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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya was put on the spot and forced to answer a difficult question when Rick inquired about his discovery. Carter confessed to Nicole about his past with Maya and how he’s hurt that she didn’t feel as though she could disclose to him when they were engaged. Concerned about Maya’s feelings, Carter anticipated Rick’s reaction when he learned about her past. Quinn surprised Ivy and Liam when she extended an olive branch to them and asked for their forgiveness for her past transgressions. Sensing that Maya was hiding something from him, Rick asked her to tell him more about her past and her childhood. Knowing that becoming the next Forrester Creations’ model is a possibility due to Maya, Nicole took advantage of the momentum by voicing her other career goals. Wyatt found himself caught in the middle due to Ivy and Liam’s displeasure in Quinn’s rehiring at Forrester Creations. Liam came up with a new plan to dethrone Rick as CEO. While eavesdropping on a conversation between Maya and Nicole, Wyatt came up with an idea that could help his family’s plan to oust Rick from Forrester Creations. When asked if she would be in attendance at Quinn and Deacon’s wedding, Brooke was blunt about her opinion regarding their pending nuptials. Nicole and Carter discussed with Maya the possible ramifications about disclosing that she’s a transgender woman. Carter had a difficult time keeping his mouth shut when Rick accused him of still carrying a torch for Maya. Quinn was unpleasantly surprised when the RSVPs to her and Deacon’s upcoming wedding didn’t come pouring in. Bill and Katie disagreed in the approach that Wyatt was taking in obtaining information from Nicole. Wyatt used his infamous charm in an attempt to get Nicole to warm up to him enough to reveal information that Maya’s hiding. Brooke warned Deacon that marrying Quinn could cause irreparable damage to his relationship with Hope. Quinn cautioned Brooke to stop trying to prevent her from marrying Deacon. On Deacon and Quinn’s wedding day, Wyatt interrogated his future step-father about his ability to make the bride happy. Concerned about Wyatt’s sudden interest in Nicole, Maya filled her sister in on the Spencer and the Fuller families.

THIS WEEK: Nicole becomes more intrigued about Wyatt after speaking with Maya. Brooke comes up with a foolproof plan to ensure that Deacon and Quinn do not become husband and wife.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Tori reluctantly revealed all about Paul’s father. Will bristled at Sonny’s attempt to support Paul. Abigail called out Chad on his true intentions – and got an unexpected response. Hope was wary when Aiden picked up a surprising new client. Far away from Salem, Kristen DiMera held a major secret. Melanie received explosive news about Theresa. Theresa gleefully caused problems for Daniel and Nicole. John froze out Marlena for keeping the truth from him. Melanie delivered shocking information to Brady. A deadly Kristen ordered Clint to bring Theresa to her.

Daniel was stunned when he realized Nicole’s date was with someone he knows. JJ confronted Eve about taking the incriminating coat. Brady sought Victor’s help to find Kristen. Melanie made a dangerous decision. Theresa and Nicole got into a huge brawl. JJ and Paige made love for the first time! Daniel and Nicole finally reconciled, but someone had other plans for them. A conniving Kate betrayed Lucas! JJ gave Jennifer unnerving information about Eve. Eve had a huge reaction when she realized that JJ and Paige had sex.

THIS WEEK: Daniel and Nicole are unaware of the danger they face. Eve can hardly contain her emotions.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nathan opened up to Maxie. Not long after, Spinelli returned to Maxie’s and they got a surprise visitor. Sabrina asked Felix to investigate Michael’s allergy medication. Franco was curious about Nina’s whereabouts. Baby Avery faced a precarious predicament. Lulu was not ready to forgive someone’s actions. Bobbie informed Luke about his future. Dante started to grill several people about Avery’s situation. Sabrina comforted Michael. Franco upset Nina when he doubted if she’s telling the truth. Maxie questioned her visitor’s true motives for coming to town. Bobbie made an emotional request to Scott. Luke faced more challenges. Sonny stopped by to visit Luke and learned about the motivation behind his actions. Obrecht had a suggestion for Nathan. Ned and Alexis made a shocking request of Michael in regards to ELQ. Kiki confessed to Julian what she did to Michael. Franco tried to make amends with Nina. Julian tried to persuade Olivia to accept his protection from her blackmailers. Silas made good on his promise to Ava. After striking a deal, Franco’s latest scheme moved ahead. Alexis reasoned with Michael. Obrecht and Nina threatened each other with their secrets. Lucy helped Duke make a realization about Anna. Meanwhile, Sloane revealed to Anna some important information about the mob to Anna. Hayden made her intentions known to someone, whereas Carly started to probe into what Hayden might be hiding. Someone threatened to expose Ric. Jake helped Sam move into Patrick’s house and was curious about Robin’s picture.

THIS WEEK: Nikolas learns that Jason’s wedding ring is missing. Ned confesses his feelings for Olivia.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Joe asked Lily for her help in organizing a benefit at the GCAC for his foundation to honor Avery’s charitable efforts in the community. Chelsea told Gabriel that Connor needs to see the doctor about his eyes. She’s concerned that something’s terribly wrong. Adam tried to hold it together and told Chelsea to stop fighting his offers to help. This time Adam’s words got through to her. Chelsea relented and let him bring them to the hospital. At the benefit for Avery, Victor let Jack and Ashley know he isn’t fazed or impressed by any success Jabot has achieved recently. Cane made a big move and decided to work with Lauren at Fenmore’s. Jack put off a big decision and told Ashley that they would discuss the CEO position at a later date. Dylan defended Sharon to Paul and assured her that they would find the real killer. Nick asked Sage to rise to the occasion and be the manager of The Underground. At the GCAC, Adam picked a fight with Billy and they got into a heated brawl. Cane offered to cover for Lauren so she and Michael could have a weekend away.

THIS WEEK: Lauren and Michael try to find some alone time. Cane starts working with Lauren.

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