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RECAPS DEC. 14 — 18

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Julius has suspicions about ulterior motives when he learns from Vivienne that Sasha, a former neighbor and Nicole’s best friend, is coming to Los Angeles for a visit. Soon after her arrival, Sasha is insistent about being introduced to the Forrester family. Refusing to allow Nicole to be taken advantage of for her connection to the Forresters, Julius demands that Sasha return to Chicago. A frustrated Zende confides in Carter how much Nicole’s pregnancy has negatively affected their relationship. Sasha is intrigued when Nicole fills her in on her life since moving to Los Angeles and working for Forrester Creations. Steffy is outraged and uncooperative when Liam explains the extent of Ivy’s retaliation following their recent altercation. Wanting resolution and absolution, Steffy pays a visit to Ivy with a substantial request. As the brothers discuss the feud between their significant others, Liam asks Wyatt for a favor that could bring them all peace. Knowing that Sasha’s intentions are not good, Julius implores Vivienne to assist him in convincing her not to extend her stay. Zende and Sasha have a chance first meeting under very revealing circumstances. When her visit with Ivy doesn’t go quite as planned, Steffy learns a valuable lesson the hard way. Having met Zende and seeing firsthand the prestigious life Nicole has built in Los Angeles, Sasha hints that she desires what her best friend has. Realizing the extent of Ivy’s disdain for her, Steffy makes a desperate plea for the two of them to get along for the sake of their family. Attempting to play mediator, Wyatt suggests a solution to Ivy on how to deal with Steffy. Zende is determined to show Nicole how much he loves her despite the recent friction in their relationship. Much to Julius’ dismay, Sasha decides to make Los Angeles her home following a visit to the Forrester mansion. Insecurity and a poor choice of words put a damper on Zende and Nicole’s intimate encounter. Feeling badly for the situation that Steffy is in, Wyatt lets her know that he is on her side.

THIS WEEK: Liam is taken aback when Ivy wants to change the subject during their discussion about her feud with Steffy. Sasha uses Nicole and Zende’s lover’s quarrel to her own advantage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope is forced into a tricky situation as she tries to rescue Ciara. Rafe fears Hope has gone too far. Philip pressures Victor to make a bold business decision. Belle shares a big secret with Brady. Chad and Abigail solidify their relationship with a special night to themselves. Old feelings are stirred up when Belle and Philip run into each other. Theresa encourages Brady to take his life in a new direction. Gabi and JJ go on a date and get to know each other better. Rafe arrests Hope for murder! Ciara is furious when she learns Theo is being bullied. When Chad rejects his plan to help the family, Andre takes matters into his own hands. Abigail receives good news about Thomas. Kayla is horrified when she comes face-toface with Ava. Andre carries out a diabolical scheme using an unwitting Chad. Eduardo makes a stunning admission to John. Abigail is devastated when Chad breaks things off with her! John is shaken when Eduardo sheds light on his past.Kayla angrily tells Ava to get lost, but Ava has news that gives her pause.

THIS WEEK: Rafe bonds with Hope as he helps her and Ciara get into the holiday spirit. Theresa gets an idea of how to remove Kate from Basic Black.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason’s return has Liz hoping for the best. The coast is anything but clear for Nikolas and Hayden. Maxie dishes it out and gets it right back from Valerie. Lulu appears to be a little too understanding. Johnny puts his plan in motion. Maxie and Nathan finally find time for some loving. A fired up Carly gives Liz a sizable piece of her mind while Franco eavesdrops. Johnny comes to Valerie’s rescue and, in the process, learns something useful about her. Laura tells her daughter to count to ten before she does something she’ll regret. Olivia gives Julian a special Christmas gift. Julian makes a confession. Nina hires Dillon. Patrick and Emma discover a clue about Robin’s disappearance in Paris. Anna and Mac learn the state of Paul’s family affairs. While Anna continues to investigate the corpse identified as Carlos, he gets the order to leave town pronto. The consistency of Morgan’s meds comes into question. Ava makes an emotional appeal. Tracy is falling hard. Robert joins Anna and Patrick in the search and rescue of Robin, only to hear the worst possible news. Carly tries to get Jason to socialize. Liz has the unlikeliest of dates for the Christmas gala to benefit Toys For Toys. Kristina returns for the holidays with a secret. Nina comes up with a plan to get Crimson some publicity. Robert, Anna and Patrick learn the truth about Robin. Patrick can’t believe his eyes. Liz, Jason and Sam are caught in an awkward moment that evolves into a tense conversation.

THIS WEEK: Sam comes clean with Jason. Monica notices something interesting about Sabrina’s baby sonogram. Carlos is hiding in plain sight.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam urges Sage to let Nick love her but Sage thinks they will only hurt each other. Meanwhile, Nick tells Dr. Anderson that he should have given Sage more space. He then gets Dr. Anderson to open up about her past. Abby is upset when Victor and Ashley start fighting while she and Stitch are trying to plan their wedding. Victor suggests postponing the nuptials. Victoria is agitated when Billy shows up late and hungover for his play date with the kids. Later, he begs Victoria for one more change to get things right with her. Devon is upset when Hilary finds a way to get closer to Neil. Neil tries to convince Hilary to control her feeling for him. Meanwhile, Cane is not ready to patch things up with Lily. Chelsea is concerned that Adam will do anything to remain in Victor’s circle. When Sage has a run in with Victor, Adam tells her that that he will deal with his father.

THIS WEEK: Adam and Victor have a confrontation. Hilary will not be put off so easily.

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