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RECAPS: 3/9 – 3/13

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Nicole pressed Ivy and Aly for information about Maya and Rick’s relationship. When Quinn questioned his continued association with Brooke, Deacon asked her to be more understanding about their affiliation. Wyatt updated Brooke on the current state of his and Hope’s marriage. Brooke was blunt with her opinion to Wyatt regarding her feelings towards Quinn and Deacon getting married. Maya questioned Rick about their future together. Having regrets about her recent behavior, Brooke took a good look at herself and questioned if this is the way she wants to proceed in her life. Rick confided in Maya the reason for his authoritative behavior at Forrester Creations. Seeing how she was being treated worse than the rest of them, Aly was encouraged to stand up to Rick. When Aly backed down, Ivy stepped up and took it upon herself to confront Rick about treating his family and employees disrespectfully. Rick took the next step in the process to dissolve his marriage to Caroline with the assistance of Carter. Wyatt asked Quinn to keep an article of value safe for him. Quinn and Wyatt shared a cathartic moment when he decided to stop blaming her for the issues between him and Hope. Nicole became resistant when Maya attempted to get her out of the way at least temporarily. Nicole informed her sister that moving out of the Forrester Mansion is not an opinion for her, so, Maya better get used to her living there. Carter appealed to a softer side of Rick when questioning whether or not he really wants to end his marriage to Caroline.

THIS WEEK: Eric attempts to champion the staff at Forrester Creations to be more supportive of Rick, as he is. Ridge confronts Eric about his sudden change of opinion regarding Rick and Maya’s relationship.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Adrienne blasted Will for betraying her son. Justin and Lucas clashed over Adrienne. Jordan left Salem but not before she shared a last goodbye with Rafe and gave Clyde a stern warning. Paul realized Tori’s purposely avoiding certain people in town. JJ told Paige that he wants her back! Stefano made a shocking move. Rafe caught on to Victor’s game. Nicole sought advice from Aiden. Stefano, Victor and Kate got caught up in a tangled web of deceit and betrayal. Chad came to Abigail’s rescue. Serena and Nicole unwittingly ruined each other’s plans. Melanie set her foot down with Brady. When Nicole got in the way, Serena had to make a quick decision. John provided Paul with a reason to stay in town a little longer. Lucas helped Will investigate when they came across a curious photo of Tori. Trouble lied ahead for Brady and Theresa. Will blackmailed Tori! Lucas tried his best to get Paul to stay out of Will and Sonny’s marriage. Kate was blindsided at the DiMera board meeting. JJ and Theresa got into a heated confrontation, and Paige was affected by what she overheard.

THIS WEEK: Will nurses his wounds but comes out swinging. Paige decides what to do with what has been overheard.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Silas broke some unexpected and tragic news. Michael made a shocking announcement to his family about Avery. Maxie and Nathan tried to mend their relationship. A precarious person at Shadybrook persuaded Franco and Nina to go along with a risky plan. Lulu and Tracy continued to track down Luke’s family history. At the end of the day, Dante gave Lulu an update on Luke. Michael was determined to continue his vendetta against his old family. Lulu informed Tracy about Luke’s latest actions, leaving them both very worried about his next moves. Maxie and Spinelli got an urgent call about Georgie. Dante and Nathan questioned Nina and Franco about their involvement with a recent incident. Lulu and Olivia leaned on each other regarding their latest predicaments. Nathan witnessed a special moment. Jordan alerted Anna that the Port Charles Mob wars were about to erupt. As a result, Anna had a warning for the members of the mob. Sonny and Ric were both leery about Jake. Dante and Nathan continued to investigate Luke’s latest ploy. Sam and Spinelli shared a warm reunion. Maxie made a confession to Lulu about her love life. Carly had a suggestion for Jake. Spinelli thought he recognized someone from his past. Jake asked Sam for a favor. Michael had a new job offer for Sabrina, which did not please Kiki. Shawn shared his suspicions about Jordan with Sonny and Duke. Julian wondered if he could use Avery to leverage Sonny. Silas was tasked with a request. Julian devised a discreet plan to eradicate a member of the mob. Meanwhile, Shawn and Sonny decided to test Jordan’s loyalty. Anna paid Sloane a visit to rattle his cage.

THIS WEEK: Elizabeth is upfront with Ric about the future of their relationship and her feelings for Jake. In the interim, Carly asks Jake where he and Elizabeth stand. At the end of the day, Jake receives a new visitor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack gave Ashley the news that Abby was having an affair with Austin. Later, Abby was at the Abbott Cabin when Kyle, Mariah, Kevin, and Courtney arrived, and Kyle accused Abby of killing Austin. Summer arrived and lashed out at Abby. Everyone left except Kyle who told Summer that she deserved better than Austin. Adam was thrown when Sage told him that they’re getting divorced. He tried to get her not to end things. Mr. Tipton, Constance’s estate manager, arrived, and Sage continued to play along with Adam about the marriage. Mr. Tipton left, and Sage told Adam that there were new ground rules between them. Dylan and Avery plan to spend time together was interrupted by a call from Phyllis. Avery left to see Phyllis. Joe showed up at the Coffeehouse and told Dylan that he would be staying in town for a while and got some of his stuff out of storage and left a box with Dylan. Avery returned and gasped when she opened the box. Lily was surprised that Kelly’s so calm about Phyllis’ trial. Lauren was caught off guard when Michael asked what she would do if she out lives him. They got into a heated argument and decided to go home. Sharon told Nick that she doesn’t expect to him to forgive her, but she’s finally starting to forgive herself. Later, Dylan confided in Sharon that he thinks Avery’s afraid of him.

THIS WEEK: Ashley continues to Victor about his and Jack’s new found relationship. Christine is more determined than ever to make sure Phyllis finally pays for her crimes.

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