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RECAPS OCT. 19 — 23

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Out of spite towards Steffy, Ivy tried her hardest to get through her first lingerie photo shoot without showing just how uncomfortable she was feeling. Surprised by his sudden change in attitude towards his son, Katie questioned Ridge about suddenly sending Thomas off to Forrester International. Tired of the constant battle between Steffy and Ivy, Liam attempted to put a stop to their conflict once and for all. Caroline unintentionally revealed the secret that she’s been struggling to keep. As word got out about Caroline’s pregnancy, Ridge stressed the need for privacy regarding the blessed event. Prompted by Liam’s diatribe about their rivalry, Ivy and Steffy sat down to hash out their differences. Unable to keep the exciting news to herself, Pam spilled the beans about Caroline’s pregnancy to a very confused Brooke. Steffy got the surprise of her life when she learned from Liam that she’s going to be a big sister again. Knowing that Ridge had told her about his vasectomy, Brooke bluntly confronted him about the paternity of Caroline’s baby. Caroline became riddled with anxiety when Pam informed her that Brooke knows about the pregnancy. Uncomfortable with the idea that Caroline and Ridge are having a child together, Steffy was more concerned about how Thomas would react to the news. Ivy issued Wyatt a dare that she thought would give him a better understanding about why she no longer wants to model. Nicole planned to have a heart-to-heart talk with Zende about a topic that she hoped would not affect their burgeoning relationship. Ridge and Caroline wondered about Brooke’s true intent when she offered congratulatory wishes and pregnancy tips. Maya worried about the decision that Nicole would make after speaking to Zende about their relationship. Bill was less than thrilled and didn’t approve when he learned that his niece, Caroline, is having a child with his nemesis, Ridge. Knowing that Bill is upset by this recent development, Ridge assured him that he loves Caroline and is excited to build a family with her.

THIS WEEK: Zende turns to Carter as a friend to discuss the major issue that he and Nicole are facing in their relationship. Maya and Nicole receive unexpected news that would change the world that they currently live in.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Salem mourned one of its most beloved citizens during a heartbreaking funeral. Andre stirred up controversy when he finally went public with his return. Sami made a decision about EJ’s letter. Steve questioned Caroline about her visions of Bo, hoping she could provide a clue to her son’s whereabouts. Ben admitted to someone that he’s the Necktie Killer! Andre and Stefano pressured Aiden. Rafe tried to ignore his feelings for Hope by turning his attention to another woman in town. Lani questioned Abe about his past. Steve ran into danger in Mexico. An ailing Bo struggled to get back to his loved ones. Aiden took the first steps to carry out his deadly plot. Daniel and Nicole shared a day of romance. Gabi received shocking news from Rafe. Sonny said goodbye to Salem once again. Abigail visited Chad in the hospital, still conflicted over whether or not he’s innocent. Adrienne blew up at Justin when she felt he’s trying to control her life. Steve and Bo were finally reunited but not under the best circumstances. Shawn returned to Salem to find Hope and Aiden celebrating their upcoming wedding. Ben received welcome news from Eduardo, though it brought him into conflict with Abigail.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer and Abigail balk at JJ’s new career choice. Sami’s family worries about her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jake interrogated Nikolas about what he knows about his past. Hayden overheard Nikolas discussing his feelings about her to Spencer. Sabrina and Michael shared a special moment and grew closer. Olivia must come to terms with her decisions. Julian made a suspicious phone call. Kiki and Morgan had a tense moment at the Haunted Star. Sonny overheard some upsetting news about his condition. Anna sought help to address her mounting anxiety. Brad divulged his legal predicament to Alexis. Meanwhile, Julian shared a big surprise with Alexis. Maxie came up with a plan to help Dillon’s movie. Dante revealed to Olivia his and Lulu’s family plans. Alexis had jaw dropping news for Julian that would change his life forever. Kiki helped a bewildered Nina prepare to host a family visit with Maxie and Nathan. Franco was thrown by Nathan’s comments about his intentions with Nina. Nathan urged Dante to tell Lulu the truth. Carly, Michael and Morgan offered support and strength to a struggling Sonny. Spinelli made an important discovery while helping Sam and Jake. Alexis advised Julian on how to handle Olivia. Liz asked Jake to quit the investigation into his identity.

Lulu observed tension between Laura and Nikolas. Liz’s colleagues threw her a bridal shower at the hospital. Laura had concerns about Little Jake’s behavior. Jake told Carly about Sam and Spinelli’s investigative efforts to help him uncover his identity. Sonny insisted that Michael keep out of his business. Michael surprised Sonny with some positive news. Anna made a startling discovery.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Neil and Gwen tried to convince Dr. Neville to help them with Hilary. Noah visited Sharon at Fairview and was thrown when Dr. Anderson told him that Sharon did not want any visitors. Lily felt her marriage to Cane was back on track until she made a shocking discovery. Luca taunted Marisa with details of her past. Noah sensed that she’s upset and pressed her to open up to him. Devon and Paul discussed possible motives on why someone might kidnap Hilary. Victor ordered Adam to put a stop to the Paragon Project. Adam admitted that it might be too late to stop its destruction against Newman Enterprises. Meanwhile, Kevin told Lauren that Fenmore’s is the latest victim of the Paragon Project. Christine warned Billy not to take the law into his own hands.

THIS WEEK: Sharon gets upset when Patty voices concern about her behavior. Adam forces Chelsea to admit her true feelings for him.

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