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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt continued his deceptive and unsuccessful attempts to get Nicole to reveal the secret about Maya. While recounting the evening he had with Nicole to Liam, Pam overheard their plan to find out information about Maya. Now knowing that Maya’s hiding something about her past, Pam and Charlie contemplated conducting their own investigation. Carter and Maya questioned Nicole about almost telling Wyatt about Maya. With evidence in-hand, Pam and Charlie made assumptions about the information that Maya might be keeping from the rest of the world. When Charlie voiced his theory about Maya, Pam shot him down out of complete disbelief. Maya remained quite concerned about Wyatt’s motives with his sudden interest in pursuing Nicole. Wyatt attempted to calm Maya’s apprehensions about him by expressing the potential there’s between him and Nicole. Having heard that the secret that Nicole’s holding is about Maya and not Rick, Bill instructed Liam to continue to find out what that is. Nicole attempted to convince Maya to change her mind. Pam dissuaded Charlie from any further investigations or queries regarding Maya out of fear that they could lose their jobs. Rick and Ridge went head-to-head over the latest designs and which one of them is more valuable to the company. Rick met with his personal jeweler to choose the perfect engagement ring that matches the beauty of Maya. Frustrated by his earlier run-in, Ridge told Eric that he’s at the end of his rope with having to answer to Rick. He pled with his father to void the contract that puts Rick in charge of the company for another year. Brooke attempted to be a voice of reason with Rick when she suggested that he not jump immediately from one marriage to another. Maya assured Nicole that she would disclose to Rick if they ever get engaged. Brooke and Eric attempted to convince Ridge to change his mind about resigning from Forrester Creations. Nicole and Carter differed about whether or not Maya should tell Rick that she’s a transgender woman. Maya attempted to ease Rick into not putting her on such a high pedestal in anticipation that he wouldn’t be disappointed once he gets to know the real her.

THIS WEEK: Rick makes plans for him and Maya to take a romantic trip to the Big Bear cabin. Bill instructs Wyatt and Liam to continue to gather any information that they can in order to oust Rick from Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — At Kristen’s lair, Brady and Melanie found themselves in a dangerous situation. Theresa realized she’s walked into a trap! Adrienne and Kate had a major confrontation. Chad pulled Abigail into a kiss! Kristen came face-to-face with someone else from her past. Brady and Melanie attempted to escape from the dungeon. Abigail was unsettled by Chad’s confession. Clyde sternly warned Will not to write the article about him. Theresa was finally reunited with her baby. In San Francisco, Paul got another surprise visitor. Aiden and Hope clashed over Clyde. In Italy, the group from Salem found themselves in a sticky situation with the police. Nicole and Daniel had another blowup over secrets. Serena unknowingly made a big mistake. Rafe offered Eve some friendly advice. Victor took precautions, fearing Stefano would seek revenge. Nicole shared a nice moment with Eric.

THIS WEEK: Chad receives upsetting news. Nicole has second thoughts and changes course.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sabrina disclosed the truth about what happened to Michael, and they grew closer. Morgan and Kiki found a surprise guest in Silas’s apartment.

Nathan questioned Nina’s actions. Meanwhile, after talking with Obrecht, Franco still had reservations about Nina’s exploits. Ned updated Michael on the status of ELQ. In the interim, Rosalie also told Nikolas about the latest ELQ transactions. Lulu asked Nikolas for a favor. Sabrina let Felix know what happened between her and Michael. Olivia experienced some sharp labor pains and went to the hospital. Carly had a big revelation about someone and confronted this person about the truth. Hayden asked Ric for more money, and she later had a warning for Nikolas. Ric shared a secret with Molly. Sam offered Jake and Hayden tickets to the Nurses Ball. Lulu arranged living accommodations for Valerie. Ned and Dante stayed by Olivia’s bed side. Sam overheard a private conversation. Carly convinced a particular person to own up to their schemes. Jake and Elizabeth still yearned for each other and shared a close moment. Later, Ric told Elizabeth he had something special planned for her at the Nurses Ball. Sam told Patrick about the news she overheard and debated on whether or not to share it. Spencer announced that he’s not going to the Nurses Ball. The Nurses Ball began in Port Charles with the red carpet arrivals. Two proposals were made. Anna and Duke longed for each other. Nathan arrived with a surprise date. At the end of the day, a big reveal happened that would change everything, and Jake’s true identity was discovered.

THIS WEEK: Brad is blown away by an unexpected visitor. Spencer gets a pep talk.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the GCAC, Lily and Cane made dinner plans and Jill remarked on how hard Cane has been working for Lauren. Later, Michael and Lauren had a blowup in front of everyone. Jill called Michael out on his behavior while Cane comforted Lauren. Jill told Colin she’s worried about what’s happening between Michael and Lauren. Avery arrived at Sharon’s house looking for Dylan. Things got tense between them when Sharon accused Avery of really wanting to be with Joe and not Dylan. Michael arrived and tried to diffuse the situation between Sharon and Avery. Kyle planned a romantic evening for Summer and was thrown when she wouldn’t accept an expensive necklace he bought for her. Summer told him she isn’t sure she likes the guy he has become and left. Nick and Sharon got into a heated argument. Nick blamed Sharon for everything their kids are going through. Sharon fired back saying he’s just as much to blame. Dylan walked into the middle of their fight and told Nick to back off. Sage was alerted by Chelsea’s sudden interest in Gabriel.

THIS WEEK: Ashley and Victoria bump heads over business matters. Sharon and Nick are at each other’s throats again.

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