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RECAPS: 3/16 – 3/20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Tired of her intruding sister overstaying her welcome at the Forrester Mansion, Maya insisted that Nicole pack her bags and leave. Refusing to adhere to Maya’s demand, Nicole made an unwelcomed visit to a photo shoot at Forrester Creations, causing tension for their lead model. Concerned about her sister’s wellbeing, Katie turned to the person who knows Brooke the best for advice, Ridge. While discussing their worry for Brooke, former lovers, Ridge and Katie filled each other in on how their lives have changed while apart. Given cause to worry by her conduct at their wedding, Katie and Bill checked in on Brooke to ensure she has not spiraled out of control. Shaken by their visit and the stories from their blissful honeymoon, Brooke had a difficult time maintaining her sobriety. Hoping to find an excuse to get her sister out of her hair, and her house, Maya called upon Carter to look into Nicole’s personal life. During his research, Carter discovered an important piece of information that Nicole has been keeping from Maya. Seeing how excited his mother is about being engaged to Deacon, Wyatt tried his best to convince Quinn not to rush into getting married so quickly. Wyatt voiced his concern about Deacon’s character, his past, and whether or not he’s truly devoted to Quinn.

THIS WEEK: Helping Brooke through her difficult time with not drinking, Deacon makes a promise to be there for her whenever she needs him. Maya confronts Nicole about the real reason why she came to Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — At the DiMera board meeting, Kate and Stefano jockeyed for control of the company. Eve and Paige were both drawn to JJ as he took part in a music showcase. Theresa was stunned when Clint showed back up in Salem. Brady questioned Melanie about her time in Europe. Clint carried out his mysterious mission involving Brady and Theresa. The DiMera board members chose between Kate, Chad and Stefano. Hope and Abe raced against time to put Stefano behind bars. Paige was curious when she found Eve and JJ alone together. Will confronted Tori – he’d figured out why she’s so desperate to get her son out of Salem. Sonny returned to town and ran into Paul. Justin and Adrienne had a heated exchange before he once again took off for Dubai. Brady must defend his innocence to family and friends. JJ pullsed out all the stops to get Paige to forgive him. Will put the screws to Tori, demanding she get Paul out of Salem immediately – or he’d reveal Paul’s father. Nicole confronted Serena about the elephant statues. Nicole and Daniel had a close, sexy encounter. Sonny and Will had a tense reunion. Paige made a huge decision regarding JJ.

THIS WEEK: After receiving a threatening message, Serena makes one final attempt to complete her mission. Nicole is twigged when Eric unwittingly confirms her suspicions involving Serena.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny came face to face with Jake and learned about his new position. Ric was determined to do something about Jake. Elizabeth opened up to Patrick about her relationship status. Duke tested Jordan’s loyalty to the mob. Julian ordered a hit. Anna opened up to Nathan about why she feared that Jordan could be in trouble. Julian welcomed a new member to his organization. Carly filled Sonny in on Jake’s motives. Nathan had a plan to protect Jordan’s cover. Duke let Michael have it about his true intentions to seek custody of Avery. Lucy and Sabrina discussed the Nurses Ball. In the interim, Lucy and Duke contemplated if they should move forward in their relationship. Morgan and Kiki came up with a plot to take down Michael. Carly shared some news with Jake that could affect his relationship to Elizabeth. Cameron was upset and came clean to Elizabeth about what happened the night of the fire. Spencer was despondent about whether or not his scars might be permanent and was determined to find out who is responsible. Sam circled back with Nikolas and asked him what he wanted to tell her during her last visit. Molly comforted Ric. Sonny and Spinelli confided with each other at the boxing gym. Maxie made a confession to Nathan about her feelings. Jake soothed Elizabeth and they shared a close moment. Maxie sought counsel from Lulu on her dating dilemma. As Lulu prepared to leave, Tracy arrived with an update on Luke’s sister Pat. Nathan had an ultimatum for Spinelli. Spinelli, in turn, agreed to the offer under one condition. Kiki was not pleased with Sabrina’s latest job. Rosalie shared some ELQ information with someone via the phone and Sabrina overheard this. Spencer learned who might have started the fire. Nathan went to extremes to stop Spinelli from interfering with his relationship with Maxie. Lulu and Tracy met a relative of Luke’s, hoping they can provide information about his past. Jake and Elizabeth were surprised by a visitor. Ava asked Silas for a favor.

THIS WEEK: Privately, both Franco and Nina make admissions to Scott and Alexis. As a result, Nina and Franco are forced to make difficult choices.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mariah and Summer had a heated argument. Kevin told them to stop fighting and reminded them that they must all work together to find out who the murderer is. Later, Kevin hacked into Austin’s computer and found some shocking information. Kyle warned Abby to stop being so jumpy or it would cause people to be suspicious. Sage challenged Adam to tell Chelsea the truth. Kelly leaned on Stitch for support. Stitch promised her that everything will work out for her. Sharon told Noah that things are better between her and Nick. She hoped in time Summer would be able to get past what she did as well. Victor updated his mysterious accomplice on their plan. Things still were still very tense between Cane and Lily. Meanwhile, Hilary wanted to talk to Devon. She told him it’s their fault he’s drinking again. Later, Cane confronted Hilary. He knew she’s still in love with Devon. Later, Lily lashed into Hilary for betraying her family. Avery was surprised when Joe reached out to her for legal help. Dylan questioned Joe’s intentions. Joe didn’t defend himself and said his actions will speak for themselves.

THIS WEEK: Dylan is left with more questions than answers. Hilary and Cane have another angry encounter over Devon.

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