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RECAPS: 2/16 - 2/20



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Rick continued to make Ivy’s life at Forrester Creations a living hell. Still despondent from her loneliness, Brooke fondly remembered the good times she shared with the loves of her life. Bill and Katie had wonderful news to share with their families. Katie asked for a significant favor that Brooke’s unsure she would be able to fulfil. Maya and Rick overexerted their power at the company this time targeting Aly. Because of his history with Brooke and their previously tumultuous relationship, Donna questioned Katie’s certainty about marrying Bill. Ridge had concerns about attending Bill and Katie’s wedding while making a first public appearance with Caroline as a couple. Brooke quenched herself mentally and emotionally as she prepared for her sister and exfi ancĂ©’s nuptials. Caroline and Ridge’s relationship was the hot topic among the guests at the wedding. One particular guest appeared to be out of sorts as Bill and Katie walked down the aisle to be joined as husband and wife. Deacon couldn’t catch a break with Quinn as she drilled him about his association with Brooke. Quinn voiced her frustration and lack of empathy regarding Brooke and asked Deacon why he continues to be a part of Brooke’s life. Rick was concerned about Eric’s return, fearing his father’s reaction when he learns of all that had happened in the offi ce and at home. Meanwhile, Ridge was looking forward to Eric finding out about Rick’s misdeeds, hoping that his father would reconsider the position of CEO. Ivy assured Liam that she’s secure enough in their relationship for him to be working with Steffy. Having called Liam for a meeting, Steffy had other items on her agenda besides discussing their plan to take over Forrester Creations. Ivy revealed to Wyatt that she knows about the Spencer’s scheme to overtake Forrester Creations and force Rick out of power. Wyatt warned Ivy about Steffy’s aggressive ways of getting what she wants and told her that what Steffy has always wanted is Liam.

THIS WEEK: Eric makes a controversial decision about which of his sons he plans to lend his support to. Liam is put in a difficult predicament when Steffy presents him with a stipulation to her participating in his plan.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope feared for her life as she played a game of cat- andmouse with Aiden. Melanie turned to Serena for help in gathering information about Dr. Mandrake. Theresa was blindsided by Clint’s sudden decision. Will’s article on Paul finally came out, which might lead to a reveal that Will didn’t see coming. Aiden confessed a shocking truth to Hope. Paul decided to put everything on the line and got an unexpected response in return. Justin returned to Salem and realized Lucas and Adrienne have grown close. Victor took a surprising step to protect his family. Paul was horrified when he discovered what he’s done. Hope fi- nally realized what kind of man Aiden truly is. Melanie decided she needs someone sneaky to help her, and so she sought out Nicole. An emotional JJ turned to Eve once again. Will had a stunning confrontation. Marlena was rocked by Paul’s confession. When Eric’s life was threatened, Serena made a big push to complete her mission. Adrienne found incriminating texts on Justin’s phone, which sent her straight into Lucas’ arms. Will’s entire world was destroyed. Justin searched for Adrienne who’s locked in a passionate kiss with Lucas!

THIS WEEK: Eric’s revelation throws Serena into a panic. Jennifer blasts Eve after learning about her actions from Paige.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nathan opened up to Dante about Maxie’s latest shenanigan while someone close to Maxie made a bold admission. Olivia shared some surprising news with Ned, and Alexis made a bold pronouncement to Julian about their relationship. Kiki was torn about what to do in regards to Avery. Sabrina had a warning for Michael when it comes to contemplating revenge. At the end of the day, Sonny received an unanticipated document. Carly begged Michael to stop his latest ploy to bring down Sonny. In the meantime, Morgan visited Sonny and offered to talk some sense into Michael. Patrick had some encouraging news about Jake. Tracy confronted Luke about his actions but was mystified at his reasons for doing what he has done. Nikolas played hard ball with Helena and demanded answers. Spencer invited his friends to his birthday party, and Emma troubled Cameron with some news. Jake faced his biggest decision since he first woke up in Port Charles and was jolted by another memory. Nikolas started to put some pieces together regarding Jake. Helena was pressed by Nikolas, Lulu and Tracy to reveal all about Jake and Luke. Bobbie blasted Luke and was at a loss as to what had prompted his strange behaviors. Olivia tried to cover up her original admission to Ned. Jake was very close to admitting something to Elizabeth about his identity. Moreover, Nikolas reeled from Helena’s disclosure about Jake. Ned made a shocking announcement to Julian and Alexis. Duke visited Sonny to discuss the future of the organization. Despite his loved ones discouragement, Michael was moving forward with his plan. Anna returned from her trip and had a surprise for Commissioner Sloane. Alexis was very suspicious of Ned’s latest revelation. Tracy was determined to get answers about Luke’s past by tracking down the only person who might have them.

THIS WEEK: Maxie confi des to Lulu about her love life quandary. Nikolas quickly takes matters into his own hands in regards to his grandmother.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Faith’s babysitter was sick, and Noah suggested to Nick that he ask Sharon to watch Faith. Meanwhile, Sharon remembered a past Valentine’s Day spent with Nick after coming across an old card. Nick brought Faith to Sharon and asked if she could watch her for tonight. Sharon asked if he remembered that Valentine’s Day. He told her that he remembers everything and sometimes wishes he didn’t. Faith surprised Sharon with a new Valentine’s Day card that she made for her. Later at the Underground, Sage volunteered to help Nick at his party since he’s shorthanded. Nikki arrived hoping Nick wasn’t in a funk about Sharon. Adam watched out of sight while Billy visited the roadside memorial to wish Delia a happy birthday. Later, Adam knocked on Chelsea’s door and gave him a bottle of wine. Neil, Hilary, Devon, Cane, Lily, Jill and Colin made plans for Valentine’s Day. Colin reminded Devon that he still holds the cards. Avery met with Jack who was having second thoughts about Avery’s plan to help her insanity defense by forcing Phyllis to have a meltdown in public. At the Ranch, Phyllis considered calling Jack after receiving his flowers, but Victor had other plans for her. Victor arrived at The Underground with Phyllis. Nikki told Victor off and covertly downed a drink. Ashley told Victor shes’s stopping production on her new line.

THIS WEEK: Joe provokes Dylan into a fight. Nikki can’t seem to stay on the wagon.

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