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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Rick pleaded with Eric to not be manipulated by Ridge by agreeing to a change of power at Forrester Creations. Liam angrily confronted Bill about publishing the scathing articles about Maya. Ivy was forced to defend Liam’s innocence when Ridge accused the Spencer family of causing the media frenzy for Forrester Creations. Rick got an unexpected visit from Caroline who surprisingly lent her support. Ridge made one last ditch effort to try and convince Eric to use the clause in Rick’s contract as CEO to assign a new person in charge of the company. The past was set aside as Rick poured his heart out to Caroline about his and Maya’s relationship and his feelings for her. Eric made a fi- nal decision about whether or not he plans on implementing a regime change at Forrester Creations. Steffy returned to Los Angeles to assist with an important family matter. Bill displayed no remorse for publishing the exposé against Forrester Creations knowing that it could cost Rick his position within the company. With Brooke’s encouragement, Rick pointed the finger of blame at those he felt are responsible for his current situation. Ridge confided in Steffy about his sudden change of focus in loyalty. In return, Steffy devoted her loyalty to Ridge and agreed to assist him in his new plan for the future. Rick had a candid heart-to-heart discussion with Carter about Maya and their respective pasts with her. Ridge made a proposition to Liam to assist in a crucial business matter that has stipulations attached. Knowing that Liam was summoned by Ridge, Ivy and Katie speculated the reason behind the seemingly urgent meeting, which they assumed involved Steffy. Ridge looked to the most important person in his life for a blessing before moving forward with a potentially family-damaging plan. Ivy stumbled upon a familiar and unsettling scene as she learned that Steffy’s back in town for good. Carter attempted to talk Maya out of the emotionally-charged plan she has for her future.

THIS WEEK: Maya recalls how much her life has changed since the days of living in an apartment above Dayzee’s. Ridge reveals to Steffy and Liam what he has in store for them if his business plan is successful.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Theresa realized Kimberly has given her the perfect opportunity to come between Melanie and Brady. Melanie gave Brady an answer to his proposal. Ben confronted Abigail about what he saw between her and Chad. Rafe and Chad were both eager to get their hands on Will’s research on Clyde. Theresa gave Melanie a devastating ultimatum. Kimberly and Brady battled for Theresa and Tate’s future. Serena realized Nicole might be in grave danger. Aiden started to see Clyde in a new light. Serena tried to warn Nicole she’s making a huge mistake! Brady ripped into Theresa after he learned what she’s done. Adrienne and Lucas prepared to take their relationship public. Kate was livid when Victor forced her to work with someone unexpected. Melanie dropped a bomb on Brady. Paige lashed out at Jennifer for her deception. Eve and JJ clashed as they blamed each other for Paige getting hurt. Lucas and Adrienne were intrigued when they learned about Kate’s new work situation.

THIS WEEK: Adrienne and Lucas are shocked by the reaction to their announcement. Nicole takes unnecessary risks.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — In honor of “General Hospital’s” 52nd anniversary, the past and future collided. Select scenes from the very first “GH” episode that aired on April 1, 1963 were revisited, and the story was expanded in order to answer questions raised that day. The truth about Luke was revealed. Shawn was faced with a difficult decision that tested his loyalty to both the mob and TJ and Jordan. Sloane had some promising news for Jake. Nina was having some second thoughts about her recent decision. In the interim, Obrecht helped Franco come to a conclusion in regards to Nina. Shawn told TJ that he needs to tell him something important. Jake updated Elizabeth on his work status and what that could mean for his future. Jake discussed his latest line of work with Sonny. Lulu and Nikolas consoled each other over the latest turn of events. Valerie decided to apply for a job at the PCPD. Franco and Nina had a huge disagreement about her current state of affairs. Mayor Lomax gave Nikolas an earful about Sloane. Sloane tried to comfort Anna even though she’s haunted by her actions. Lulu learned about Valerie’s job application. Lucas and Brad discussed their wedding plans while Brad was very cryptic about his family’s involvement. Sloane made a big confession to Anna about his involvement with Lomax. Michael hoped Rosalie would be the key to gaining back ELQ shares.

THIS WEEK: Franco updates Nathan on Nina’s latest exploits. Ric has a new scheme and partner in crime.

THE YOUNG AND THE BEAUTIFUL — At the GCAC, Phyllis helped Lily plan the party that Jack’s throwing for the Newman-Abbott merger. Phyllis and Devon stopped a fight between Lily and Hilary. Later, Lily was caught off guard when Neil said that he likes Gwen. When Neil tried to convince Nikki not to go to the party, Nikki insisted on attending. Sharon and Nick shared a warm moment over the memory of Cassie on the anniversary of her death. Later, Dylan offered to attend the party for the merger with Sharon. As the party gets underway, Nick broke the news about Sage’s pregnancy. Jack’s imposter announced that he’s funding a hospital wing to be built in Cassie’s memory. Mariah and Noah bonded at Cassie’s grave. Later, Kevin told Mariah that Paul’s investigating a new lead in the murder investigation. At the Coffeehouse, Dylan admitted to Nick that he and Sharon are together. Meanwhile at the Rehab Center, Avery asked Joe to come back with her to Genoa City and stay with her while he finishes his rehabilitation.

THIS WEEK: Nick has mixed emotions about Sharon. Nikki struggles with her emotions and sobriety.

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