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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — When questioning the authenticity of his concern for Rick’s feelings, Brooke blamed Ridge for being the reason for her son’s current situation. Maya confided in her friend, Nick, the confidence that she has in Rick’s feelings for her. Nicole expressed regret to Carter about putting her trust in Wyatt. Liam and Wyatt struggled when faced with the decision about what to do with a very important piece of information. Rick and Maya left all of their cares behind as they escaped to the Forresters’ Big Bear cabin for some rest, relaxation and romance. Nicole, Carter and Ridge conferred, wondering about how far word had spread in regards to Maya’s history. Sensing that Wyatt and Liam were withholding information from him, Bill insisted on being informed about what’s going on. Wyatt had a difficult time masking his guilt when Nicole confronted him about betraying her trust. Bill and Justin strategized about possible ways to increase Spencer Publications’ magazine sales. Brooke’s words of warning haunted Maya and prevented her from completely enjoying her romantic mountain getaway with Rick. Ridge attempted to play damage control within the company before rumors spread any further. A question about scruples, ethics and personal responsibility prompted a lovers’ quarrel between Bill and Katie. Brooke and Eric discussed how to best to support and protect Rick when he returned from his trip. Ridge assured Eric and Brooke that he has taken matters into his own hands and has everything under control.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Eric differ with Ridge’s opinion that Rick may soon be on the receiving end of bad karma that he has been accruing. Despite Katie’s opposition, Bill goes rogue with a plan to benefit the company’s bottom line.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ desperately tried to convince Roman he’s not dealing drugs again. New brothers Brady and Paul had a prickly encounter. Marlena tried to explain her actions to Chad. Lucas made it clear to Kate that he intends to destroy her and her company. Marlena was kidnapped! Abigail comforted a vulnerable Chad, which led to an intimate moment. JJ realized he’s being set up – and decided he needs to take care of Eve once and for all. Melanie worried Theresa will use the baby to come between her and Brady. In Italy, Stefano confronted Marlena. Abigail and Melanie caught Paul and Sonny in an awkward moment. In Poplar Bluff, Will researched Clyde for his article – and ran into an imposing Jeremiah. Rafe warned Hope to drop her questions about Clyde. Stefano and Marlena revisited their tumultuous past… and Stefano decided she must die for what she did to Kristen. Roman and Abe enlisted Chad’s help to save Marlena. Daniel wanted to work things out with Nicole, but she continued to put him off so she could get the goods on Serena. Serena considered taking extreme action. Chad tried to stop Stefano from making a huge mistake. A blowup with Ben prompted Abigail to have a close moment with Chad.

THIS WEEK: Nicole uncovers a clue regarding Serena and Xander’s connection. Brady makes big plans for his future with Melanie – but Theresa has other ideas.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Someone was sent to the ER. Olivia’s baby was fighting for its life. Sloane had a proposition for Jake that put him in a tough predicament. Sabrina must decide whether or not to make an unethical decision. Meanwhile, Tracy questioned Michael about his relationship with Sabrina and the state of affairs regarding ELQ. Sloane explained to Jake the details of how his plan will be implemented. Alexis interrogated Julian about his involvement with the latest mob wars. Olivia asked Dante for help in regards to her baby. Anna and Sloane were shocked at what they discover at Sabrina’s apartment. Lulu was perplexed about Nikolas’ choice of company. In the interim, Hayden reminded Nikolas about the leverage she has over him. Elizabeth was caught off guard with some news about Jake as well as some information she learned about Nikolas. Sonny and Shawn had a confrontation with an enemy. Olivia worried about the fate of her son. Sloane gave Anna a gift of sorts. Jake manipulated Julian by proving his loyalty to him. Carly called Jake and warned him to be careful. Sam unexpectantly found a special piece of jewelry that reminded her of Jason. Hayden walked in and challenged Elizabeth. The first “General Hospital” Live show aired today. Sam questioned Jake about the truth. Julian had a trick up his sleeve. Jordan feared her cover might be blown.

THIS WEEK: Nina has an announcement for Franco which catches him off guard. Somebody gets shot.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Neil had a tense run in with Hilary and later admitted to Nikki that he still is tempted to drink. Later, Nikki demanded Victor tell her the truth about what’s really going on between Newman and Jabot. After her tense encounter with Neil, Hilary told Devon that maybe they should just be friends. Devon pulled her into a kiss and they ended up in bed together. Later, Devon told Neil that he and Hilary are back together and he explained that Hilary is the reason Neil’s not in prison. After a tense discussion about their marriage with Lauren, Michael made a shocking decision! Later, Lily worried when she saw Cane comforting Lauren. Phyllis accused Ashley of trying to steal the CEO title. Abby tried to explain Ashley’s point of view to Phyllis. Kyle worried about Jack’s behavior and wondered what’s really going on. Adam kissed Chelsea and asked her to tell him that she doesn’t feel anything for him. Chelsea couldn’t deny her attraction for him. Sparks flew and they ended up having a passionate evening together. Meanwhile, Billy asked Victoria to remember all the things that her father is capable of. Billy and Ashley confronted Nikki about the merger of Newman and Jabot. Neil arrived and things got tense between him and Billy and they came to blows when they discussed the validity of the merger. Sparks flew between Dylan and Sharon! Later, Sharon went to see Nick to discuss sharing custody of Faith. At the island shack, Kelly told Jack that she’s his family now and that everyone in Genoa City has moved on without him. Later, Kelly showed Jack proof of the merger between Newman and Jabot.

THIS WEEK: Stitch assures Ashley that he is going to everything he can not to screw up things with Abby. Abby, Noah, Kyle, Summer, Kevin, and Mariah each receive a text inviting them all back to the Abbott cabin!

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