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RECAPS – 3/3-3/7

ALL MY CHILDREN – While on the road, a stalker snuck into Kendall’s hotel room and tried to rape her. Aidan burst in and saved the day. Ryan silenced an angry and hurt Annie by making love with her. He later attempted to surprise Kendall, only to walk in on her and Aidan in a seemingly compromising position. Erica had a press conference, saying she’d take responsibility for her actions and go to jail. Samuel got a chilly reception from Dre. Tad’s Uncle Robert was revealed to be connected to the mystery surrounding Jesse. Greenlee coached Zach at pole dancing!

THIS WEEK: Erica has her fateful day in court.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Vienna rejected Gray, but when she found Henry gone from his room, she assumed he left for good and she went back to Gray. When Homeland Security came for Ameera, Noah decided to ask her to marry him in order to keep from having to return to Iraq. Carly attempted to entrap Kit, but her plans were thwarted. Suddenly, Cowboy Jack began popping up everywhere. Lily and Holden made love and reunited. Alison overheard Matt talking with his accomplice, Gray. Meg was assigned to Fairwinds where had to care for Paul. Barbara was suspicious when she heard Sofie was caring for Paul.

THIS WEEK: Tom and Margo investigate Matt’s story.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL At the custody hearing, Taylor was devastated when the judge gives Jack to Nick. Nick asked Brooke to come back to him and make a family with their children. Ridge demanded that Brooke make a choice, which she did by getting down on one knee and proposing to Ridge. Eric assured Donna that she was his future. Kristen and Pam made a surprise appearance at Eric and Stephanie’s anniversary party. Rick stopped Taylor from taking a drink, then kissed her passionately. Phoebe nearly caught Taylor kissing Rick. Bridget got close to Nick again and she suggested that perhaps fate meant for them to get together once more.

THIS WEEK: Pam threatens Donna with bodily harm.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Victor brought Dr. Daniel Jonas to Salem to treat – and cure – Bo. When Victor confessed to Caroline that he is troubled, Marlena agreed to take him on as a new patient. Chelsea was smitten with Dr. Jonas. Ava mistook Hope for Steve’s wife. Steve was concerned when Kayla went back to work, so he convinced a cop friend to keep an eye on her. Stephanie comforted Max when he cried over Grandpa Shawn’s death. Sami was stunned when EJ was threatened with deportation by the immigration service. Philip let Chloe stay at the Kiriakis mansion, but later questioned her about threatening to kill Brady.

THIS WEEK: Bo prepares for life-saving surgery.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – While rescuing Sam and Elizabeth from Diego, Jason cut up his hands badly and learned he might lose full use of them. Lucky grabbed for Sam just as the car she was in fell off a cliff. Diego later went after Nadine, but Nikolas attacked him from behind and killed him. Ric inadvertently triggered one of Diego’s bombs that were set to detonate in the cannery. Claudia upset Kate by letting her know that she had a one-night-stand with Sonny. Maxie and Spinelli grew closer while trapped in a sewer. Patrick couldn’t get comfortable with the idea of becoming a father, causing a major rift with Robin.

THIS WEEK: Jason might have to find another job!

GUIDING LIGHT – Lizzie made a deal with Alan; she would help him get custody of Peyton if he would get her custody of Sarah. Rick was stunned to discover that Phillip bailed him out of jail. Alan sent the police after Jonathan about the murder in Tourmaline. When Will was released, Cassie and Josh agreed to have him stay with Jeffrey and Reva. Will fiddled with the gas pipes and Josh and Reva wound up passed out in the house. Cassie discovered them in bed together. Olivia suspected that Gus was not being honest with her. Harley and Cyrus made love and realized that what’s between them is more than sex. Cyrus confronted Marina with the truth.

THIS WEEK: Bill tries to make Lizzie believe he loves her.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Although Allison remained in a coma, Jessica and Natalie feared she’d wake up and implicate them as her accomplices. Todd caught Starr and Cole preparing to spend the night together at Langston’s. Believing that Cole raped Starr, Todd was ready to pound the young stud. John, Talia and Antonio strategized about how to bring Ramsey down and realized he was more dangerous and connected than they thought. Virgil smugly told Clint and Bo that he planned on taking over Asa’s empire. Antonio and Cristian were shell-shocked by the news that the victims of the Santi family were suing Antonio.

THIS WEEK: Charlie is forced to pay for Dorian’s silence.

PASSIONS – Gwen started to plan a romantic reunion with Ethan. As everyone gathered in Harmony for the missing Theresa, she woke up in a morgue overseen by a strange guardian. Miguel demanded answers from Kay about whether or not she used magic to save him from Juanita. Fearing her violent mood swings would eventually drive Luis away; Fancy was determined to find their cause. Unfortunately, Sheridan told Luis that Fancy’s attention had shifted to Noah. While a lovestruck Esme spoke of a future with Julian, Viki ominously fiddled with a knife, vowing no one would come between her and her aunt.

THIS WEEK: Theresa is told she must stay “dead.”

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – Nikki told David she’d stick by him while he battled his addiction and that she’d pay off his debt to Walter, adding that she wasn’t sure she could marry him now. Adam and Phyllis were stranded together in the warehouse during a blackout. Jana overheard Gloria and Kevin planning to kill Jeff and frame Jack. Jeff later told Gloria he was going to let her get a divorce because he truly loved her. Daniel found Amber’s stolen money. Jack showed Sharon a spy cam hidden in a clock that they were going to use to catch Gloria and Jeff breaking the court order.

THIS WEEK: Jeff tries to trick Gloria into signing fake divorce papers.

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