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RECAPS – 3/10-3/14

ALL MY CHILDREN – To keep Krystal and Jenny safe, Tad was forced to plead his case to an obnoxious Adam so the girls could move back into the mansion. When Babe announced that she and Little A would also return to Adam’s home, JR said he would, too, so they could be a family again. Kendall and Greenlee realized they both wanted Ryan to still have some feelings for them both. Annie learned that Ryan flew to L.A. to be with Kendall and vowed to never let him touch her again. Despite Jack’s urging otherwise, Erica pled guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail.

THIS WEEK: Colby and Frankie are kidnapped.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Following Gray’s orders, Matt dumped Henry at the Scenic Shop. Jack and Carly went to the shop on the trail of Kit, and Katie and Brad wound up there, too. In a skirmish, gunshots were fired and Carly killed Kit. Brad urged Katie to go after Jack, her true love. Vienna was grateful that Henry was okay, and told Gray she only loved Henry. Noah married Ameera after assuring Luke that someday they’d be married. Will was furious when he learned that Sofie and the baby were living at Fairwinds with Paul. Spiteful Emily drugged Chris’s coffee while he was on the job leading Bob to suspend him. Emily apologized to Chris, but he accused her of doing Paul’s dirty work.

THIS WEEK: Luke is jealous of Noah’s time with Ameera.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Pam warned Donna to break up with Eric or else. Eric confronted Pam and she admitted she’s bipolar and off her medicine. He sympathized and gave her the receptionist job at Forrester. He also asked Stephanie to be his partner, but only in business because he wants to marry Donna. Bridget wanted Nick back, but he wasn’t ready. Brooke gave Bridget mixed signals about whether Brooke wanted a life with Ridge or Nick. Nick demanded answers from Brooke. Pam threatened Donna, promising her that she’d make her life miserable.

THIS WEEK: Nick discovers that he’s attracted to Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Bo’s condition worsened and the only possible treatment was surgery by Daniel. The Bradys were tested and Chelsea was the only one who could give Bo the transplant he needed. Unfortunately, as surgery was being prepped, Chelsea was drowning her sorrows at the Cheatin’ Heart. When Kate found her, she was passed out drunk. John challenged Victor for control of the docks. Steve worried that Ava would hurt Kayla. Ava saw Steve comforting Hope about Bo’s condition and mistook Hope for Kayla. Ava’s therapist confronted her about what she’s doing in Salem. Steve arranged an impromptu romantic rendezvous for himself and Kayla.

THIS WEEK: John bribes a customs agent to best Victor.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Kate admitted to Sonny that she knew he slept with Claudia, but she forgave him. A scalpel-waving Nikolas held everyone in the O.R. at bay as he flew into a rage. Nikolas agrees to let Ian secretly treat him with an experimental drug. Robin pushed Patrick away when he claimed he wanted to be in their child’s life. Spinelli discovered that Diego planted hidden bombs but couldn’t crack the code to locate them. Carly was reunited with Michael, and he admitted to his mother that he shot Kate. Sam lost her job at Everyday Heroes. A huge explosion on the waterfront threatened the lives of many.

THIS WEEK: Carly’s world crashes down around her.

GUIDING LIGHT – Bill was furious when Alan refused to let Lizzie out of the Spaulding mansion. Bill went so far as to get a bulldozer to break into the place. To please Alan, Lizzie went on a date with Lawrence. When Bill saw Lizzie out, he turned to Ava for comfort. Olivia was fatalistic about her heart condition and threw herself at two guys. Dinah was stunned to learn that Mallet was considering an offer to be a police chief in another town. Out for revenge, Marina hired Phoebe to con Harley and Cyrus out of $100,000. To save Will, Cassie got Cyrus to get Will to Mexico and out of trouble.

THIS WEEK: Reva worries about Jonathan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Blair refused to allow Todd to move the family to Hawaii. Starr was thrilled until Todd made it clear he’d have Cole sent to prison for shooting Miles if Starr didn’t steer clear of her young love. The victims of the Santi family were suing Antonio for restitution, causing him to lose everything. Dorian agreed to keep Charlie’s secret if he made sure Rex didn’t marry Adriana. Jared and Charlie secretly recorded Dorian and Charlie’s conversation, which she incriminated herself. Walter, an old friend of Asa’s, offered to help Bo and Clint fight off a crisis at Buchanan Enterprises.

THIS WEEK: Gigi makes a confession about Shane to Rex.

PASSIONS – A bad phone connection prevented Theresa from speaking to Pilar to let her know that she was alive and well. Theresa demanded the government allow her to go home, but they told her she must "remain dead." Theresa was faced with the dilemma of forgetting her family forever or putting their lives at risk. After watching her loved ones in Harmony via surveillance cameras, Theresa escaped custody. Gwen’s hope for a happy future with Ethan hit a bump when he said he wanted to adopt Little Ethan as his own. Pretty plotted to have Fancy kill Paloma.

THIS WEEK: Noah proposes to Paloma in a very big way.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Amber suggested getting rid of the money by buying ad space in Restless Style for a new fashion line she would design and Daniel would photograph. After Daniel admitted to Kevin about the money, Kevin confronted Amber and told her to destroy it. Brad paid Walter for information on David’s gambling debts, as well as future information. Jeff tried to get Gloria to sign fake divorce papers, but she turned the tables on him by offering to try to fall in love with him. Jack used John’s ghost to drive away Gloria. Phyllis suggested Danny Romalotti attend the pre-launch party.

THIS WEEK: Victoria shows Adam who’s in charge.

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