled to support Rick and Caroline’s future together and at Forrester Creations. Liam and Ivy have similar ideas about how they want to spend their first New Year’s Eve as a couple. Rick prepares Maya for a triumphant outcome by instructing her to pack her bags. Carter stirs the pot when he tips Ridge off about the contract that Rick wants Eric to sign. Maya is looking forward to soon being able to flaunt her relationship with Rick and take her rightful place in the hierarchy of Forrester Creations. Caroline gets the shock of her life when Maya makes an unexpected appearance during a company meeting.

THIS WEEK: When Eric begins to waver about signing the documents, Carter sends Ridge an urgent message of warning. Caroline makes a confession to Ridge about intimate details of her marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe’s secret is uncovered, and he’s fired from the police force! Melanie pays Gabi a surprise visit in prison. Furious Will blasts Sonny for not consulting him before taking money out of their shared bank account to pay for more work on the club expansion. Paul receives devastating news. Paul confesses to Sonny he’s never stopped loving him – and he wants them to reunite. Melanie warns Jordan about dating Chad and drops a tidbit about her own past with the young DiMera. John asks Marlena for a chance to start over. Paige demands an explanation from JJ about why he broke up with her. Eric is livid when he discovers what Nicole has been up to in regards to Serena. Brady is thrown by Melanie’s odd behavior, not realizing she’s feeling awkward after their close moment on Christmas Eve. Chad confesses to Jordan about his tumultuous past with Melanie. JJ confesses to Paige that he slept with someone else! While ringing in the New Year, Melanie and Brady share an unexpected, passionate kiss. Daniel blasts Nicole for sneaking into Serena’s room – and calls off their date.

THIS WEEK: Sonny’s dreams are crushed. Clyde seeks out Aiden’s services.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — As they try to make their way back to each other for New Year’s, both Maxie and Nathan encounter travel snafus. Jordan comes up with a new cover in order to save her life. Patrick and Sam discuss the state of their relationship, and decide to spend New Year’s together. It’s New Year’s Eve in Port Charles, and many PC residents turn up at the Metro Court to ring in 2015. Some jealousy and tense couple encounters ensue for some, along with romance for others. Carly helps Jake find a job. Jordan fills Shawn in on her latest plan. Nathan and Maxie rush to see each in person before the stroke of midnight. Sam and Patrick question their next steps. Carly and Jake find themselves in a compromising position. Elizabeth shares an emotional moment with a loved one. Alexis accuses Julian of purposely making her jealous, while Ned has a warning for Olivia. Sloan and Anna argue about his investigation. Duke and Lucy have an open and honest chat about their feelings. Will Maxie and Nathan end up spending New Year’s together?

THIS WEEK: Jake is determined to do well in his new job. Carly feels the need to step back.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley tells Jack about Tobias spying for Victor. Jack has to come up with a plan to deal with this information without tipping his hand. Dylan asks Michael if he can cover the law office for a month so he can take Avery on an extended vacation. Dylan has this vacation carefully planned and orchestrated, but will all go as planned? Sage warns Adam not to underestimate her importance in his life. Adam, however, doesn’t share her inflated opinion of the influence she has on his life. Phyllis asks Hilary for help in arranging a surprise for Jack. Nick is worried that Sage thinks less of him when she finds out he is Victor Newman’s son. Once again the Newman legacy threatens to hamper his life. On New Year’s Day, Nikki resolves to keep her sobriety, but there are many challenges in the new year that might test her resolve in this matter. Michael and Lauren resolve to live every day and never take a moment for granted. The New Year’s celebration seems to be the perfect time some self-reflection in this matter.

THIS WEEK: Sage asserts herself with Adam, but will it change his mind? Phyllis and Jack don’t see eye to eye.

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