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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Unaware of what she knows, Liam wonders why Steffy has suddenly taken an interest in Wyatt and Ivy’s relationship. Carter senses that Thomas is genuinely interested in someone when he unusually dismisses the flirtations of interested ladies. Ivy feels uncomfortable and guilty when Thomas makes innuendos about their evening together in front of Wyatt. Despite his charm and persistence, Ivy puts Thomas in his place regarding her devotion and loyalty to Wyatt. Without telling him about her night with Thomas, Ivy assures Wyatt that he is the only man for her. Steffy isn’t completely convinced when Thomas tells her that nothing further will happen between him and Ivy. Bill and Katie revel in the happiness within their marriage and families. Concerned about Wyatt and unable to keep the information to herself, Steffy tells Liam about Thomas and Ivy. Liam has a stern word of advice for Steffy concerning her desire to tell Wyatt. Ivy is put on the spot when Steffy confronts her about her fling

with Thomas and how Wyatt needs to be told. Still thinking that Thomas has eyes for Ivy, Wyatt warns him to back off and respect his relationship. Knowing about Ivy and Thomas’ night together, Liam interrupts Wyatt’s rant regarding his girlfriend’s loyalty towards him. Bill and Katie discuss who they think are the right women for Liam and Wyatt. Ivy intends on freeing her conscience of her guilt. Ivy is embarrassed when Liam admits that he knows she cheated with Thomas when Wyatt was out of town. Thomas is caught off-guard when Quinn comes to see him about jewelry, but instead, confronts him about his attraction to Ivy. Quinn further surprises Thomas with a confession of her own. Wyatt thinks that Steffy is mistaken when she accuses Ivy of being unfaithful to him with Thomas. Ivy fears that she could lose Wyatt, but, feels that he deserves to hear the truth from her. Liam is particularly irritated when Steffy reveals that she went against his advice and told Wyatt about Ivy and Thomas. A heartbroken Wyatt questions Ivy about what would drive her into the arms

of another man, especially Thomas. THIS WEEK: Quinn and Thomas’ scheming is interrupted by a minor crisis in the Forrester showroom. Ivy is livid when Wyatt reveals that Steffy is the one who told him about her and Thomas. DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe and Chad get a lead on Abigail’s whereabouts. In her quest for vengeance, Hope receives a vital tip from Steve. Steve and Kayla’s mysterious stalker is revealed. Belle opens up to John and Marlena about what happened in Maine. While trapped in a supply closet, things turn romantic for Kayla and Steve. Victor forces Brady to choose between Theresa and Titan. Daniel isn’t thrilled as Fynn continues to flirt with Nicole. Gabi and Paul get new job opportunities. Hope interrogates Claudia, demanding answers about who was behind Bo’s kidnapping. Shawn bids goodbye to a heartbroken Belle. Fearing for her life, Abigail desperately tries to get through to an unraveling Ben. Chad attempts to rescue Abigail from Ben. Lani and JJ take off to search for Abigail. Hope plays a dangerous game when she finally tracks down Dr. Malcolm. Belle gets sucked into Sami’s mess. Ben seals Abigail and Chad’s fate. Rafe stops Hope from making a huge mistake. THIS WEEK: Brady gives up everything for Theresa.

Caroline has a distressing vision concerning Victor. GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam goes to unsavory means to get the dirt on Liz. Jason and Patrick have a tense encounter about the two women in their lives. Hayden enlists an inside source to prove her suspicion. Ava uncovers a surprising truth about Paul. Lulu and Dante reach a crossroads. Sam demands answers from Laura. Carly’s prying pushes Liz to call it like she sees it. Nikolas delivers news to Alexis. Maxie helps Nina with a new look and a new attitude. Franco issues Julian a direct threat but is later on the receiving end of a harsh warning about Jason. Patrick confronts Sam about her unresolved feelings. A loving Jason dispels Liz’s fears. Hayden’s surprising revelation affects Nikolas. Tracy has new hopes for ELQ. Carly and Michael get advise on how to move forward with Morgan. Nina has big plans for Crimson. Maxie is caught off guard by Dillon’s announcement. Sabrina turns to Felix for help with covering up her lie. Carlos makes arrangements after overhearing something he shouldn’t have. Ava gets a little too inquisitive for her own good. Andre gives Anna an ultimatum. Maxie urges Lulu to “go big or go home.” Liz’s happiness is short-lived after receiving a distressing call from Nikolas. Mac is at

Anna’s side during her time of need. THIS WEEK: Paul puts the fear of God in Carlos. Jordan is unnerved by the sight of a familiar face. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Joe makes a move on Lily. When Lily evades his advances, Joe accuses Lily of playing games. Nick urges Abby to focus on planning her wedding and not to get involved in feuding between the Newmans and the Abbotts. Cane tells Paul and Christine about possible evidence that proves he wasn’t trying to extort money from Devon. Chelsea asks Adam if he is working with Victor to destroy Jabot. Adam denies being in cahoots with his father but Chelsea remains wary of trusting Victor. Victoria confronts Billy about talking down Victor. Billy tells Victoria that Victor will get what he deserves. Later, Victoria asks Nikki how she was able to endure such a volatile relationship with Victor. Marisa is terrified that she will never find her daughter. Noah vows to do whatever it takes to reunite Marisa with her daughter. Sage has a difficult time coping with the loss of Christian and lashes out at Faith and Mariah. Nick is heartbroken that he is not able to help his wife. THIS WEEK: Marisa’s search for her daughter continues. Joe says he’s getting mixed signals from Lily.

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