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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge was introduced to Maya’s friend, Nick, who gave him valuable insight into what she endured throughout her transition. Brooke and Eric compared notes about how their past actions had a negative effect on Rick’s life and relationships. Bill was on the receiving end of backlash from his employees due to his recent reprehensible business decision. Bill and Justin celebrated the success of Spencer Publications’ latest self-proclaimed victory against Forrester Creations. Katie was infuriated when she learned that Bill went against her wishes and then blatantly lied to her about it. The Forrester Creations group strategized on how to protect Rick and the company from Spencer Publications’ attack. Maya made a drastic and emotionally-charged decision about the direction of her personal and professional life. Brooke took on the role of overprotective mother of Rick and wanted to shelter him from any further upset. Rick vowed to do whatever he must to protect Forrester Creations against their critics. Ridge had the pleasure of delivering vital information to Rick about a business matter. Rick made every attempt to rectify a breach in communication and a crucial mistake to the best of his ability. Ridge took advantage of the company’s current situation to talk to Eric about the need for a change in power at Forrester Creations. Brooke was brutally honest with Rick regarding her feelings towards Maya. Ridge was stunned when Caroline returned to Forrester Creations and explained the reason for her extended stay in New York.

THIS WEEK: Nicole confronts Wyatt about pursuing her solely in the interest of garnering information on Maya and then betraying her trust. Rick goes on the defensive when Eric approaches him about a particular clause in his CEO contract that could cost him his position within the company.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ laid a trap for Eve. Paige confronted Cole about framing JJ for drug dealing. Nicole started to put the pieces together regarding Serena’s secret. Will was stunned by the sight that greeted him when he arrived home. Eve got a horrific surprise. Jennifer had second thoughts about keeping secrets. Serena feared Nicole would soon figure out the truth, so she tried to get Eric out of Salem. Will manipulated an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny. Nicole had to talk her way out of a tight spot. Adrienne was furious when she overheard Justin’s phone conversation. Paige’s surprised birthday party was a huge disaster! Stefano laid into Marlena for destroying Kristen. Chad started to wonder about Stefano’s true intentions. Paul ripped into John regarding his father’s past. Paige and JJ’s relationship imploded. Eve vowed revenge on Jennifer. Brady proposed to Melanie! Kimberly arrived with unexpected news for Theresa.

THIS WEEK: JJ arranges for a surprise for Paige. Eve and Paige have a major confrontation.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The second “General Hospital” Live show aired today. A wedding took place. Jordan was forced to come clean to Shawn. Nikolas kept a secret from Elizabeth. Sonny was out for revenge. A person got caught in the crossfire. Due to circumstances, Jake wondered if he’s closer to learning the truth about his identity. Carly almost made a confession to Sonny. Jordan shared information with TJ. Julian got an update from Olivia at the hospital. Franco insulted Nina and was furious about her actions. Sloane offered to help Anna but questioned how they will carry out their plan. Jake and Sam anxiously waited on an outcome. Sabrina was worried about a situation, and as a result, Michael suggested that they stay in for their date. Olivia filled Dante in on her secret and asked him to keep it quiet. An upset Julian arrived home to an unexpected visitor. Kiki and Morgan had a discussion that got increasingly heated. Julian longed for Alexis and wondered what’s next. Jake reconsidered his line of work. Sam told Jason about what happened at the garage. Anna asked Sloane for a favor, and they shared a nice moment. Kiki and Morgan were surprised with their recent exploits. Sabrina shared stories of her past with Michael as the two grew closer. Jordan cut a deal with Scott. In the interim, Jordan was backed in a corner and was compelled to drop a bombshell onto Shawn. Anna reluctantly came up with a cover story.

THIS WEEK: Jake tells Sloane he wants out of the business despite the consequences. A knock at the door will leave some reeling about the future.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Fen returns home and confronted Michael on his behavior towards Lauren. Victor appeared in Jack’s imposter’s nightmare. He woke up to find Phyllis recording him with her phone. When she showed Victor what she recorded, Victor suggested the stress is too much and perhaps they should call off the merger. Joe didn’t buy that Avery’s only at the rehab center with him to support his recovery. Later, Phyllis visited Avery and voiced her distrust of Joe. Mariah visited Kevin at the Police Station and found him hacking into the FBI’s files. Sage told Nick that she wouldn’t move in with him. At the coffeehouse, Kyle discovered that someone was following him and Summer. At the GCAC, Nikki got upset when Victor and Neil argued. Once she’s alone, Nikki found herself tempted to drink. Christine surprised Paul with a cupcake on his birthday. They recalled that they celebrated last year by trying to get pregnant. At the island shack, Kelly tested Jack by undoing his ankle restraint and leaving him alone in the room. Chelsea found herself in the middle of a battle between Gabriel and Victoria. Billy arrived and told everyone that Jack asked him to come back to the company.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis can’t convince Avery to see things her way. Christine has some fond memories of the past.

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