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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy chided Thomas for punching their father and insisted that he apologize to Ridge for his bad behavior. At wits end over her failed attempt to get her job back, Ivy turned to the one person she knew could help her, Eric. Ridge misinterpreted Caroline’s words as she explained to him the events surrounding a significant matter. As Ivy confessed to Eric about the reason she was fired, she purposefully omitted one important detail. Having witnessed Thomas’ inappropriate behavior in person, Steffy called him out demanding to know the reason for his sudden change. Caroline and Ridge had a vast difference of opinion regarding Thomas’ intentions towards her. Ridge surprised Caroline with an outrageous suggestion about how to deal with the situation with Thomas. Thomas purposely avoided the topic as Steffy pressured him to settle his differences with Ridge and apologized for his recent behavior. Eric agreed to speak with Steffy on Ivy’s behalf in an attempt to get her job back at Forrester Creations. Realizing that Eric was unaware of the whole truth surrounding Ivy’s dismissal, Steffy filled in the blanks, which included being blackmailed. Ridge was not so forgiving when Thomas expressed regret for his actions. Stunned by Ridge’s unexplained and rash decision, Thomas desperately pleaded with his father to change his mind. Hoping that she could help him get through to Ridge, Thomas turned to Caroline for support. Steffy concocted a devious plan of retribution when Ivy promised to do whatever it takes to return to Forrester Creations. Eric set Liam and Wyatt straight about keeping important business matters especially when it concerns his family members from him. Feeling settled in wedded bliss, Maya shared with Rick the next step that she would like to take in their marriage. Uneasy with Steffy’s assignment, Ivy reluctantly went along with the idea knowing that her job at Forrester Creations depends on it. Liam was honest about his disapproval when Steffy revealed what she has planned for Ivy.

THIS WEEK: Well aware that Ivy’s uncomfortable with her new position within the company, Wyatt gave her the encouragement that she needs to follow through with her task. Zende hinted to Nicole that he would like to take their relationship to the next level.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve ran into danger as he looked for clues to Bo’s whereabouts. Bo struggled to keep the truth from his captors. Victor and Roman tried to convince Kayla to allow the experimental drug to be used on Caroline. Rafe ripped into Eduardo for essentially putting a bounty on Chad’s head. Chad and Stefano came up with a plan to flush out Clyde. Stressed over Chad’s predicament took its toll on Abigail who suffered a health crisis. JJ rescued Gabi from a tense situation. Theresa and Brady feared something’s wrong with Tate. Steve returned to Salem with disturbing news about Bo. Caroline had a vision of Bo. JJ tried to trap Clyde. Aiden realized there might be another way for him to pay off his debts. Will uncovered key evidence regarding the Necktie Killer. Aiden finally exacted payback against Clyde. Chad and Abigail shared a fraught moment as he wondered why she keeps helping him. Stefano and Andre attempted to clear Chad’s name. The Necktie Killer claimed another victim! Aiden admitted to Hope that he lied to her yet again.

THIS WEEK: Lucas supported Adrienne through a tough time. Gabi and JJ developed a connection.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Laura visited Sam and Patrick and came close to disclosing the truth. Hayden grew impatient with Nikolas. Jake acted on a hunch based on Liz’s suspicious behavior. Tracy questioned Michael’s loyalty to the Quartermaine family. Anna was plagued with guilt when Emma expressed admiration for her. Franco reached out to Kiki and offered his support. Nikolas tried desperately to get a handle on Hayden. Jake questioned Liz about a recent phone call and solicited Sam to help him discover who the call’s from. Kiki came face to face with Ava. Tracy caught Paul on a mysterious phone call. Hayden overheard a revealing conversation. Carly made an emotional plea to Sonny. Anna and Sam had a heart-to-heart discussion with Emma. Laura urged Jake to discover who he is before committing to Elizabeth. Felix visited Sabrina. Dillon turned to Paul for advice. A wrong assumption made by Nathan led to dire consequences. Dante and Lulu shared a close moment and discussed their future. Sabrina discovered some important news. Michael rebuffed Tracy and Paul’s pleas to keep out of Corinthos family business. Alexis and Julian took a big step. Julian had a surprise encounter. Olivia came up with a plan to protect her baby from Julian. Laura visited Liz and urged her to tell the truth. Jake and Sam found themselves in a precarious situation during an investigation.

THIS WEEK: Dillon revealed his feelings to Lulu. Dante confronted Valerie about a rumor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor prepared his family for battle, Noah demanded answers from Marisa, and Dylan made an important discovery about Hilary. Adam ordered Ian to put a stop to the Paragon Project, Neil lost control, and Jack and Billy found themselves in hot water. Victor took matters into his own hands, Ian pressed Phyllis’ buttons, and Kevin made a surprising discovery. Chelsea’s world was rocked, Dylan turned to Stitch for help, and Devon demanded answers about Hilary. The jig was up for Adam Newman, Paul visited Patty, and Billy received shocking news. Paul visited Patty and Sharon at Fairview. Later, Patty told Dr. Anderson that she’s concerned about Sharon’s behavior. Kyle warned Billy to stop buying up Newman assets. Billy told Kyle that he’s ready to take on Victor. Victoria confronted Sage about her relationship with Nick. Devon and Lily wondered if Colin’s involved in Hilary’s disappearance. Michael made a business decision that shocked Lauren.

THIS WEEK: Abby asks Victor to cut Chelsea a break. Summer shares shocking news with Phyllis.

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