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RECAPS – 3/24-3/28

ALL MY CHILDREN – Erica was handcuffed to Carmen to be transported to prison and when their truck swerved off the road, they escaped together. Carmen forced Erica to go with her to Chicago where Carmen wants to kill her ex. At a convenience store, Erica left a clue about how to find them. Robert claimed to be an FBI agent, but both Tad and Opal were suspicious of him. Jesse and Angie tried to re-start their lives together, hoping Jesse is out of danger. Annie was furious when she learned that Ryan was lying about remembering their love. Zach blasted Ryan for all the rotten things he did to Greenlee. Kendall and Greenlee decided to bury the hatchet.

THIS WEEK: Aidan has a proposal for Greenlee!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Gray entrapped Matt, Casey and Alison at the Hughes’ and lured Margo there. Gray planted a bomb, then told Margo he wanted revenge for her killing his brother. She shot him and considered quitting the force. Meg and Craig were divorced and Paul asked her to move in with him. Barbara confessed to Will and Gwen that she has oral cancer. The FBI grilled Vienna about Gray. Just as the judge was finding Parker guilty in Sam’s murder, Jack and Carly arrived with a witness who cleared him. Brad and Katie were unable to deny the fact that there’s something between them.

THIS WEEK: Carly, Brad, Jack and Katie remain entangled.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Pam sabotaged Donna’s appointments at the hairdresser, the tanning salon and the dentist. Donna demanded that Pam admit what she did. Rick overheard Taylor telling Ridge that she doesn’t really care for Rick. After reconsidering her feelings for Rick, she wrote a letter. Rick received an invitation to Taylor’s. When he got there he discovered Phoebe, who claimed she was ready to consummate their love. Katie accused Brooke of wanting Nick to remain unattached. Bridget was called away from a romantic dinner with Nick, leaving him alone with Katie. Nick confessed to Katie that he was having inappropriate thoughts about her.

THIS WEEK: Pam and Stephanie share a laugh about Donna.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – As part of their internship, Morgan and Stephanie have a cameraman documenting their workdays. Anna was caught on tape vowing to get back at Tony for getting Kate’s business. Ava, who thought Hope was Kayla, kidnapped Hope. When Ava forced Hope to call Steve, she managed to let him know what was happening. Bo was worried about Hope, but Steve assured him that he would get her back. Max tried to tell Steph that he loves her, but couldn’t get the words out. John tried to romance Marlena with diamonds. She wasn’t impressed and left him sitting alone at Chez Rouge.

THIS WEEK: Kayla senses that something is wrong with Steve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Jason forced Monica to face the truth about her drinking. Elizabeth was off the hook for Sam’s hit and run. Lucky told Sam he still wanted a relationship with her. Monica let the Lulu, Tracy and Luke move back to the mansion. Tracy misread Luke’s meeting with Claudia. Claudia urged Jason to kill Trevor, but he said no. Carly was suspicious of Jax and Kate’s business partnership and enlisted Lulu to spy on them. With Spinelli’s help, Maxie got a job working with Kate. To protect Marianna, Ric gave Trevor the deeds. Ric and Sonny talked about teaming up to defeat Trevor. Claudia had a secret meeting with Ian, who summoned Jerry. Lulu fought her attraction to Johnny.

THIS WEEK: Elizabeth and Jason contemplate their future together.

GUIDING LIGHT – Olivia asked Gus to marry her before her heart gives out. She was crushed when he said no. Jeffrey stepped in and married Olivia. Gus had a park dedicated to Olivia. Jeffrey and Ava found out a heart might be available for Olivia. Gus raced by bike to reach Olivia. Bill stopped Lizzie from leaving with Beth and Alan. The cops locked Alan out of the mansion and seized his property thanks to Dinah’s frame job. Cyrus learned that Harley was broke. He faked stalking Vanessa so that she would hire Harley to protect her. Daisy earned extra money by making fake ID’s.

THIS WEEK: Reva finds out about Jeffrey’s marriage.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – At the Buchanan Enterprises retreat, Jared gave in and kissed Natalie. Adriana confronted Gigi about who is Shane’s daddy. Shane told Adriana the truth – as he knows it. Roxy and Charlie wondered if it was possible that Charlie might really be Rex’s father after all. Bo clashed with Clint about how to conduct business. Langston found Starr with a home pregnancy test. Cole realized that if he didn’t stay away from Starr, Todd would tell the cops that Cole shot Miles. Viki was happy in her relationship with Charlie, unaware of the lies he’s told her. Nash asked Sarah to go to Napa with him.

THIS WEEK: Antonio suspects John and Talia are more than friends.

PASSIONS – Fancy warned Pretty and Sheridan that Luis is all hers. When they were reunited, Fancy cried in Luis’ arms then told him she wanted to have his baby – right away. Pretty was in tears about losing the love of her life, Luis. Ivy urged Ethan to get over his love for Theresa. Father Lonigan listened to Theresa’s confession and learned what happened to her in the last few months. When Ethan made love to Gwen, he said Theresa’s name. Little Ethan believed that he saw Theresa, but Gwen told both him and his father than Theresa’s dead.

THIS WEEK: Ethan goes on the hunt for Theresa.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – Gloria, Kevin and Jana had a séance and Alistair made Gloria believe that John was hearing her. The drunken actor appeared and Gloria fainted. Danny finally had a heart to heart talk with Daniel and they bonded. The press was impressed with Lily, but behind the scenes Chloe continued to make Lily feel unsure of herself. Victor made a surprise appearance at the party with Sabrina on his arm. Kay admitted to Jill that she didn’t go to the party because she suffered a small stroke. Jeff told Jack their plan was ruined because Alistair had fallen for Gloria. Nick confronted Victor. Brad set a trap for David at the poker party.

THIS WEEK: Lily crumbles under the pressure.

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