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RECAPS OCT. 26 – 30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The Avant family reunion was off to a rocky start as Julius and Vivienne were updated on Nicole and Maya’s lives since the wedding. Zende turned to Carter for advice about his relationship with Nicole and how to deal with her decision. Thomas confronted Ridge about the real reason that he was banished to Forrester International. Bill was having a difficult time dealing with the fact that Caroline’s having a child with his sworn enemy. Thomas wasn’t completely convinced by Caroline’s apprehensive response to his question regarding the paternity of her baby. Sensing that there’s more tension than usual between Ridge and Thomas, Brooke was determined to find out why. Maya feared that her parents’ move to Los Angeles could greatly affect her and Rick’s plan for the future. Intent on preventing Thomas from finding out their secret, Caroline and Ridge attempted to create a diversion. Thomas resisted the urge to reconnect with the intern, Charlotte, out of fear of upsetting Ridge once again. Julius attempted to recruit an unsuspecting pawn in his back-up plan to fight against what he feels is wrong. Always wanting nothing but happiness for her son, Quinn grilled Wyatt about the direction his and Ivy’s relationship’s going. Vivienne’s maternal instincts overrode her devotion as a wife. Ivy received encouragement of her modeling duties from an unexpected source. Julius’ confession to Maya about his actions drove an even greater wedge between father and daughter. Still unable to get a direct answer from an unwavering Wyatt about his relationship, Quinn bluntly asked him if he’s in love. Thomas redirected his attention towards someone he felt whom Ridge would approve. Nicole began to have doubts about her decision.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt was given a cause for concern about his relationship when he saw a connection that Ivy has with someone else. Pam and Charlie’s Halloween party consisted of tricks, treats, ghosts, goblins and house guests from Big Brother 17.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Bo was stunned when Steve told him about Hope’s upcoming wedding. Shawn questioned Hope’s decision to marry Aiden. Kayla and Joey had an emotional confrontation over his latest stunt. Abe was unsettled by what he discovered on Lani’s computer.Working together, Steve and Bo desperately tried to escape a deadly situation. Aiden cracked under the pressure of having to kill Hope. Chaos erupted at Hope’s bachelorette party. Daniel was concerned by Eric’s behavior. Bo attempted to connect with Hope. An inebriated Aiden made a startling confession to Hope. While visiting a comatose Chad, Eve decided to avenge her daughter’s death. Ben’s intense anger rattled Abigail. Chad was arrested for the Necktie murders. Hope considered postponing her wedding to Aiden. Marlena was upset when John’s called away on an ISA mission. Eric received an urgent message from Sami. Steve and Bo risked their lives to get Bo home in time to stop Hope’s wedding. Caroline had another disturbing vision of Bo.

THIS WEEK: Marlena questioned Chad to determine whether or not he’s telling the truth. Nicole encouraged Theresa to stand up to Kate.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly and Sonny reacted to Michael’s news. Sam sought the legal expertise of a friend to help Spinelli and assured Jake that she would help him uncover his identity. Dante and Lulu moved forward with their family plans. Sam had a moment of uncertainty about the choice she had made. Nikolas admonished Sam for prying into his business. Hayden managed to score an invitation to Jake and Liz’s wedding. Olivia unintentionally touched a nerve when she heaped praise upon a guilty Dante. Sabrina struggled with the consequences of her actions. Dillon and Dante clashed over Lulu. Jake gave Spinelli crucial information to help uncover his identity. Ric gave Sonny legal advice that he didn’t want to hear. Dillon came close to revealing the truth about Dante to Lulu. Lulu and Valerie had a heart-to-heart that was witnessed by Dante. Ava made a plea to Kiki to help her win back Avery. After taking Little Jake, Cameron and Aidan trick-or-treating, Elizabeth was moved by Jake’s genuine paternal instincts. Dante confessed his indiscretion to Sonny. Paul offered Dillon advice about Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu happened upon some revealing footage from Dillon’s movie. Ava had an emotional moment with Paul. Port Charles celebrated Halloween at the Haunted Star party. Elizabeth received a special wedding gift from her grandmother and started to feel nervous about her upcoming big day. Carly discovered some mindblowing information.

THIS WEEK: Dillon witnessed a close exchange between Valerie and Dante. Paul sought out Anna on the pier and made a confession.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy and Victoria visited Delia’s tree at Chancellor Park and told her that she could now rest in peace. Victoria pushed Billy to admit that he blames himself for Delia’s accident. Victoria urged him to let go of the guilt, so he could be there for their kids and not let Delia’s death destroy him. Victor spent time with Connor and told him how much Adam loves him. Devon and Cane came to blows over Lily’s disappearance. Joe intervened and broke up the fight. Later, Lily thanked Joe for helping out and told him that sleeping with him was a big mistake. Neil became impatient with Dr. Neville and demanded to know when Hilary would wake up. Dr. Neville told Neil that he’s making progress with Hilary and that he cannot predict when Hilary will wake up. Ashley confided in Victoria that she feels something for Stitch but is going to shut it down. Billy arrived and told them that the Paragon Project’s now attacking Jabot. Later, Victor and Jack pressed Kevin to find out who is behind the latest Paragon attack. Phyllis and Nikki worked together to plan a Halloween gala to benefit the Delia Project.

THIS WEEK: Ashley fights her true feelings. Victoria tries but can’t let go of the past.

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