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RECAPS NOV. 16 –20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Overhearing a private conversation between Ridge and Caroline where his name was mentioned, Thomas demanded to know what they were saying about him. Being privy to information about Ivy, Steffy questioned Wyatt regarding the intensity of their relationship. Wyatt confessed to Steffy about the one and only problem that he and Ivy are currently facing. Thomas used his charm, talent and position at Forrester Creations to get closer to Ivy. Wyatt called Steffy out on the reason behind her sudden change from being an ambitious extrovert to someone content with quiet evenings at home. When Bill presented Liam with an international work assignment, he denied the request due to a more pressing matter. Ivy confronted Thomas about the real reason why he’s been incessantly hitting on her. Having revealed a juicy secret to Steffy, Thomas added amusement to the details by suggesting a wager between them. Knowing that the stakes are extremely high, Steffy contemplated taking

Thomas up on his proposed bet. While planning to go on a business trip with Quinn, Wyatt asked a significant favor of Ivy while he’s away. Liam was more certain about his plan for the future than any other decision that he has ever made. With Wyatt conveniently out of town and a storm rolling in, Thomas saw a tempting challenge presented before him. Steffy’s distracted attention put a damper on the romantic evening Liam had planned for them. Despite Thomas’ best efforts to woo her, Ivy remained determined to abide by her commitment to Wyatt. Even though deep down he’s concerned about Ivy being under the same roof as Thomas, Wyatt refused to admit it. Multiple denials from Ivy made Thomas even more determined to win the bet that he has with Steffy. Well aware of what her brother’s up to, Steffy gave Wyatt a heads-up that he should be concerned about Thomas and Ivy. With the intention of keeping the momentum in their romantic evening going, Steffy refrained from telling Liam about what,s going on at the Forrester mansion.

THIS WEEK: Quinn takes advantage of being alone with Wyatt to tell him what she really thinks about his relationship with Ivy. As the storm passing through Los Angeles intensifies, so does the chemistry between Ivy and Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Bo received devastating news. Chase was upset when he overheard Ciara trashing his father. Brady found himself caught between Theresa and Victor. Abigail got closer to making an escape from Ben. Bo tried to protect Hope, but she got the wrong idea. When Kayla learned that Steve has received another anonymous message, she quickly took matters into her own hands. Sami offered to make a deal with Andre. A furious Marlena confronted Stefano about Sami’s kidnapping. After years of being kept apart, Bo and Hope finally made love! Rafe received stunning news – and an unexpected request. Steve and Kayla found themselves in a mysterious – yet romantic – situation. Abe told Theo the truth about Lani. Bo’s family threw him a surprise welcome home party. Ben and Abigail learned that she’s gone into premature labor! Chad sought Marlena’s help to track down Abigail. John and Marlena figured out a way to gain leverage against the DiMeras. Ciara confided in Caroline how much she wants her parents back together.

THIS WEEK: Bo makes a heartbreaking confession to Hope. Steve and Kayla reconnect over a tragic situation.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Elizabeth confronted Sam about her intentions towards Jason. Jason pressured Nikolas to reveal what he knows. Meanwhile, Hayden met with her partner to discuss their plans. Morgan attempted to involve himself in Sonny’s business. Emma experienced a terrifying encounter. Morgan encouraged Kiki to apply for a job. Paul questioned Ava’s ambition. A determined Sonny worked on his physical therapy with the help of his trainer, Epiphany. Lulu sought advice about Dante from Olivia. Maxie helped Nina revamp her style for her new job. Jason sought Spinelli’s help to learn more about his past. Lulu misinterpreted an email from Valerie. Elizabeth and Sam went on a pursuit to find Jason. Plagued with guilt, Anna decided to visit her psychiatrist again. Jason went on a trip to learn more about his past. Sam and Elizabeth had a heated discussion about Jason. Hayden sought to uncover the truth about who shot her. Morgan enticed Kiki to come away with him. Carly worried about Morgan. Franco protected Kiki from trouble with the law. Jason learned some shocking news surrounding his accident. Patrick and Sonny discussed the ramifications of Jason’s presence.

THIS WEEK: Nathan investigates Carly’s car accident. Morgan has a drastic response to something.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor was grateful that Nikki has moved back home, and they’re officially back together. But someone would soon step forward to shake up this happy homecoming. Devon was shocked to find Hilary at the boathouse. An emotional Hilary told Devon that he’s trying too hard and needs to back off and take things slowly. Gwen was worried that old Hilary would resurface and try to win Neil back. Cane accused Joe of moving in on Lily and he didn’t like it one bit. Billy and Phyllis joined forces to protect Jabot, but their move didn’t go unnoticed. Jack and Victoria were both suspicious of this newly formed alliance. Sage leaned on Adam for support. Adam and Nikki received shocking information about Victor’s past. Devon refused to give up on Hilary. Jack and Phyllis questioned Billy’s motives. Adam gave Sage some tough love. Victor received a surprising offer. Jensen Buchanan debuted on Y&R in the role of Elise Moxley.

THIS WEEK: Sharon is about to get some bad news. Hilary grows more and more frustrated.

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