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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Still reeling from Ridge’s unexpected news, Caroline saw the future of her marriage in a completely different light. Quinn became upset when Wyatt told her about Bill turning down his idea to establish a competing fashion house to Forrester Creations. Ivy impatiently awaited Steffy’s answer on whether or not she would be allowed to return to the company. Prepared to justify his decision to Wyatt, Bill came face-to-face with Quinn. Tired of Wyatt always being overlooked by Bill, Quinn interrogated him as to whether or not he loves his son. Having been pushed to his limit, Bill was blunt with Quinn about why he favors Liam over Wyatt. Steffy surprised Liam with the attitude that she has towards Ridge and Caroline’s marriage. Still angry with her heated conversation with Bill, Quinn confronted Liam about the favoritism he receives from his father. Thomas found a way to get over his heartbreak. Thomas was a bit too preoccupied by a previous distraction to have a serious conversation with Caroline about an important matter. Brooke was faced with mixed feelings when Ridge revealed that he confessed to Caroline about his vasectomy. Feeling as though Quinn has reignited her hatred towards him, Liam reminded her that he has the power to make or break her career at Forrester Creations. Ridge and Thomas’ relationship took a hit during a confrontation regarding inappropriate behavior. While recollecting the recent series of events in her life, Caroline contemplated the future of her relationship with Ridge. Thomas and Ridge clashed over who deserves respect versus who is not receiving enough of it from the other. Liam anxiously turned to Wyatt with his fear that Quinn might physically lash out at him. Sensing Quinn’s anger towards Liam, Deacon attempted to get her to take a different, less violent approach with her frustrations. While comforting Ivy over her recent bad luck, Wyatt assured her that he would always support her and not hurt her like Liam did. Steffy confronted Thomas about his surprising and sudden negative attitude towards Ridge.

THIS WEEK: Knowing how badly Caroline was hurt by the news of his vasectomy, Ridge profusely apologized. Grateful for Ridge’s honestly, Caroline shared a candid revelation with him as well.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad came up with a way to prove his innocence. Aiden made a stunning confession to Hope. Steve’s search for Bo heated up. Jennifer and JJ were troubled by an unexpected discovery. Justin tried to help a struggling Eve deal with Paige’s death. An anxious Adrienne got tested for the breast cancer gene. Theresa felt marginalized as Nicole and Kate faced off over their competing visions for Basic Black. Abe was thrown when Lani seemed to know a lot about him. Chad donned a disguise to track down his alibi. Caroline was hospitalized as her mental state deteriorated. Kayla and Victor clashed over how to treat Caroline’s condition. Aiden found himself deep in debt with Stefano. A desperate Chad attempted to secure his alibi. Justin found a clue to Chad’s whereabouts. Abigail sought help with her wedding from an unlikely source. Eve lashed out at Jennifer. Eve had a heart-wrenching day as she tried to get through Paige’s funeral. Eduardo made a bold move to assist the police in finding Chad.

THIS WEEK: Chad reluctantly turned to Stefano for help. Brady reached out to a distraught Theresa.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Feeling wistful about Jason, Sam made a confession to Jake at the Noodle Buddha. Carly convinced Sonny to move forward with an important decision. Anna confronted Julian about his involvement in Duke’s murder. Ava asserted her power at a meeting. Michael gave Ava a warning. Carly received some terrifying news. After taking some time to remember him, Sam finally felt ready to let Jason go. Ava filled Julian in on a recent meeting with the five families. Nikolas and Hayden discussed their volatile history and questioned whether they would ever be able to trust each other. Anna was stunned to discover a recent development. Michael and Morgan promised Carly they would not get wrapped up in Sonny’s business. Maxie alleviated Nathan’s concerns about her role in Dillon’s movie. Lulu expressed her concern for Dante to Dillon. Valerie comforted Dante amidst his family crisis. Paul rattled Anna with news of a recent development. Paul sought background info on Anna from Nathan. Anna proposed a business venture to Sam. Nathan urged Valerie to get over Dante. While working on his movie, Dillon made a confession to Maxie. Ava confronted Carly. Nina sought to make peace with the past and made a fresh start. Franco apologized to Kiki for not being more present in her life since Silas’ murder. Meanwhile, tragic events took a toll on Kiki. Patrick and Sam received a surprise visitor.

THIS WEEK: Dillon and Valerie confided in one another. Maxie and Nathan reaffirmed their love and trust in each other.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lauren and Michael happily agreed that he should move back home. Noah confronted Marisa about her past. Mariah and Kevin admitted that they both are still attracted to each other. Devon and Lily wondered why Neil’s hesitant to get involved with Gwen. Neil protested that he’s too busy to get involved with someone, but Lily wanted to know what’s keeping him so preoccupied. Dylan asked Kevin to use his computer skills to help find Hilary. Sharon encountered someone from her past. Ashley put Billy in charge of Jabot while she’s out of town. Kyle told Billy that he doesn’t think Billy being in charge is best for the company. Victor told Victoria and Abby that their family must stay together and took on the Abbotts. Later, Jack insisted to Victor that the Abbotts are not being the Paragon Project, but Victor refused to believe him. Phyllis confided in Ian about the negative effect of the Paragon Project on both the Newmans and the Abbotts.

THIS WEEK: Jack takes another swipe at Victor. Billy is in over his head.

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