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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya and Nicole became unnerved when they discover Liam eavesdropping on their private conversation. Trying not to reveal what he overheard, Liam covered by discussing the possibility of Nicole being Forrester Creations’ next model. Bill was confident that his sons would be successful in their vendetta against Rick. Maya was forced to defend Rick’s method of management when Liam voiced his disapproval. Having compared notes with Liam on similar conversations they overheard, Wyatt took it upon himself to find out what Nicole knows about Rick and Maya. Using his infectious charm, Wyatt attempted to gain Nicole’s trust by making her a lucrative offer. Taking matters into their own hands to garner information, Liam and Ivy grilled Rick about his envisioned future with Maya. Rick shamelessly took credit for the recent success of Forrester Creations. Unaware that Wyatt had an ulterior motive, Nicole got a firsthand taste of the Spencer family lifestyle. While subtly trying to get her to open up to him, Wyatt and Nicole’s conversation became sidetracked. Willing to do whatever it takes to find out what Rick is hiding, Liam and Ivy broke into his office afterhours to rummage through his belongings. Carter made another attempt to convince Maya into disclosing per past to Rick. Fearing that Wyatt might be falling for Nicole, Liam cautioned his brother to not lose focus on their objective to oust Rick from Forrester Creations. When Eric returned from his latest adventure, Rick had a heart-to-heart conversation with him and Brooke regarding his future. When Nicole gushed to her sister about her evening with Wyatt, Maya became concerned about his intentions. Still wanting to find out what Nicole is hiding, Wyatt invited her out for an evening that she’d never forget. Brooke attempted to be the voice of reason for Rick when he expressed his interest in marrying Maya sometime soon. Getting pressure from Carter to reveal her past, Maya assured him that she would fully disclose to Rick as soon as she knows that they have a solid future together.

THIS WEEK: Katie vehemently opposes Bill and Liam’s support of Wyatt’s insincere pursuit of Nicole. While having the time of her life with Wyatt, Nicole hints that she has something weighing heavily on her mind.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kate got exactly what she wanted – but paid a heavy price. Adrienne admitted to Sonny that she’s been having an affair with Lucas. Abigail was upset when she learned Ben hasn’t been entirely forthcoming about his past. At Stefano’s suggestion, Chad made sure Will got a new writing assignment focusing on a prominent Salem resident. Kristen was stunned when she came faceto face with Brady. John arrived in San Francisco to make amends with Paul – but it didn’t go as planned. Ben’s legal situation had a surprising outcome thanks to Clyde. Aiden and Hope learned the hard way what it means to be an attorney and detective in love. Brady and Kristen engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse. Clint lured an unsuspecting Theresa into a trap. Jennifer confronted Eve about her twisted feelings for JJ. Serena attempted to retrieve the diamonds from Daniel’s apartment – but ran into a complication. A desperate Kristen did her best to keep Brady from uncovering her secret. Jennifer tried a more compassionate approach to get to the root of Eve’s problems. A tense moment between Nicole and Serena turned into a physical struggle. Kristen made an unexpected confession to Brady and Melanie. When Will believed Victor’s trying to undermine his marriage, he turned to Marlena for help.

THIS WEEK: Adrienne has an emotional conversation with Justin. Justin reaches out to Sonny.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nikolas was horrified to discover that Jason’s wedding ring is missing. Soon after, Nikolas figured out via Spencer where the missing ring’s located. Carly suspected that Ric might be conning Jake while Spinelli shared some new information about Hayden. Lulu questioned Maxie’s choice. Dante and Valerie bonded, which made Lulu feel uncomfortable. Nathan ran into someone. Nikolas quickly covered up the reason why the missing ring suddenly appeared. Later, Nikolas found himself in another passionate situation. Carly’s suspicion of Hayden grew, and she informed Jake that they have a lot to discuss particularly on the subject of Hayden. Lulu had a housing recommendation for Valerie. Lucy tried to enlist various people to perform at this year’s Nurses Ball, and she also had a suggestion for Nathan. Spinelli set up a meeting with Sam to enlist her help on his latest case. Jake was not pleased that Spinelli’s investigating Hayden. In the interim, Sloane pressured Jake to find out what the Jerome’s are contriving. Both Duke and Julian planned their next hits. Jordan and Shawn shared their feelings, unaware of the danger that lies ahead. Anna and Patrick updated each other on their love lives. Carly and Spinelli searched Hayden’s room for more evidence. TJ shared some disconcerting news with Shawn, which Duke quickly helped rectify. Jake asked Julian who he plans to take down. Jordan told Anna that she wants out of the undercover assignment just as the mob wars heated up and a gunshot went off. Kiki was starting to regret her actions. Sonny and Michael had it out over Avery. Sabrina made a discovery about what happened to Michael. Morgan and Kiki were forced to come clean to Michael. Duke was shocked to learn what went down with the hit. Meanwhile, Anna had some probing questions about the identity of the shooter.

THIS WEEK: Jake arrives home to an upset Hayden who is shaken because she found an armed man in her room. Nathan asks Silas why he is spending so much time in New York.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sage thought Nick wants to slow things down between them now that Sharon’s in trouble. Dylan was determined to figure out who’s framing Sharon. Sharon told Michael that she feels that her life is over. The day of Neil’s trial arrived and Neil told Devon that whatever happens in court wouldn’t drive him back to drinking. Lily reminded Neil that Devon supports him too and his testimony could make a difference. At the courthouse, Christine had some harsh words for Nikki before the trial began. Nikki’s guilt grew when Leslie questioned Christine on the stand. Devon was very suspicious of Hilary’s behavior. Ashley and Billy made a shocking discovery at Jabot. Ashley feared Jabot’s vulnerable for a takeover and tried to come up with a fool proof plan to prevent a disaster from happening. Jack promised Phyllis that he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their future. Later, Phyllis encouraged Kyle to get along with his father. Victor asked Victoria if she’s fully committed to working at Newman. Victoria told him that he has her full support.

THIS WEEK: Victor goes forth with a bold plan. Jack may have to break his promise to Phyllis.

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