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RECAPS – JUNE 11 – 15

AS THE WORLD TURNS – Paul tells Barbara he doesn’t like Meg’s decision to marry Craig, but when it’s over, he and Meg will be together. Meg tells Craig she’s going to Barbara’s hotel room and secretly leaves to rendezvous with Paul. They are making love when Craig discovers Paul is also staying in the hotel. Craig uses a passkey to open Paul’s door and is relieved that Meg isn’t there. He taunts Paul while a terrified Meg stands on the window ledge. Craig leaves and Paul rushes to the window to check on Meg who’s barely hanging on. Cleo enlists Barbara in convincing Gwen to re-make her CD. She agrees when Barbara suggests she donate part of the profits to charity. Later, Cleo writes a diary entry saying that she’ll soon win over Will.

THIS WEEK: Carly asks Parker to give him something to help her fight on his behalf. Lily helps Faith through doubts about her own looks and Parker’s affections.

GUIDING LIGHT – Mallet refuses to let Matt be Griggs new mark. Alone, Dinah tells Mallet she may have a way to get the money Matt needs. Mallet tells Dinah that Grigg’s needs him to “take care of” a new mark-Matt. Griggs calls Dinah as Don Kelly, the producer, asking to meet in regards to syndicating her show. Thinking the money will help, Dinah rushes out to meet with him. Griggs calls Mallet, and he panics when he finds Dinah gone. After pressing Cyrus and Marina for info on Dinah’s whereabouts, Mallet finds Dinah safe and sound in the suite. Dinah’s shocked to learn “Mr. Kelly” was actually Griggs. Griggs calls to tell Mallet that he’ll leave Dinah alone as long as Mallet does his job.

THIS WEEK: Jeffrey introduces Marina to his old buddy from New York. Olivia tries to make Jeffrey jealous.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Brooke goes to see Ashley in her lab, where she assures Ashley that she will not return to either Ridge or Nick. Dr. Caron convinces Bridget not to tell Nick and Taylor the truth. However, both Nick and Taylor sense that something is not right despite Bridget’s insistence that all tests have come out negative. Ridge meets his new attorney, Christine Blair, who thinks the charges will be dropped when the truth about Grant Chamber’s shooting comes out. When Rick visits Ridge, Ridge can’t help but reveal to Rick, that Rick was the one who actually shot Grant. Rick can’t believe Ridge would accuse him of being the one who shot Grant Chambers. Rick is again surprised when Taylor does not contradict Ridge’s statement.

THIS WEEK: Bridget gets a call from Carl, who has some more information on the egg switch. Nick, Brooke and Taylor discuss the situation involving Rick.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Phyllis continually acts kind towards Sharon, who becomes skeptical of her behavior. Sharon gives Phyllis the phone number of her doctor’s office to schedule an MRI. Phyllis pretends to call, and tells Sharon that her appointment won’t be until next week. Sharon becomes suspicious that she’s faking her injury. Sharon calls the doctor’s office and finds out that Phyllis faked her phone call. Michael tries to prepare Gloria that William might suffer from brain damage because of the stroke. William wakes up and tries to speak, but he can’t. He lifts his hands and tries to write something on a piece of paper, but it’s not legible. The doctor tells Michael that William might lose his memory.

THIS WEEK: Amber joins Kevin and Daniel to try to lure Plum out of his room. Kevin, Daniel and Amber decide to split the money that’s in the suitcase.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Sami and EJ meet with Stefano at the warehouse. Stefano offers to call a truce, as long as Sami and EJ raise their child together. Sami tells Stefano to go to hell! Meanwhile, Lucas arrives at the warehouse, but he’s stalled by Tony and Bart. Suddenly, the warehouse is plunged into darkness. A forklift turns on, and begins to charge towards Sami and EJ! Shawn learns he was not the father of Willow’s baby. Nick tries to call Chelsea, but gets her voicemail. He and Shawn go out for a beer while Shawn waits for news from Belle. Nick gets drunk, thinking Chelsea’s avoiding his calls. Meanwhile, Chelsea tells Jett about Nick sleeping with her mother, and he comforts her. Nick arrives at Bo and Hope’s and finds Chelsea in Jett’s arms. Steve and Adrienne walk in on Stephanie and Jeremy, both in towels. Steve takes an instant dislike to Jeremy and pulls him into a private talk about his intentions with Steph.

THIS WEEK: Lexie says she hit Bo with a board and fears she killed him. John and Marlena ask Caroline about Colleen.

PASSIONS – In prison, Luis meets a man from his past: Wayne, a former cop he turned in for taking bribes. Unfortunately, Wayne is also his new guard, and he has plans for Luis. Fancy is dumbfounded when the blackmailer’s DNA sample cannot be matched to any criminal databases. She decides to check the hospital’s computers next. Theresa is fearful that Ethan overheard her conversation with Father Lonigan. She is relieved when Ethan tells her that all he heard is Julian knows her secret. Whitney tells Theresa that Chad’s cheating was her fault, because she’s a bad lover. She is determined to never let another man into her life! Chad tries to convince Ethan that he’s not gay, all the while checking out a man at the bar. Paloma discovers that a partial fingerprint found on one of the dead johns matches Spike’s.

THIS WEEK: Jared is livid when he finds his wife with Ethan. Fox undergoes another “treatment” for his equally fake illness.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Jessica begs to see Antonio, whose condition is improving by the day. She cares for him deeply and wants him to remain in her life, but he’s not sure that can happen because he still loves her. Living at Asa’s and not having a home of her own that she and Matthew can share is wearing thin on an increasingly frustrated Nora. A nervous Marty makes it perfectly clear to an aroused Miles that they will not – repeat, NOT – going to consummate their marriage. Miles has no choice but to agree, although he does let her know that he will not wait forever. Meanwhile, Nash and Jessica realize she can’t ask Antonio for a divorce as soon as she’d like to. Bo gets the idea to use Lindsay’s gallery as a lure to nab the serial arsonist. Kirk starts to sweat as Bo nonchalantly asks him about Tate.

THIS WEEK: Starr and Cole are both depressed that they can’t go to the prom together. John visits the prison warden to, hopefully, get David released.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Annie warns Ryan that lashing out at Greenlee about the lawsuit would serve no purpose. Concerned that Greenlee’s presence could hurt Kendall’s pregnancy, Josh tells Zach he’ll try to cozy up to Greenlee so she’ll feel less hurt and anger. With Fusion rapidly going under, Greenlee is forced to swallow her pride and talk Babe into returning to the company just so they can get back the music rights they lost when she quit. Erica offers support to Sean by urging him not to put his own future in jeopardy to protect Colby. Ava gets some sense of Jonathan’s romantic nature when she spies on Lily looking through mementos from her wedding then asks her twin how she’d feel if he started dating someone else.

THIS WEEK: Greenlee announces to a room full of people that she’s dropping the lawsuit. Erica’s take aback when Jack seems to be enamored with one of his female fans.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Kate doesn’t want the tacky statue Carly bought to replace her ruined masterpiece, so she leaves it with Sonny. When she turns to go, she whacks her head on the statue and is knocked unconscious. Sonny wants to take a woozy Kate to GH, but she says she doesn’t want anyone to find out that Kate Howard is really Connie Falconeri. Amelia shows Jason her file on Sam’s past and comes clean with him about her father’s death, admitting that she initially was plotting revenge against Sam. Jason defends Sam, but Amelia tries to convince him that he’s being manipulated just like all the others. She shocks him by revealing that Sam already knows that Liz’s baby is really his. Tracy is hauled downtown by Scott and a cop, but Lulu later bails her out.

THIS WEEK: Sam spies on Liz and her boys in the park. Nikolas and Emily argue about him trying to stop Jerry from ruining Emily’s life.

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