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RECAPS 2/9 – 2/13



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Concerned for his cousin’s wellbeing, Liam laid out for Caroline the many reasons why she should not pursue a relationship with Ridge. Realizing that she’s feeling insecure in their relationship now that Brooke’s back in town, Deacon assured Quinn that she’s the only woman for him. When Caroline overheard Donna telling Pam about Brooke’s plan to win Ridge back, she assured them that her relationship would persevere. Donna and Pam warned Caroline that Brooke and Ridge always end up together. As Brook was attempting to work her magic on Ridge, he made a heartfelt confession to her about his feelings. Wanting to see firsthand all of the changes she’s been hearing about at Forrester Creations, Steffy paid an unannounced visit to Rick. The visit became tense when Steffy voiced her disapproval of the way Rick’s running the company. Brooke grew concerned about the direction of her future as she reminisced about the people from her past. Still unsure about where Deacon’s heart really lays, Quinn confronted him about his feelings for Brooke. Ivy had mixed feelings about Liam’s plan to take over Forrester Creations. Wyatt was in disbelief about the way that he’s spending Valentine’s Day and who he’s spending it with in comparison to who he really wanted to spend it with. Quinn gave Wyatt a cause for concern about her and Deacon’s relationship. Brooke and Deacon had a candid conversation about their lives over a couple of cocktails.

THIS WEEK: Bill encourages Liam to take Steffy up on her counteroffer to participate in their plan. When Ivy encourages her to join forces with Liam to take Rick down, Steffy reveals her not-so-hidden agenda.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope discovered someone unexpected at Aiden’s vacation home. Adrienne gave Paul a stern warning – then realized how much she actually owes her son’s ex. A curious Melanie questioned Theresa about Dr. Mandrake. Eve was devastated by Paige’s announcement. Hope uncovered shocking information concerning Aiden’s dead wife. Cole informed Paige that he knew who JJ slept with! Kate observed how close Lucas and Adrienne have become and questioned her son about it. Victor got an unpleasant surprise. Victor was horrified to learn that his actions indirectly led to what happened to Sonny. Paul assured Adrienne he would leave Salem for good. Paige confronted the woman she believes slept with JJ. After her discovery, Hope wondered if she can trust Aiden. Hope secretly continued to investigate the mystery of Aiden’s past. Jennifer and Abigail questioned JJ when they realized he didn’t spend the night at home. Serena plotted to switch the elephant statues but hit a snag. Brady and Melanie got romantic as they grew closer. Hope’s suspicions grew, while a grim Aiden figured out what she’s learned. Serena was forced to cover when Nicole interrupted her plans.

THIS WEEK: Chad tells Jordan he wants her back. . Unable to let go of her curiosity, Melanie does a search for Dr. Mandrake.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina was determined to stay by Franco’s side. Olivia ran into Ned and the tension between the two of them began to lighten up. Michael turned to Alexis for legal advice. Julian and Alexis shared a tender moment. Kiki quickly deciphered what someone’s intentions were regarding baby Avery. Nathan searched for Carlos and Johnny. Maxie was torn on whether or not to help a friend in need. Carly visited Sonny but was still a little distant and cool towards him because he pushed her away. Kiki realized how much she has grown attached to baby Avery and was worried about the future of her care. Maxie made an admission to Nathan that made him livid. Elizabeth and Lulu turned to Nikolas in order to find out what Helena’s concocting. Lulu also rallied Scott to make an arrangement. Ric had a plan for Jake. Kiki also met with Alexis to get some legal guidance. Lulu was having misgivings about her father. Elizabeth had it out with Ric once she learned about his motivations for Jake. Nikolas put the pressure on Helena to come clean. Meanwhile, Sloan mysteriously played a hand in Helena’s latest plot. Due to Maxie’s predicament, Nathan was at odds with her and questioned his next move. It’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles. An old friend of Olivia’s from Bensonhurst made a surprise visit. Ned and Alexis shared an intense Valentine’s Day dinner. Patrick was called away at the last minute and was delayed on his date with Sam. While waiting for Patrick to arrive, Sam struck up a conversation with Patrick’s colleague Derek. Nathan was grilled by an assistant DA about a suspicious break in.

THIS WEEK: Maxie is flabbergasted by someone’s admission. Julian encourages Lucas to take a risk on love.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lily urged Cane to tell her what he’s keeping from her, but she was reluctant to get into it. It’s too upsetting for her. Dylan confided in Sharon and was much relieved to get this bit of news off her chest. Billy was annoyed at Gabriel moving in across the hall. The last thing he wanted to have Gabriel as his neighbor. Ashley warned Victor to stop playing games. She’s tired of the way he kept clouding the issue. Avery made a surprising confession to a stunned and perplexed Joe. Noah asked Nick to give Sharon a break. She’s been through enough and needs the support of her family and friends. Nikki had an unexpected houseguest at the Ranch. Paul worried about Christine working too hard but didn’t think he could get her to slow down. Phyllis questioned who she could trust. Jack confronted Kelly. Chelsea and Billy invited “Gabriel” and Sage over for dinner.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis finds another reason to be on guard. Nick has second thoughts about Sharon.

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