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RECAPS: 1/26 – 1/30



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Rick’s reaction to seeing Ridge and Caroline kissing in the office caused great concern for everyone in the vicinity. Ridge confronted Rick regarding a particular term he keeps using in reference to Caroline. Maya was put in an uncomfortable position while being forced to explain what has been going on between her and Rick when Brooke arrived at the Forrester mansion. Having taken their relationship to the next level, Liam and Ivy reminisced about what led them to this point in their relationship. Having fought tooth and nail for her marriage, Caroline received a harsh realization that it’s time for her to move on when she’s presented with a definite sign. Brooke became suspicious of the ulterior motives behind Maya’s request for support of her and Rick’s relationship. Rick’s flippant explanation of the event which occurred at the office gave Brooke and Maya a cause for concern about his current state of mind. Fearful for themselves and the company, Ridge and Caroline plotted to get Rick out his position of power. Having heard that Brooke was back in town, Bill paid her a visit expecting answers about why she completely cut him out of her life after all that they’ve been through. Quinn confessed a concern to Deacon about Brooke returning to Los Angeles single and possibly setting her sights on him. When word got out about Rick’s tyrannical behavior at Forrester Creations, Bill and Liam discussed the great need for Rick to be knocked off of his high horse. Due to his most recent antics, Ridge and Caroline threatened Rick with legal action if he did not step down from his position as CEO.

THIS WEEK: Katie returns to work at Spencer Publications in her new position as vice president. Brooke is blindsided by bittersweet news regarding a former flame.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Someone was shot and left for dead! Nicole lulled Serena into a false sense of security then made her move. Chad realized he’s made a terrible mistake. Aiden found himself stuck in an awkward position. Serena discovered Nicole’s treachery and confronted her! A guiltridden Will made a tearful confession to Kate. Kate’s advice inadvertently sent Sonny on a collision course with the truth. Abigail asked Victor for a favor. Nicole prepared to expose Serena in front of Daniel and Eric. Stefano advised Chad to focus on his original plan – to go after Abigail. Paul made an admission to Will about his ex (i.e. Sonny). Sonny overheard a curious statement by Kate. Nicole’s plan blew up in her face – big time. Chad’s confession left Jordan reeling and torn. Melanie and Brady’s first date didn’t go quite as planned. Melanie was intrigued when she overheard Theresa’s new boyfriend, Clint, making a mysterious phone call. Daniel accused Nicole of not being over Eric and ended their relationship! Serena finally found what she’s been looking for. Theresa learned Brady and Melanie are dating, and she’s not happy. Paige stunned JJ with her surprising decision.

THIS WEEK: JJ tries to come to grips with Paige’s decision. Theresa voices her disapproval about Brady and Melanie’s relationship.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco concocted a way to call Nina from prison and was shocked to learn about her new friend. Once Sonny learned the validity of his “Fluke” theory, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Julian and Ava devised a new plot in prison. Jordan updated Dante on Bill Eckert. As a result, Dante was worried about the safety and actual whereabouts of Luke. Bobbie, Lulu and Lucas honored the anniversary of their Aunt Ruby’s death. Fluke ran into a suspicious Dante. At the end of the day, Fluke became very alarmed when he thought he’s being investigated. Sonny and Julian thought they knew the identity of their enemy. Silas visited Ava and learned about her latest plan. Michael found Dante about to let himself into the old Spencer house. Helena calmed down a worried Fluke by telling him that she has everything they’re devising under control. Carly accompanied Jake to the hospital in order to try to help him piece together his memory flashes. Johnny unintentionally blurted out something about Luke to Lulu. Helena changed her strategy and had a new assignment for a reluctant Jake. After putting some pieces together, Carly realized that Jake has been lying. Ava had some surprising news for a fellow inmate. In order to get to Nina, Franco suggested a ruse to Sonny and Julian. Fluke caught Dante in the Spencer house and questioned why he’s there. Patrick inquired if Sam has had any luck in finding the item she lost. In the interim, Brad asked Lucas about something he saw in his room.

THIS WEEK: Unbeknownst to the guests, a party begins that could lead to disaster. Fluke lies to Lulu about Dante’s whereabouts. Helena tries to keep Nikolas from the party.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Joe tried to call a truce with Dylan, but both sides needed to agree to the truce or it wouldn’t work. It remained to be seen whether Joe’s making a futile effort. Billy thought Gabriel might be interested in more than Chelsea’s business. He decided to keep a careful eye on Gabriel until he’s able to figure things out. Victor and Victoria clashed over his decision not to sell Chancellor. Victoria couldn’t believe her own father’s pulling the rug out from under her, but she couldn’t change his mind. Ashley accused Victor of playing dirty. Phyllis reached out to Michael for help. Paul wanted Christine to put her work aside and focus on their future, but Christine couldn’t seem to take that advice despite her best efforts. Noah tried to keep the peace between Nick and Sharon. Neil asked Hilary to tell him the truth. Mariah let her guard down with Kevin. Sage confided in Nick. Jill fought to win back Chancellor.

THIS WEEK: Victoria has another run in with Victor. Sharon is cautious when it comes to her relationship with Nick.

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