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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Carter was in complete shock at the conversation he overheard between Maya and Nicole. Confused about Maya’s revelation, Carter questioned her about not disclosing her secret to him when they were engaged to be married. Wyatt grew concerned that Quinn had reverted back to her darker ways after having told her about Brooke and Deacon’s discussion. Quinn confronted Deacon about whether or not he and Brooke have rekindled their relationship. Having made herself clear that she would not be his consolation prize, Quinn put Deacon on the spot to make a decision about who he wants to spend his future with. Feeling as though Rick has the right to know, Carter hinted that Maya isn’t being totally forthcoming about her past. Deacon and Wyatt grew concerned about what Quinn might do next. Quinn arrived at Brooke’s house to let her know exactly whom Deacon chose to be with. Ridge had an ulterior motive when he surprisingly gave Nicole his full support of her auditioning to be a model for Forrester Creations. Brooke set Quinn straight about her interest in Deacon and bluntly voiced her opinion regarding their pending nuptials. Willing to defend his woman to the end, Rick was convinced that Carter’s acting out against Maya because he’s still in love with her. Knowing that she paid a visit to Brooke, Deacon made his feelings to Quinn very clear. Quinn attempted to redeem herself with those that she wronged at Forrester Creations by presenting Rick a gift and extending an olive branch to Ivy. When Brooke came to his defense against Ridge’s criticism, Rick asked his mother to return to work full time. Seeing how frustrated Ridge was following his confrontation with Rick and Brooke, Pam championed him to continue standing up for what he believes in. Carter pondered revealing Maya’s secret when she became the topic of conversation between their coworkers. Scoffing at the allegations that Ridge had made towards her, Brooke unleashed her true feelings about his relationship with Caroline. Nicole became overconfident in her modeling ability as she took part in a test photo shoot.

THIS WEEK: Carter pulls Nicole aside to let her know that he’s aware of her blackmailing Maya. Ridge goes on the defensive when Brooke airs her grievances to him about their past together.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Melanie secretly set out to prove her theory about Theresa – but Brady might unwittingly ruin everything. Daniel and Jennifer clashed over JJ’s secret. Eve made a brazen move, which could expose her affair with JJ. Eric was alerted when he overheard a tense conversation between Serena and Xander. Paige was stunned by a discovery at her mother’s apartment. A furious Jennifer declared she and Daniel can no longer be friends. Melanie’s plan hit a major snag. Victor ripped into Will for his betrayal of Sonny and leveled an angry threat. Sonny was shocked by what he found on Will’s tablet. Paige confronted Eve about what she’d discovered. Will manipulated John’s perception of what happened between him and Paul. Marlena confronted Tori with the truth. Stefano provided Chad with information about Ben’s past. Brady had an unexpected reunion. John was stunned when he realized the truth. Sonny convinced Paul his mom had been lying to him.

THIS WEEK: Ben seeks Clyde’s help regarding his past. Kate gets Lucas to open up about his relationship with Adrienne.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nikolas was stunned by Elizabeth’s news that Jake’s married. Ric was caught off guard by a random proposition. Jake admitted to Sam that he just had a strange sense of déjà vu about her and later offered her a lift since her car broke down. Spencer’s pride was hurt by Emma when she refused his promised offer. Michael was worried about the status of ELQ. Meanwhile, Kiki and Morgan took advantage of Michael’s state of mind and set him up. Nikolas tried to assess who could be claiming to be “Jake’s” wife. Ric wondered if he might have another chance with Elizabeth. Jake overheard Carlos and Julian plotting to take someone out. Patrick was apprehensive about Sam and Jake’s friendship. Michael was furious over Kiki and Morgan’s actions. As a result, Michael confronted them and made a scene. Tracy and Lulu tried to help Luke come to terms with everything. In the interim, someone was holding a vengeance for Luke. Michael wondered if Sonny would use his latest actions against him. Luke made a plea to someone. Out of frustration, Nikolas found himself in an unexpected position. Carly caught Jake on the phone with Sloane, but he made it clear he’s not going to give her any intel. Elizabeth begged Ric to be honest with her, and Ric considered coming clean. A desperate Ava reminded Silas to carry out her request. Sabrina and Julian both had their suspicions of what really what happened to Michael. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly were worried about Michael’s behavior, and Sonny was surprised by a course of action. Ned learned why someone’s blackmailing Olivia and intends to put a stop to it. Nina took Franco to task. An incident changed the future of Baby AJ’s custody. Nathan caught Lucas up on his status with Maxie. Nina arrived at GH looking for Silas.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli asks Maxie if he thinks the two of them have a chance. Ned is faced with a tough choice. Julian has a proposal for Olivia.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Avery and Dylan argued when she questioned Dylan’s involvement in helping Sharon. Sharon interrupted their fight and told Dylan that she thought she’s being framed for Austin’s murder. Later, Dylan insisted to Avery that his feelings towards Sharon are platonic and he’s simply acting as a friend by protecting her. At the GCAC, Lily was shocked when she thought that Joe’s hitting on her. Neil arrived and refused to talk about his case with Leslie in front of Lily and Devon. Later, at the Coffeehouse, Devon pleaded with Winston to change his mind about Neil. When Billy left to go to the park with Victoria and the kids, Gabriel remarked to Chelsea that Billy and Victoria make a happy family. Meanwhile at Chancellor Park, Victoria told Billy that she isn’t giving up on Stitch. Jack called the Abbott family together to take on Victor. Jack reminded Ashley not to trust Victor. Leslie visited Nikki at the Ranch to question her about the day of the accident. Victor came home and put a stop to Leslie’s questioning. Leslie left and Victor was furious that Nikki’s gullible not to realize that Leslie’s trying to make her look guilty.

THIS WEEK: At the GCAC, Mr. Tipton walks in on Adam and Sage fighting. Nikki starts to take Victor’s words to heart.

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