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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Eric was on the receiving end of ultimate betrayal when he learned that his family members are plotting to take over Forrester Creations. Carter had an unexpected gift for Nicole after she confessed her guilt for everything that has happened to Maya. Rick got the opportunity to explain his side of the story to Maya about what happened in Big Bear. Ivy confided in Katie her concern regarding Steffy’s return to Los Angeles. Rick and Eric strategized and weighed their options on how to outsmart Ridge in his attempted takeover of the company. Katie put Liam on the spot when she inquired about how he feels regarding Steffy being back in town. Steffy gave Ivy a reason to worry as she reminded her cousin about her personal and professional history with Liam. Ridge assured Caroline that they would be able to spend more time together once the takeover is complete. Bill was elated knowing that he holds all of the cards in the power-play for Forrester Creations. Ivy and Steffy awaited Liam’s answer to the questions regarding which of them truly holds the key to his heart. Ridge vowed to assist Caroline in getting back on her feet. Seeing that Maya’s situation has changed, Nicole hoped that her sister would be more forgiving about having her trust betrayed. Rick made one last desperate attempt to keep Ridge from taking over the company. Ridge was stunned by the extent that Rick went to in order to prevent him from becoming the new CEO of the company. Nick was once again a great comfort for Maya as she awaited word from Rick regarding what the future might hold for the two of them. Wyatt became resentful about Liam’s involvement in the fight for Forrester Creations. An unlikely ally made a decision to assist in the war between Rick and Ridge but with one significant stipulation. Word got out around the Forrester Creations offices about the outcome of Rick and Ridge’s struggle for the position of CEO. Taking a step back to observe the interaction between Liam and Steffy, Ivy became extremely uncomfortable with their closeness.

THIS WEEK: To ensure that her relationship with Liam remains strong, Ivy encourages Wyatt to ask Steffy out. Maya reflects on how different things would have turned out for her and Rick if she had disclosed sooner.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady was stunned by Melanie’s huge sacrifice. Eve and Jennifer got into a heated argument, which turned physical. While trying to work on their marriage, Will asked Sonny a tough question. Marlena offered Paul some friendly advice. Brady was forced to bid an emotional farewell to Melanie. Eric uncovered an incriminating photo of Serena! Nicole started to feel she’s backed into a corner. Will and Sonny got into another fight when Will wasn’t pleased with Sonny’s answer to his question. Things heated up between Abigail and Chad! Nicole learned she could be in more danger than she realized. Serena admitted the truth to Eric, who lashed out at her. Thanks to Parker, Daniel made a surprising discovery.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Will continue to lock horns. Eric is having a hard time dealing with what Serena has told him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Now that Sloane has shared some dark secrets with Anna and she has leaned on Sloane to ease her guilty conscience, they formed a closer bond with each other. But Anna had more to say to Sloane, which could be a game changer and put them in legal jeopardy. Ric continued to scheme to guilt and charm Nina. Jordan got more involved with city government and law enforcement when he got a municipal job. Nina was torn when she tried to decide whether or not to agree to continue her relationship with Ric. Molly was very clear about the way she feels. She was fearful that Ric would convince Nina to stay with him. Meanwhile Franco gave her a hard time when she admitted that she’s having second thoughts about walking away from Ric for good. At the same time Nathan was having concerned about Nina but kept his concerns to himself. Nikolas tried to come up with another scheme for getting control of ELQ without showing his hand. The Quartermaine mansion was the scene of another grand party, but this time Luke Spencer crashed the party.

THIS WEEK: Luke is the center of attention at the party. Silas gets a case of the guilts.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor and Ashley were thrown when Jack’s imposter said that he has a plan for Gabriel and Chelsea. Later, Ashley arrived at the penthouse and reminded Chelsea and Adam that they need to stay professional and focus on work. Faith asked Sharon if she and Dylan are living together. On the GCAC Roof Deck, Abby was shocked when Stitch told her that Ashley has feelings for him. Sharon told Dylan that she’s worried that Avery’s trying to change Nick’s mind about modifying their custody agreement. Avery and Dylan had difficulty putting their differences aside. At the GCAC, Devon and Lily were surprised to learn that Hilary asked to meet with Neil so that she could apologize to him. Nick and Adam came to blows over Sage. At the Underground, Kevin wanted Mariah, Summer, Abby and Kyle to give an interview to a news show about the murders. Everyone thought it’s a bad idea and Mariah agreed. Kyle started to come around to the idea of the interview. Avery then pulled him aside and said it would be disastrous for Summer.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea worries if Gabe is the father of Sage’s baby. Kevin sets a trap for the killer but ends up in hot water with Paul.

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