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RECAPS: 3/23 – 3/27

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Having helped her through an emotionally difficult time, Brooke thanked Deacon for being there for her and then apologized for treating him so poorly throughout the years. Quinn was proud of Deacon for assisting a friend in need not knowing that the friend’s Brooke. Katie questioned Rick about his relationship with Maya and advised him to think long and hard before rushing into anything permanent. Nicole finally got the answers to the questions that she has been pondering since her childhood. Still curious about the life that Maya had been living while in Los Angeles, Nicole had many more questions for her sister. During a staff meeting, Rick made an example of Ivy by criticizing her work performance in front of her coworkers. Seeing the frustration from her nephew, Pam gave Ridge unsolicited advice on how to interact with Rick. Due to the disrespectful behavior he witnessed from Rick, Liam’s desire to take over Forrester Creations intensified. Bill paid an unwelcomed visit to Ridge’s home determined to question his nemesis’ intentions towards Caroline. The visit took an even more uncomfortable turn when Bill saw the nude portrait that Ridge painted of Caroline. Nicole got more insight into Maya’s personal and business life while observing her interaction with Rick. Knowing the tough day that she had at the office, Liam planned a romantic surprise for Ivy. Having listened to Katie gush about her wedded bliss with Bill, Brooke admitted to her sister about her recent struggle with loneliness. While planning the guest list for their wedding, Quinn suggested that Deacon invite his friend from his twelve-step program unaware that the friend’s Brooke. Knowing that Nicole is the keeper of her secret, Maya cowered down to her sister and retracted the suggestion for her to move out. Nicole agreed to work on her relationship with Maya but asserted that she has certain expectations. Rick called an unsuspecting Quinn for a business meeting and proposed that she return to Forrester Creations. During a twelve-step meeting, Brooke shared with the other attendees her feelings of loneliness and thanked Deacon for being her support system through her tough times.

THIS WEEK: Katie confides in Bill her concern about Brooke and the company that she has been recently keeping. Deacon confesses to Brooke the temptation that he has been dealing with, and it doesn’t include alcohol.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jake was staggered by a visitor while Elizabeth had her suspicions. Lulu and Tracy continued to investigate Luke’s family. Maxie was upset by Nathan’s actions against Spinelli. Ava had a favor to ask Silas. Morgan and Kiki put their plan in motion to set-up Michael. Ned and Michael were concerned that a select few are angling to take over ELQ. Due to a recent turn of events, Jake and Elizabeth questioned their future. In the interim, Ric was confident his plot will work to his advantage. Patrick had a proposition for Sam that left her a bit worried. Julian offered an invitation to Alexis. Olivia admitted to Ned that she has some misgivings about lying to Julian. Luke was determined to get the answers he seeks from someone. Spinelli had a heartfelt plea for Maxie. Alexis made a shocking admission about Nina during her hearing. Sam continued to ponder something Jake said to her before he went into surgery. Carly was stunned by the recent news involving Jake. Meanwhile, Jake was having a hard time believing his visitor’s claims. Ric encountered an unexpected meeting with the person with whom he’s conspiring. Dante and Lulu try to put the pieces together regarding Luke’s whereabouts, and in turn, were shocked by what they found. Ric stumbled upon a possible glitch in his scheme. Sam watched a touching moment between Patrick and Danny. At the end of the day, Nina and Franco learned about their fates. More answers were revealed about the Spencer family past. Duke and Julian had a hostile cross. Shawn was worried about what actions Duke and Sonny might take against Jordan. After Shawn left Duke updated Sonny on Jordan’s test.

THIS WEEK: Sloane reveals he knows Jordan’s secret. Franco and Nina concoct another scheme.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Serena finally got what she wanted, but Nicole’s suspicions had been raised. Ben asked Abigail a life-changing question. Will gave Paul a stern warning and inadvertently revealed something. Adrienne counseled Sonny about his marriage woes. Clint drugged Theresa! Fed up with Daniel, Nicole ran into a handsome new stranger. Serena received an unwelcome visit. Hope was wary when she met Clyde for the first time. Paige admitted to Daniel that she once thought he slept with her mom, and his mind started to turn when she mentioned a key detail about that night. Nicole sought Eric’s help with Daniel. Serena had a tense encounter with her partner in crime. Melanie caught Clint red-handed. JJ was alarmed when Daniel questioned him about the coat he borrowed last fall. Eve tried to recruit a new ally. While Will confided in T about the state of his marriage, Paul tracked down Sonny for a private talk. Melanie tried to make sense of her suspicions. Brady inadvertently provided her with a clue. Theresa got an unpleasant surprise courtesy of Clint.

THIS WEEK: Daniel confronts Jennifer about what happened between Eve and JJ. Paul makes a surprising confession to Sonny.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor met with his mystery partner and filled him in on the latest development of his plan. Summer, Kyle and Noah disagreed on who may have murdered Austin. Kyle thought anyone who participated in Austin’s documentary was a suspect for this crime. Jack came home to find Phyllis upset from a nightmare and tried to comfort her. Christine told Nikki she would pay for her crimes. She was sure of that. Victor jumped to Nikki’s defense and warned Christine not to threaten Nikki. Christine seemed undeterred by any veiled threat coming from Victor. Hilary used some inside information to her advantage. Cane asked Lily if he coud move back into their bedroom. Lauren took advantage of some alone time with Michael. Ashley questioned Billy if he’s rushing his wedding to Chelsea because of Victoria. Billy insisted that he’s marrying Chelsea because they love each other, but Ashley appeared to be unconvinced by his denial. Sage tried to befriend Faith who gave her a frosty response.

THIS WEEK: Nick apologies for Faith’s behavior.

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