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RECAPS NOV. 23 – 27

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Nicole sensed that something has changed for Zende when she saw him for the first time since her big announcement. Ivy set Thomas straight that what transpired between them the night before would never happen again. Thomas was confident that he’s better for Ivy than Wyatt is and implored her to weigh her options. Feeling guilty about her bet with Thomas, Steffy worried about how Wyatt would react when he learns the truth about Ivy. Being so far away from their home in Chicago, Vivienne felt lonely, detached and unknowing of how they’re going to spend their first Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. Wanting an update on their proposed bet, Steffy grilled Thomas about whether his evening with Ivy was a success. When asked by Wyatt about her time while he was away, Ivy omitted the details concerning Thomas. Willing to put their differences aside for the holiday, Maya paid a visit to her parents. Family and friends gathered together at the Forrester mansion to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. When Steffy witnessed a moment between Thomas and Ivy, she wondered if her brother has been completely honest with her. Eric revisited the tradition of past Thanksgivings by instructing those at the table to give a kind statement about the person sitting next to them. Some of the sentiments spoken by the guests weren’t as easy to deliver as others.

THIS WEEK: Steffy confronts Thomas about Ivy. Nicole gives Zende a second look.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope lashed out at Steve and Kayla. Ciara tried her best to comfort an anguished Chase. Fearing for her unborn baby’s life, Abigail pled with Ben to take her to the hospital. John made a deal with Andre for Sami’s safe return, but it didn’t quite play out as expected. Hope decided to take action. Abigail struggled through a difficult labor. Chad regained a key memory about Ben. Stefano and Andre reeled from Sami’s latest move. Belle and Claire arrived in Salem just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Belle had shocking news for John and Marlena. Paul provided John with an important clue about his past, revealing a connection between Winterthorne Academy and someone else in town. Steve tried to talk Hope out of her desire for revenge. Eduardo maked Eve an unexpected offer.

THIS WEEK: Eve is conflicted about Eduardo.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nikolas faced a tragedy while Jason’s quest to discover his past hit a roadblock. Morgan had a violent outburst that caused his family to take action. Anna made a big confession. Sabrina resolved to tell Michael the truth. Kristina returned to support her family while Sonny and Morgan shared an emotional moment. Dante and Lulu grappled with the state of their marriage. Carly helped Kiki out of a jam. Sam reaffirmed her love to Patrick. Sabrina had a surprise visitor. Port Charles celebrated Thanksgiving. Liz and Jason went to the Quartermaine’s for dinner and deliver important news to the family. Dante received a surprise gesture from a visitor. Anna encountered Dr. Maddox at dinner and confided in him further. Olivia, Alexis and Ava endured a meal together despite tensions. On an encore episode this week, Liz prepared to walk down the aisle as celebrants gathered at the church. Hayden made a point of approaching Liz just before she walked down the aisle. Jake went to look for Carly. Anna met her new doctor. Paul advised Ava on how to deal with Sonny.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sage and Nick treaded carefully around each other in the wake of Christian’s death. Meanwhile, Sharon broke down when Dylan told her the news about Christian. Cane told Paul that he thinks Joe’s framing him for being behind Hilary’s disappearance and also tried to kill him during the fire at Newman Enterprises. Colin agreed to help Cane clear his name. Victor told Nick that he needs Adam’s help to play dirty, so they can rebuild Newman Enterprises. Nick confided in Sage that he feels Victor’s squeezing him out of Newman Enterprises. Dr. Anderson continued to keep a tight hold over Sharon. Meanwhile, Mariah asked Kevin for his help in figuring out a way to visit Sharon at Fairview. Devon and Dylan worked together to track down Dr. Neville. Hilary told Lily that she still has no memory of being in love with Devon.

THIS WEEK: Victor gives Adam his marching orders. Colin finds an important clue.

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