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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — In complete disbelief over the news he just heard, Ridge was assured by Carter that the secret he shared is absolutely factual. Rick suggested to Maya that they take a trip up to the Big Bear cabin. Differing in opinion with Eric about Rick’s next move, Brooke explained that she feels that Maya’s too good to be true. With the future of Forrester Creations in mind, Ridge grappled with what to do with the information he had learned. During a tense confrontation with Rick, Ridge had mixed feelings regarding the knowledge he now has. Rick accused Ridge of joining forces with Carter to form a vendetta against Maya. Carter voiced deep regret when he confessed to Nicole that he did something that he shouldn’t have done. Wyatt set Bill and Liam straight about how he’s approaching his relationship with Nicole. Brooke accused Ridge of spreading false rumors for personal gain when he shared with her the information that he recently learned. Maya and Oliver assisted Nicole with her aspiration of becoming Forrester Creations next top model. Carter and Rick had an awkward conversation when Rick asked Carter for insight about his engagement to Maya. Ridge made a recommendation to Brooke and Eric about Rick’s future with the company. Liam applied pressure on Wyatt to move faster with Nicole in finding out what family secret she’s keeping. Nicole had a change of heart about how she feels Maya should proceed. Willing to give Maya the benefit of the doubt, Brooke asked to hear her story. Ridge taunted Rick about his and Maya’s role at Forrester Creations. Rick angrily informed Ridge about how he’s expected to act towards Maya once she becomes a more intricate part of the family and company.

THIS WEEK: The more she speaks with Maya, the more concerned Brooke becomes about Rick getting hurt. Wyatt’s burgeoning feelings for Nicole cause him to feel guilty for attempting to get information from her about Maya.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —Daniel decided to work things out with Nicole but got a shocking response from her. Serena pressured Eric to move to Hawaii. Kate tried to convince Will not to write the article about Clyde. Abigail was stung when Chad pushed her away. Nicole tried to get to the bottom of Serena’s secret and sacrificed Daniel’s feelings in the process. Despite several warnings, Will began to investigate Clyde. Adrienne and Lucas gave in to their feelings not realizing Justin had returned to Salem. Hope confided in Rafe about her conflicting interests with Aiden. Paul considered returning to Salem and called Sonny to see how he would feel about that. Clyde surprised Will by insisting that he write the article about him and leveled a chilling threat if he didn’t do as Clyde said. Lucas received an unexpected job offer. Adrienne was stunned to learn what Justin had done regarding their son. As JJ and Paige planned their future together, Eve and Cole conspired to take their plot to the next level. Daniel encouraged Jennifer to have JJ come clean with Paige. Nicole and Xander got closer, each with their own agenda. Hope’s suggestion ruined a lovely outing with Aiden. Melanie struggled to figure out her place in Brady’s life now that he has a child with Theresa. John and Marlena had a slight thaw when he learned about her traumatic ordeal.

THIS WEEK: Nicole throws Daniel for another loop. Cole causes major trouble for JJ.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The Nurses Ball continued. Cameron and Emma’s tango was interrupted when Spencer made a dangerous play for Emma’s hand. Once Spencer’s home, he received an unexpected visitor. Lucy blindsided Anna and Duke by asking a request of them at the Ball. Jake made a confession to Carly. Nikolas came clean to someone. The Nurses Ball concluded. At the last minute, Elizabeth made an unanticipated decision. Sloane told Jake some information about the latest mob hit that did not sit right with him. Spencer received some guidance on how to put things into perspective. Elizabeth shared a charged encounter with Jake. Hayden once again enticed Nikolas and then blackmailed him with some information. Anna and Duke made an admission to one another. Shawn confronted Julian on whether or not he was behind the recent assassination attempt. Sam had hesitations about keeping a particular secret. Olivia started developing labor pains. Sam was put into a position to admit the truth. Having no choice, Nikolas reluctantly gave into Hayden’s demands. Elizabeth seized an opportunity. After Shawn and Jordan made love, she was unaware that she’s in danger. Sloane updated Anna on a new mob theory. Jake walked into a disturbing situation in the garage. Anna filled Sloane in on her recent plan. Meanwhile, they both deciphered some evidence and made a realization that could end up dangerous. In the interim, Nathan arrived at the garage and questioned Jake about what happened. Shawn realized he had been tricked.

THIS WEEK: Oliva’s baby begins to arrive sooner than expected. Sabrina and Michael discuss the status of their relationship.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Avery encouraged Joe not to give up on his rehab, but she had a tough time making her case. Billy found Adam at the penthouse. He became enraged and punched him. Ashley was caught off guard when she caught Stitch and Abby in an intimate moment. Paul got upset and told Dylan to back off Sharon’s case and in a menacing fashion told him that he should prepare Sharon for a life in prison. Summer and Kyle got into a nasty argument and Abby could relate to their problems. She ended up commiserating with Kyle over their respective relationship woes. Mariah was terribly confused and upset that everyone cared more about nailing Sharon then focusing on the killer still being out there. She tried to get everyone back on track, but her warnings fell on deaf ears. Victor witnessed Phyllis question Jacks behavior. Meanwhile at the Island Shack, Kelly asked Jack to write her a love letter.

THIS WEEK: Sage tries to get Faith to warm up to her. Neil notices tension between Lily and Cane.

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