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RECAPS: 3/30 – 4/3

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Everyone at Forrester Creations, especially Ivy, was upset and a bit terrified when they learned that Quinn had been rehired and would be working on the jewelry line. Quinn assured her once-again coworkers that she’s a changed person and will regain their trust in time. Deacon wanted to know from Brooke if there’s a chance for them to be together before he marries Quinn. Katie warned Liam and Bill about one major obstacle that could stand in the way of them dethroning Rick as CEO. Deacon felt torn about marrying Quinn when Brooke responded to him about their chances of being together. Katie confronted Brooke about her actions when she witnessed her sister and Deacon in a compromising position. Quinn became suspicious about where Deacon was earlier in the day and who he was spending time with. Liam’s desire for revenge against Rick intensified when he learned about Quinn’s rehire at Forrester Creations. Quinn became irate when she realized that Deacon’s friend from their twelve-step meetings is Brooke. Afraid that Nicole might reveal her secret, Maya made every effort to try and keep her sister from spending any time alone with Rick. Bill interrogated Katie about why she has been so concerned about Brooke lately. Quinn proved to Deacon that she’s a changed person while remaining calm about his friendship with Brooke. Maya went on the defensive when Nicole hinted to Rick that her sister’s not being totally forthright about herself. Wyatt continued to face opposition from his coworkers regarding Quinn being rehired at Forrester Creations. Brooke feared for her life as Quinn claimed to be pushed to her limit and angrily made a threat to stay away from Deacon. Not wanting to jeopardize his relationship with Quinn, Deacon told Brooke that he could no longer be her support system. After watching Oliver at a photo shoot, Nicole expressed to him her desire to become the next Forrester Creations model. Sensing that something’s troubling Maya, Carter attempted to get her to confide in him.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt angrily confronts Brooke and Deacon about the conversation that he overheard between them regarding Quinn. Brooke and Deacon become concerned about Quinn’s reaction if Wyatt decides to tell her about their exchange.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Maggie’s past helped Melanie piece together the mystery surrounding Brady and Theresa’s attacks. Will prepared to write another article about Paul, intending to expose a major secret. Sonny learned stunning information about Paul. Adrienne and Lucas clashed over their sons. JJ admitted the truth to Daniel. Eve and Cole took the first step in their plot to keep JJ and Paige apart. Sonny met up with Paul to thank him for saving his life. At the charity fundraiser, Marlena made a stunning discovery on Will’s tablet. Stefano was pleased to hear of Chad’s manipulation of Abigail. Melanie realized how she could prove her theory about Theresa. Sonny and Paul found themselves in a sexually charged moment. Lucas and Adrienne made love for the first time! Ben and Abigail reconciled – much to Chad’s dismay. Marlena was determined to reveal the truth about Paul – but Will begged her to keep quiet. A secret was exposed at the benefit! Clyde had a surprising request for Victor concerning Kate.

THIS WEEK: Marlena is having a hard time holding her tongue. Chad us not convinced that Abigail and Ben will stay together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Dante and Lulu got closer to Pat’s whereabouts. Bobbie and Tracy were stunned with whom they discovered, realizing they might be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Anna and Jordan were forced to make an admission to Sloane. Duke confided in Sonny the reasons why they must eliminate someone. Olivia was being blackmailed. Carly reminded Jake why he must remain in town. At the end of the day, Carly came face to face with an adversary. Tracy and Lulu thought that they have a handle on the Luke situation. With Julian’s guidance, Sam told Patrick she had made a decision in regards to his proposition. Carly was surprised by Olivia’s actions. Ric’s plot to win Elizabeth over was starting to work in his favor. Jake was committed to upholding his deal to work with Julian Jerome. In honor of “General Hospital’s” 52nd anniversary, the past and future collided. Select scenes from the very first “GH” episode that aired on April 1, 1963 were revisited, and the story would be expanded in order to answer questions raised that day. Also, the truth about Luke would be revealed. Jake was startled when he had flashbacks that involve Sam. Elizabeth shared the Jake situation with Patrick, while Patrick updated her on his status with Sam. In the interim, Ric was forced to cover up his scheme by informing Sam about Jake’s state of affairs. Luke’s family made a difficult decision about his future. Carly and Lucas rallied around Bobbie. Cameron asked Ric for a favor. Later, Ric felt triumphed when Elizabeth gave into an emotional moment with him. Nikolas returned and was taken about with news that Elizabeth shared. Spencer concocted a plan to ensure Emma remains his and also found something that Nikolas is hiding.

THIS WEEK: Sam and Patrick anticipate their future. Shawn and Julian have a confrontation that is interrupted by Jake.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby confronted Ashley about her past. Avery called Sage to get Gabriel’s signature for the charity that Joe’s taking over. Later Avery noticed that Gabriel’s signature’s different now than it was on older documents. Chelsea confided in Sage that she couldn’t let go of her love for Adam and that maybe marrying Billy’s a mistake. Later, Chelsea admitted to Gabriel that she hasn’t moved past Adam. Nick went to see Sharon and witnessed her erratic behavior. Nick told her that it would be better if she doesn’t see Faith for a while. Phyllis found out that Avery was going to be working with Joe. She told Avery that it’s going to be hard considering Joe’s still in love with her. Victor left a package for his mystery partner. Joe convinced Avery that they need to have dinner with Jack and Phyllis to talk about raising money for his foundation. Kevin thought Michael’s more worried about his illness than he’s letting on. Later, Michael planned a date with Lauren. Cane and Jill discussed his position at Chancellor.

THIS WEEK: Avery finds herself distracted on the job. Chelsea continues to feel conflicted.

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