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RECAPS: 3/2 – 3/6



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Making her point in the most convincing way she knew how, Quinn issued a threat to Brooke to stay away from Deacon. Ivy questioned Liam about the temptation that he has been dealing with ever since Steffy has been back in town. Ridge and Steffy went back and forth about whether they wanted to deal with Rick for another year as CEO or join the Spencers in their attempt to takeover Forrester Creations. Being protective of his mother, Wyatt grilled Deacon about his association with Brooke. Steffy made her intentions crystal clear to Ivy about what she expects from Liam if she goes along with his plan to acquire Forrester Creations. Actions spoke louder than words when Maya questioned Rick about the sincerity of his apologies to the others in the office. Wyatt gave Ivy a cause for concern when he explained to her the great lengths Steffy would take to get what she wants. Steffy pled her case to Liam about why she wants him back in her life as a partner in business and in life. Fresh from her conversation with Liam, Steffy paid a visit to Ridge to inform him about what she has planned for her future. Quinn regretfully confessed to Wyatt about the unfortunate run-in that she had with Brooke. Wyatt suggested that Quinn tell Deacon about the encounter before Brooke does. While Brooke and Deacon differed over who kissed whom, she informed him about the side of Quinn that he’s not familiar with. Liam had disappointing news for Ivy. In disbelief at what Deacon’s asking of her, Quinn made her best attempt to get him to change his mind about her. Out of concern for his mother, Wyatt questioned Brooke about Deacon, his past, and his feelings for her. Brooke warned Wyatt that he would need to be there to support Quinn emotionally when Deacon walks out on her. Ridge updated Caroline about the latest details regarding her family’s plan to overtake Forrester Creations. Caroline and Ridge collaborated on another work of art. Wyatt beame even more concerned about his mother’s wellbeing when she told him the news about her and Deacon. Brooke was in complete disbelief when Deacon blindsided her with what he had planned for his near future.

THIS WEEK: Nicole arrives unannounced at the Forrester Mansion looking for Maya, and a place to live. When Quinn overhears Brooke speaking poorly of her to Deacon, threats are hurled between both ladies.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ and Eve’s affair was discovered! Paul pressed Sonny to answer an uncomfortable question concerning his marriage to Will. Tori panicked when she recognized someone in Salem. Adrienne and Lucas tried to clear the air regarding their kiss – and ended up in a close moment once again. Eve and JJ must deal with the huge fallout after their secret was exposed. Sonny dropped a bombshell on Will. Eric reached out to Nicole and made a surprising admission. Lucas made a difficult decision regarding Adrienne. An emotional JJ attempted to explain his affair with Eve. Theresa was furious when she learned of Melanie’s investigation. Serena decided to use Daniel to get what she needs. Hope and Aiden got the stamp of approval from someone unexpected. Eve was faced with a difficult choice. Nicole urged Daniel to make a decision about their future. Melanie bristled when Brady defended Theresa. Serena received an unwelcome visit. JJ was stunned when he realized all hope’s not lost. Adrienne was shocked when she overheard a huge secret.

THIS WEEK: Jordan makes a life-changing decision. Ben receives good news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Elizabeth opened up to Jake about the status of her relationship with Ric. Meanwhile, Sloane had a proposition for Jake, but there was a catch. Michael got a tough grilling at Avery’s custody hearing. Julian crossed paths with a former foe who suggested they team up again. Franco had a revelation for Nina that she was not too pleased to discover. Sam asked Nikolas if ever overheard Helena revealed any information that could reveal Jake’s identity. Carly helped Jake make a decision about Sloan’s risky offer. Morgan asked Sonny if he could take Avery to a memorial for Ava, while Kiki informed Silas about the memorial details. Julian let Sonny know that he’s back in business. In the interim, Julian also warned Michael that he would step into the custody battle if Avery’s continued to be used as a pawn. A new twist in the custody hearing was revealed. Ava’s wake got underway. Nikolas decided to reveal something to Sam about Jake. Olivia opened up to Dante about her unexpected pregnancy. Alexis was suspicious of Michael’s latest ruse in court. At the end of the day, Carly figured out what Michael had set up. The judge made a ruling in Avery’s custody case. Bobbie and Scott revealed the fact that Luke had gone to an even darker side. Silas helped reveal a truth. Franco and Nina continued their ploy, and they were suddenly interrupted by a visitor. Maxie was taken aback by Spinelli’s actions. Carly tried to convince Sonny not to take extreme measures in regards to Avery. Morgan got instructions from Sonny on how to proceed next.

THIS WEEK: Tracy reveals to Monica her fears about Luke. At the end of the day, new information is revealed about Luke’s family that may help produce answers.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sage warned Adam about being careless and that his behavior will lead to dangerous results. Adam blew her off and focused on getting closer to Chelsea. Lily felt vindicating for having mistrusted Hilary all along. Neil told Cane that he has no forgiveness in his heart. Later, Lily found Neil drinking at the GCAC and tried to stop him. Devon showed up and Neil lashed out at him for his current state. Paul broke up an altercation between Christine and Phyllis. Christine was convinced that Phyllis was guilty of poisoning Kelly. Jack told Christine that Kelly framed Phyllis. Christine thought Jack would do anything to protect Phyllis. Later, Phyllis visited Summer who was having a hard time holding it together. Avery asked Nick if he and Sage were more than friends. Nick admitted to Avery that Sage’s in a marriage of convenience. She told him it would not help his custody case to be involved with a married woman. Victor told Kelly that Jack was out to get her, but he had a plan that she could help with. Later, Paul questioned Kelly about the positioning. Kelly told Paul that she had already given her statement. Dylan arrived at Sharon’s house and was surprised to see that she had planned dinner for the two of them.

THIS WEEK: Sharon insists the dinner is just to thank him for everything he has done for her. Dylan leaves after dinner and Sharon’s loneliness kicks in.

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