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RECAPS OCT. 12 — 16

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Knowing that Zende had a date with Nicole, Pam and Charlie gave him advice on what kind of activities they should do that evening. Steffy got a mixed reaction from Bill and Katie when she told them about the new position that she assigned to Ivy. Wyatt gave Ivy a daring task that he hoped would assist her in getting over her fears surrounding her new job. Nicole must consider Zende’s feelings before making a decision about an important matter. Nicole anticipated the worst case scenario when telling Zende an idea that she’s contemplating regarding her future. Steffy explained to Bill and Katie her reasoning for hiring Ivy back in a capacity other than as a jewelry designer. When his plan backfires, Wyatt gave Ivy a pep talk about not allowing Steffy to have the satisfaction of coming out on top. Rick and Maya awaited word on whether or not their plan for the future would move forward. Zende gave a revealing response when Carter enquired about his and Nicole’s burgeoning relationship. Ridge firmly put his foot down about his decision when asked about reassigning Thomas to another position within the company. Nicole turned to Brooke for advice about a matter that concerns both of their families. Rick and Maya sought professional consultation to assist them in achieving a mutual goal. Knowing that Brooke has a vital piece of information, Caroline worried that she would not be able to keep her secret much longer. Fearing that her relationship could soon be doomed, Nicole straightforwardly asked Zende about the strength of their bond. Brooke and Steffy conferred about the unusual behavior of Ridge and pondered if Thomas has something to do with it. Steffy was determined to get to the bottom of the situation by confronting Ridge about Thomas. Zende attempted to be sensitive and understanding with Nicole when he honestly told her about what he wants out of their relationship. Feeling as though she’s getting the runaround, Steffy demanded that Ridge tell her the truth about Thomas.

THIS WEEK: Ridge makes an important business decision that affects many others within the company. Nicole makes a decision that could either make or break her future with Zende.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami returned to Salem! The latest murder victim hit close to home for Rafe and Hope. Chad realized who’s been framing him for murder. In Paris, Sonny was affected by Will’s message and decided to go home. Chad found himself in a lifethreatening situation. Rafe and Hope discovered even more evidence linking Chad to the murders. Marlena and Lucas expressed deep concern over Sami’s behavior. Sami was overwhelmed with memories of the past. Theresa fought to make sure that Kate doesn’t shut her out at Basic Black. Nicole broke disappointing news to Eric. Marlena continued to defend Chad’s innocence. Pushed over the edge, Sami tried to commit murder! Stefano made a heartfelt plea to Chad. Paul helped John with his search into the past. Sonny had an emotional reunion with Adrienne and Justin. Stefano blamed Abigail for what’s happened to Chad. Rafe unknowingly questioned the real Necktie Killer as he tried to clear Chad’s name.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Paul have a fraught encounter. Andre puts Aiden in a tough position.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jake and Sam found themselves in a precarious position while investigating Nikolas. Lulu declined Dillon’s advances and reaffirmed her love for Dante. Valerie and Dillon bonded over their unrequited love interests. Nina revealed a vulnerable side to Franco. Kiki made a scene at a bar. Michael and Morgan defended their actions to Sonny. Sabrina revealed her secret to Felix. Franco and Nina came through for struggling Kiki. Dante was shocked to discover the truth about Olivia’s baby. Alexis questioned Olivia’s story to Julian. Paul conspired with Ava and pressured her to cooperate with his plan. Anna questioned Ava’s accusations. Maxie and Dillon made a shocking discovery while filming his movie. Dante warned Dillon to stay away from Lulu. Nathan apologized to Valerie for making a wrong assumption. Sam hired Spinelli to help her and Jake. Lulu and Dante planned for their future. Patrick examined Hayden and was unsure why her memories weren’t intact. Maxie and Nathan were torn between their loyalties to their friends and each other. Dillon revealed to Dante that he knows about his indiscretion. Tracy paid Sabrina a visit and discovered her secret. Paul questioned Anna about the recent turn of events in Port Charles. Elizabeth pressured Hayden to reveal what she knows about Jake. Anna’s guilt started to take a toll on her.

THIS WEEK: Patrick gives his support to Liz. Nikolas offers to give Hayden a job.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Dylan visited Sharon at Fairview and was disappointed to learn that she wasn’t ready to come home. Meanwhile, Patty continued to insert herself into Sharon’s life. Jill told Billy and Victoria that she’s arranged for a celebration of Delia’s life at the Chancellor Park. Devon and Dylan chased a lead hoping to find Hilary. Meanwhile, Gwen told Neil about a doctor who specializes in experimental treatments. Marisa was mugged and she told Luca that she thinks his family could be behind her attack. Luca urged her to move in with him, so he could keep her safe. Kevin learned that Chelsea plans on leaving town. Victor called on his family to work together to destroy the Paragon Project.

THIS WEEK: Dylan won’t give up on Sharon. Neil has new hope for the future.

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