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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam questioned Thomas’ motives when Steffy informed him that her brother has developed a sudden interest in Ivy. Wyatt begrudgingly admitted to Ivy that he’s concerned about Thomas becoming a problem in their relationship. An unexpected interruption during their first sonogram appointment caused an uncomfortable moment for Caroline and Ridge. Following the intrusion, Caroline found it more difficult to keep the true paternity of her baby a secret. Despite having told Nicole that he supports her decision to carry Maya and Rick’s baby, Zende still had reservations. Knowing that Zende’s support is so important to Nicole, Maya and Rick feared that a change in his opinion could jeopardize their chances of having a baby. Even Ridge’s reassurance that the real paternity of the baby would never be revealed couldn’t prevent Caroline from fearing that Brooke would be the one to figure out the truth. An innocent interaction with Liam revealed a secret that Brooke has been keeping. Caroline scrambled for the correct answers when Liam interrogated her about how she was able to become pregnant so quickly. Maya became concerned that Nicole’s having second thoughts about the surrogacy after she witnessed an intimate moment between her sister and Zende. Suspicions arose for Thomas when Brooke voiced how surprised she was to hear of Caroline’s pregnancy. When Caroline divulged that Liam knows about the vasectomy, Ridge confronted Brooke regarding his secret that she disclosed. Liam became more observant about the interactions taking place during a Forrester Creations’ staff meeting especially after announcing that he’s writing an article about Ridge and Caroline’s baby. Frustrated by his inability to get through to Nicole to change her mind, Julius made a harsh confession to Vivienne about their daughter. Nicole, Maya and Rick hoped for the best as they prepared themselves for a very important doctor’s appointment. Thomas made another attempt to mend the tarnished relationship he has with Ridge. Julius and Vivienne conferred with Eric and Brooke about what the future holds for their families.

THIS WEEK: Tired of the tension between Ridge and Thomas, Steffy attempted to play peacemaker. Unable to hide the anxiety she’s under regarding her pregnancy, Caroline was confronted by Liam about her unusual behavior.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — A fierce battle led to a stunning death! Sami revealed to John and Marlena that she now has the power to destroy the DiMeras for good! Abigail tried to seduce Ben in order to escape. Steve made a surprising admission to Kayla about the past. Hope struggled to cope with the aftermath of all that has happened to her. Once he’s exonerated, Chad went looking for Abigail. Ben angrily confronted Abigail about her affair with Chad. Hope learned the truth about Bo’s disappearance for the past several years. John received unexpected news from the ISA. Kayla insisted that she and Steve would face the latest threat to their family head on – and as a team. Jennifer reached out as Hope continued to unspool. A huge rift occurred between Ciara and Chase. Nicole had a run-in with the charming Fynn who’s an old buddy of Daniel’s. Theresa asked Brady where their relationship now stands. Hope’s immense guilt over Bo caused her to pull away from those who love her the most. Steve suspected Joey’s being targeted by an old foe and took measures to protect him. Chad tried to convince Rafe that Abigail’s in trouble. Abigail pled with Ben to take her to a hospital, fearing that she might lose the baby.

THIS WEEK: Kate hit it off with Eduardo. Abigail relayed a coded message to Chad.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Port Charles was rocked by astonishing news. Jake accused Nikolas of hiding the truth about his identity. Ava goaded Sonny into losing his temper at the custody hearing. Meanwhile, Scott attempted to rattle Michael and Morgan during the hearing. Hayden dropped a bombshell on Nikolas. Jake and Elizabeth discussed their relationship, but Elizabeth held off on admitting what she knows. Sam and Patrick struggled with their circumstances. Sonny lashed out at Carly for missing the hearing. Elizabeth witnessed a bittersweet moment. The custody case for baby Avery reached a boiling point. Hayden made a cryptic call. Carly brought Jake to visit Sonny. Dante tried to work things out with Lulu. Alexis and Julian discussed the impact of his former business operations. Nina went for a job interview. Dillon encouraged Maxie to pursue her acting ambitions. Lulu made an impulsive decision. Maxie inadvertently talked herself into a new job. Sam turned to Alexis for motherly advice. Elizabeth shared important news with Monica. Dante encountered new police academy cadet Valerie at the police station. Meanwhile, Valerie received a compelling work assignment that brought her closer to Dante. Paul and Dillon shared a father-son moment. Patrick called Robin to share recent turn of events. Sam and Jake shared a heated moment. Liz, Laura, Hayden and Nikolas discussed their shared secret.

THIS WEEK: Paul told a reluctant Anna to hold off on pursuing Sonny’s shooter. Emma and Spencer went to the park for a school project.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon told Dr. Anderson that Patty’s trying to reach Dylan. When she refused to take her next dose of medicine, Dr. Anderson told Sharon that she’s putting her baby at risk and forced her to take her medicine. Nikki worried about the state of Nick and Sage’s marriage and hoped they have the strength to work through their problems. Lily was devastated that she lost Cane forever and told Joe that she regrets not trusting him. Gwen told Neil that she’s frustrated with his preoccupation with Hilary. Neil assured Gwen that he cares about her. Later, Gwen got drunk and almost came clean with Devon about Hilary. Victor declined Luca’s offer for his family to financially bail out Newman Enterprises. Victor was determined to revive Newman Enterprises without anyone’s help. Victor told him to focus on their deal in getting Marisa out of Genoa City. Marisa spied Luca talking to Victor and questioned him on his dealings with Victor.

THIS WEEK: Marisa doesn’t totally trust Luca. Gwen is feeling insecure.

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