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RECAPS – 3/17-3/21

ALL MY CHILDREN – Erica insisted on serving her prison time immediately. After studying photos of Ryan with Annie, Ryan tried to make things right with her by convincing her that he was starting to remember her. Jesse, Tad and Angie were taunted by a digitally-enhanced voice recording at the warehouse where Jesse had been kept prisoner. There, they discovered a creepy shrine dedicated to Jesse, including a videotape of him being tortured. Robert and Rafael kidnapped Colby and Frankie as bait to lure Jesse to them. And it worked. Adam suffered a cardiac episode and crashed the car while racing to get to Jesse.

THIS WEEK: Erica’s cellmate plans a great escape!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Sofie was shocked when Cole returned, but when he threw baby Hallie to Will, Gwen asserted that the child belonged to her and Will. Jealous of Vienna’s love for Henry, Gray trapped them in a church and planned to have Matt burn the place down. When Matt challenged him, Gray shot Matt. Gray’s true identity connects him to Margo’s rapist. At Parker’s trial, the evidence looked bad until Carly appeared with proof from a homeless woman that Kit could have fired the second shot that killed Kit. Casey befriended Ameera, which made Noah upset enough to snap at her. Luke urged Noah to keep up the charade marriage to Ameera.

THIS WEEK: Jack yearns to be with Katie.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Donna was stunned when Pam shot her, with a toy gun. She accused Pam of doing Stephanie’s dirty work. Brooke was worried when Ridge spent time with Ashley. Bridget convinced Nick she wasn’t serious about a long-term relationship, so they had a one-night stand. Brooke assured Bridget that nobody in the family would ever take Nick from her. Meanwhile, Katie was getting to know Nick better. She told him that Bridget wanted more than one night with him. Nick was attracted to Katie. Taylor advised Ridge to dump Brooke. Rick told Taylor he wanted to continue pursuing her romantically, no matter what Brooke thinks.

THIS WEEK: Eric and Donna talk marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Chelsea was found and with the help of an IV, sobered up for transplant surgery. Despite the risk to both her and Bo, the surgery was a success. John bought a boat so that Claire, Shawn and Belle could leave Salem and sail the world. Marlena believed John was changing, but when she learned he bribed the custom agent to beat Victor in business, she realized he’d been lying to her. Philip was stunned by John’s business tactics, especially if it means Marlena will leave him. Steve started to tell Kayla about Ava, but held back because of her delicate pregnancy.

THIS WEEK: Ava attacks Hope because she thinks she’s Kayla.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Johnny saved Michael from the wreckage of the explosion. Ric found an unconscious Carly and rushed her to GH, where she “died” and came back to life. Claudia visited Carly, after which Carly had a miscarriage. Sonny told Kate that Michael was the person who shot her. Sonny proposed a truce with the Zaccharas, but Johnny was intent on revenge. Claudia refused to be treated by Robin because of her HIV status. Johnny revealed a side of himself that disturbed Lulu. Moments later, Logan woke up from his coma to find Lulu crying. Lucky and Sam decided

to give their relationship another try.

THIS WEEK: Lulu becomes a spy for Carly!

GUIDING LIGHT – Bill and Dinah teamed up. He learned that she’d been faking out Alan and Olivia and everyone else by text messaging as Phillip. With Bill’s help, Dinah planted evidence in Alan’s office that resulted in his arrest for financial misdeeds. Reva sympathized with Olivia and sent Jeffrey to comfort Olivia. Ava paused before having sex with Bill to surreptitiously sabotage the condom so she might get pregnant. Coop was thrilled when a publisher liked his book, and Blake took him on as a client. Frank was suspended for sexual harassment, and Doris offered Mallet the chief’s job. Harley and Cyrus faced scorn from Daisy and the Cooper family.

THIS WEEK: Marina struggles emotionally.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Jared panicked when he learned that Natalie recorded his conversation in which he confessed that he wasn’t really a Buchanan. He, however, convinced Natalie to erase the incriminating tape without listening to it. Wanting to get revenge on her father, Starr told Marcie that Todd had been abusing Sam. Ramsey assigned Antonio to head up a task force to stop the gang problem in Angel Square. Adriana returned home just as Gigi revealed to Rex that he was indeed Shane’s father. Gigi, however, realized neither Rex nor Adriana heard her confession. Adriana told Rex she wanted to get married right away.

THIS WEEK: A near-kiss with Jared rattles Natalie.

PASSIONS – Pilar’s suspicion that Tabitha was a witch had Kay concerned her secret would get out and she’d be denied the opportunity to marry Miguel. Tabitha’s magic bowl warned her that the double wedding would be a huge disaster. With Juanita not far behind, Theresa finally escaped via train and met a woman named Elena. Resolved to get over Theresa and move on with Gwen, Ethan approached Julian about adopting Little Ethan. Gwen suggested she and Ethan renew their marriage vows to give the children a sense of family security. Pretty proposed she and Sheridan join forces to break up Luis and Fancy.

THIS WEEK: Ethan screams out Theresa’s name while sleeping with Gwen!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – Jack and Sharon hired an actor named Alistair, who was a dead-ringer for John. The plan was to have him “visit” Gloria and make her think John was haunting her. After learning that Jack and Sharon gave up the mansion, Michael asked Lauren to spend the night at Jeff and Gloria’s to spy on them. Later, the real John appeared to Jack and was shocked that Jack believed Alistair could actually play him. Kevin threatened to turn in Amber and Daniel if they didn’t burn the money. Kay agreed to invest in Amber’s clothing line. Danny arrived in Genoa City, much to Daniel’s disgust.

THIS WEEK: Gloria, Kevin and Jana have a séance!

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