Whitesburg KY


RECAPS: 1/5 – 1/9



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Shock and disappointment are only some of the reactions to Rick’s unexpected announcement during the Forrester staff meeting. Rick explains to a blindsided Caroline his vision of where their respective futures are heading. Having heard about Rick’s deception, Ivy regrets not telling Caroline about Rick and Maya sooner. Ivy has a warning for Maya about Rick’s devious behavior. Despite Rick having conned her and his family for weeks, Caroline expresses her love for him and her willingness to do whatever it takes to rebuild their marriage. Having already stolen her nemesis’ husband, Maya attempts to take something else of value from Caroline. Eric and Ridge have Carter review the documents to see if there are any loopholes that could possibly nullify the contract. Ridge is disheartened at how easily Eric is to justify and enable Rick’s tyrannical actions. Eric feels remorseful about what transpired thinking that he caused Rick’s behavior by issuing him an ultimatum to reunite with Caroline. Maya asserts her newfound power within the Forrester family by relocating Ivy and Aly for the evening. Caroline makes an emotional plea to Rick for them to work on repairing their marriage. Much to the dismay of many, Eric goes out of town and leaves Forrester Creations in the hands of Rick. Aly, Ivy and Pam are in complete disbelief when they arrive at the Forrester mansion and see the extravagant gift that Rick has given to Maya. Having been displaced due to the downfall of her marriage, Caroline finds comfort and refuge with Liam. In response to his family’s outrage, Rick justifies his motivation for the abrupt renovation to Eric’s living room during his absence. Rick has an ulterior motive when he invites Caroline to the house to discuss their relationship. Rick cuts right into Caroline’s heart when he tells her that his gift to Maya is a reminder that there is still someone who is loyal to him. Caroline calls Rick out on what she thinks is the real reason why he is in a relationship with Maya.

THIS WEEK: Maya gloats to Caroline about being the woman in Rick’s life. Ivy and Liam confront a defensive Rick about his recent actions and give their opinion regarding the root of his behavior.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sonny approaches Paul’s hotel room just as it appears Will and Paul will share a kiss! Melanie and Brady are not sure what to make of their unexpected kiss. Serena blasts Nicole for snooping in her hotel room. Eric tries to help Kayla out with a bad date. Sonny informs Chad the new club is a bust, and he’s taken aback when Chad makes an unexpected decision. Rafe accuses Chad of sending the anonymous letter that got him fired. Brady gets a surprising reaction when he tries to stop Theresa and Melanie from fighting. Kayla tells Hope that Aiden threatened Bree! Brady and Melanie confess their feelings for each other. Theresa has an upsetting reaction when she picks up a baby rattle. Aiden tries to explain his actions to Hope… but is he telling the truth? Paul responds to Will’s question in a stunning way. Adrienne confides to Lucas that she fears Justin might be having an affair. Nicole pulls out all the stops in an effort to reconcile with Daniel. Melanie discovers Theresa having a very vulnerable moment. Sonny gets a surprise when he stops by Paul’s hotel room. Nicole resolves to concentrate on her relationship with Daniel – but then gets a mysterious call about Serena. Melanie tries to reach out to an emotional Theresa.

THIS WEEK: Adrienne and Lucas continue to bond. Will finally asks Paul if he’s gay.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny learns from Morgan who the father is of Ava’s baby. Meanwhile, before Ava prepares to be transferred to Pentonville, she names her baby girl. Maxie and Nathan continue to enjoy each other’s company. Ned and Alexis assess their relationship. In the interim, they both have an uncomfortable run-in. Bobbie and “Fluke” have a tense encounter over someone from their past. At the end of the day, “Fluke” makes a mysterious call about a problem that needs to be fixed. Fluke meets with Carlos and has an assignment for him. Afterwards, Fluke leaves to check on his prisoner in the basement. Julian is caught off guard. Sloane gives a heads up to Anna about Johnny. Much to his dismay, Sonny learns about Johnny’s plan for the mob. During an awkward meeting, Elizabeth second guesses her feeling. Luke has a gut feeling about “Fluke.” Michael tells Bobbie that he wants to turn her childhood home into the AJ Quartermaine clinic. Anna breaks some news to Dante. Lulu is un-expectantly reunited with someone from her past. Olivia makes a confession to Carly about her attempt to make Ned jealous. Opposite this, Tracy calls out Ned for having feelings for both Olivia and Alexis. Carlos hesitates about fulfilling “Fluke’s” request. Julian makes a confession to Anna. Sonny encounters a new prisoner, and wonders why this person is behind bars. “Fluke” discovers that his plan with Carlos is being disrupted, and tries to hide his anger from Tracy. As a result, “Fluke” later makes a visit to someone. Michael enlists Ned’s help with his new clinic. Dante and Nathan have a warning for Johnny. Maxie and Lulu update each other on their relationships. Carly and Jake continue to bond when he opens up to her about his memory flashes. Sam tells Nikolas her theory about Jake. Fluke updates Helena about their latest concerns. Meanwhile, Fluke continues to be disturbed about Luke’s family history. Bobbie takes Michael to their old home, and she accidentally reveals a family secret to Michael. Sonny comes to the aid of an enemy. Carly suggests to Jake that he seek counseling.

THIS WEEK: Sam questions Obrecht about what she knows about the masked man. Nikolas catches Helena in a compromising moment on the phone.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis pumps Billy for information about Kelly, but she hits a wall when he clams up. Avery asks Nick if he is fighting for full custody of Faith for the right reason! It’s not clear that he is, but what is really going on with him. Kevin arrives to work late at the police station with a mysterious box. Later, Summer and Austin arrive at the Tack House and Summer trades digs with Mariah. Just when Mariah gets the upper hand, Summer retaliates against her and tells Mariah about Kevin’s past. Naturally, Mariah is stunned and thrown by what she finds out about Kevin. Meanwhile, Dylan convinces Avery to call Joe to see if he will reveal who is the property owner of the warehouse district. Kevin tries to get Michael to talk about his treatment plan, but he doesn’t get the answers he is looking for. Michael is having trouble accepting what he’s been told and what his options are. Later, Lauren and Michael meet with an oncologist, Dr. Jain, for another opinion. Nick runs into Mariah at Cassie’s grave and learns she never celebrated her birthday growing up.

THIS WEEK: Nick softens his attitude toward Mariah. Michael has a life altering decision to make.

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