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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Rumors flew throughout Forrester Creations following an unfortunate interaction between Steffy and Ivy. Still fuming from the news of Ivy’s betrayal, Wyatt angrily vented to Liam while receiving consolation in return. Having confessed to Thomas about what happened between her and Ivy, Steffy feared what Liam’s reaction would be when he finds out. Wyatt and Thomas attempted to set aside their disdain for each other while awaiting word on Ivy’s prognosis. Thomas couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt when the topic of who’s to blame was brought up. Unaware of the details of Ivy’s accident, those concerned at Forrester Creation speculated on Steffy’s involvement. Zende tried his best to be supportive of Nicole as her pregnancy began to have an effect on their relationship. Steffy realized that Liam did not fully believe her when she told him that she did not intentionally mean to cause Ivy harm. Wyatt put Thomas in his place when he interrupted a private moment between him and Ivy. Maya witnessed firsthand how Nicole’s pregnancy’s beginning to take a toll on her sister’s relationship with Zende. Sensing that Thomas knows something, Wyatt pressured him to reveal Steffy’s part in Ivy’s accident. Knowing that Liam’s extremely disappointed in her recent actions, Steffy pled with him not to end their engagement. Wyatt gave a defensive Thomas a piece of his mind about being spoiled, entitled and responsible for Ivy’s current condition. Well aware of what Steffy is capable of, Ridge grew concerned about his daughter’s involvement in Ivy’s hospitalization. Steffy confessed to Ridge and Caroline about what really happened between her and Ivy and took measures to ensure that something like that wouldn’t happen to anyone else again. Ridge scolded Thomas for becoming involved with Ivy. Attempting to move on from their argument and her accident, Ivy made a confession to Liam about Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt realizes Ivy’s concerns are real when Steffy arrives with the intention of apologizing. Steffy learns the hard way that an apology isn’t enough for Ivy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — As the cabin burned down around them, Abigail and Chad frantically tried to escape. JJ and Lani hunted down Ben. Hope made a surprising announcement to Roman. Theo received a cruel, anonymous text. Abigail pled with Ben to tell her what he did with her baby. Hope was pushed over the edge as she demanded answers from Dr. Malcolm. Eduardo and Kate got to know one another, and later, Eduardo got an unexpected visitor. Hope struck a deal with Dr. Malcolm. Someone from Steve’s past turned up in Salem with a secret. John questioned Eduardo about Winterthorne Academy. Andre targeted Belle to get to Sami. Steve and Kayla made love! Joey was unaware that he’s in over his head. Philip returned home with big plans for Titan. Brady confided to Theresa his concerns about Philip. Hope’s arrangement with Dr. Malcolm took an unexpected twist. Steve and Kayla made plans for the future, unaware their relationship’s facing a new threat.

THIS WEEK: Rafe becomes suspicious of Hope’s behavior. Chad provides comfort as Abigail tries to put her life back together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — A combative Sam demanded that Liz tell Jason the truth. While Anna and Mac acted on her suspicions about Paul, Paul acted on his suspicions about her. Recovery wasn’t happening as quickly as an impatient Sonny had hoped. Julian reminded Ava that underestimating Sonny could prove to be disastrous. Jason came to Liz’s defense only to later learn the depth of her deceit. Patrick assured Emma of their future with Sam. Johnny turned to Lulu for help, and she turned to him for revenge. Valerie asked Dante to disclose his intentions. Hayden and Nikolas called a truce. Liz crumbled under pressure. Patrick called the shots. Dante and Valerie were interrupted at the most awkward of moments. Lulu made a deal with Johnny. Dillon announced his surprising plans. Michael made a covert attempt to learn more about Sabrina’s pregnancy. Liz made a confession. Patrick tried to mend a broken heart. Robin’s failure resulted in her living on borrowed time. Olivia went ballistic. Dillon came to the wrong conclusion about Johnny. Lulu was more determined than ever. Jason filled in Sonny on recent events and received wise words of advice. Liz warned Nikolas that the truth is out, and they brace for the fallout. Morgan got reckless with his meds.

THIS WEEK: Monica comes up with an idea for a charitable donation that conflicts with Paul’s plans. Ava is surprised by her reaction to Quartermaine news.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley urged Adam to tell her what Victor has over him. Ashley promised that if Adam worked with her, she would protect his secret. Adam didn’t think Ashley would really consider working with him, considering their history. Marisa tried to seduce Luca in order to get more information about their daughter. She pulled Luca into a kiss. Luca pulled away and told Marisa that he wants her to want him the same way he wants her. Meanwhile, Noah asked Kevin to help him find dirt on Luca. Nick pled with Sage to not push him away. Adam told Chelsea that working with Victor allowed him to protect Jack. Sharon confided in Dr. Anderson that there’s a little part of her that worries that she’s going to lose her baby. Paul was happy that Dylan has become a content family man. Dylan asked for Paul’s help in getting Sharon an early Christmas present. Lily hoped that she and Cane could mend fences. At the GCAC, Cane tore into Lily who ran off crying. Devon blasted Cane for treating his sister so poorly. Ashley tried to make a deal with Victor and end the feud between Jabot and Newman Enterprises.

THIS WEEK: Cane gets very defensive. Ashley is frustrated in her role as peacemaker.

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