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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Julian made an emotional and heartfelt plea to Maya and Rick to find someone other than Nicole to be their surrogate. Maya was taken aback when she learned of the others that share Julian’s opinion about her decision to have Nicole carry her child. Knowing all that she would be sacrificing and how many of her loved ones oppose her decision, Nicole began to have doubts about going through with her promise to Maya. Still vehemently against Nicole going through with the surrogacy, Julius attempted to recruit Eric and Brooke as his allies. Knowing that her parents are not happy with her plan, Maya kept a vital piece of information from them. Nicole and Maya unexpectedly experienced an unwelcomed intrusion that interrupted a private moment. Having shared such an extensive history together, Brooke and Eric discussed the choices that they have made throughout the years that brought them to where they are today. Nicole’s assurance in her decision

started to vacillate by the wise words of someone whom she most loves and respects. Weighing all of the advice, realizations and options presented before her, Nicole made a final decision about whether or not she would be Maya and Rick’s surrogate. Katie noticed and appreciated Bill’s new attitude in regards to work versus their personal time together. Ridge was concerned that Caroline’s pregnancy would become a greater focus in the media than their current designs. In a Forrester Creations staff meeting, Thomas made an uncensored outburst regarding the Spencer brothers’ positions within the company. Wyatt felt as though Thomas’ opinion was triggered by something more personal than professional. Liam and Wyatt’s usually tense relationship was pushed aside as the brothers bonded over possibly having a common rivalry with Thomas. Both brothers were outraged when Ivy appeared to defend Thomas’ actions. THIS WEEK: Having witnessed behavior from Thomas that she disapproved of, Steffy confronted her brother regarding his intentions. Soon-to-be

parents, Ridge and Caroline, were bursting with love and joy as they prepared to see their child for the first time during a sonogram appointment. DAYS OF OUR LIVES — All of Salem gathered at the Martin House to celebrate the town’s Bicentennial Gala – a night which promised to be full of romance, mystery and danger. Abigail was stunned when she stumbled upon incriminating evidence against Ben! Off her vision, Caroline realized that Bo’s life’s hanging in the balance, and she tried desperately to get Victor to believe her. Stefano and Andre put in an appearance at the party to wish Hope “good luck” with her wedding. Bo finally managed to contact Caroline! Hope and Aiden’s wedding began. Abigail found herself in a dire situation with Ben. Some of Salem’s most prominent citizens made a toast to their beloved town – and Tom and Alice. Bo raced against time to stop Hope from marrying Aiden. Caroline went to great lengths to delay the wedding. Adrienne was shaken when she witnessed Eve and Justin in a passionate kiss. Abigail struggled to escape from Ben. On their wedding night, a conflicted Aiden made a difficult decision. Steve and Bo arrived in Salem! Kayla was stunned when someone she loves was rushed into the hospital. Abe confronted Lani

about the true reason that she came to Salem. Hope fought for her life! Steve received a disturbing note. THIS WEEK: Sami returned to town armed with startling news. Theresa and Brady’s relationship took an expected turn. GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lulu made a crushing discovery that would change her life forever. Morgan had a tryst with a new female friend. Jake questioned Hayden’s interest in attending his wedding. Carly sought to confirm an important discovery. Liz and Patrick discussed Liz’s upcoming nuptials and later ran into Jake and Sam. Jake felt a strong sense of deja vue with Liz. Carly made a mind-blowing discovery and later had a dangerous encounter. Kiki acted out after learning of Morgan’s tryst. Lulu unleashed her fury on Dante. Patrick and Sam shared some sweet family time together. As Liz started to get ready for her big day, Carly desperately tried to get ahold of Jake. Michael, Sonny and Jake worried about Carly’s whereabouts. Morgan tried to be a good friend to Kiki after her raucous night out. Laura had concerns about Liz and Jake’s wedding. Nikolas reminded Laura of their secret. Ric helped Sonny with his custody dispute. Meanwhile, Scott advised an anxious Ava who feared that she would lose baby Avery. Liz prepared to walk

down the aisle as celebrants gathered at the church. Hayden made a point of approaching Liz just before she walked down the aisle. Jake went to look for Carly. THIS WEEK: Anna met her new doctor. Paul advised Ava on how to deal with Sonny. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon asked Paul if he should come to the conclusion that Hilary’s dead. Lily told Cane that he’s too unpredictable and shouldn’t be around Charlie and Maddie. Victor reopened “Top of the Tower” restaurant at Newman Enterprises in time for Nikki and Phyllis to host a Halloween Gala fundraiser for the Delia Project. Nikki asked Kevin and Mariah to chaperone the children’s parade. Faith got scared when she saw someone walking around the building dressed as a devil. Lauren was upset that Michael’s working and running late to the gala. Nick convinced Sage to take a break from the hospital with Christian and attend the party. Phyllis bumped heads with Chelsea. Chelsea worried about her future with Adam. Luca was angry when sparks flew between Noah and Marisa. Victor questioned Abby about her relationship with Stitch. Kevin received a cryptic message on his computer. THIS WEEK: Abby is put on the spot. Chelsea’s woes continue.

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