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RECAPS DEC. 21 — 25

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ivy granted a significant favor in hopes that she would be repaid with love. Maya was understanding yet felt a bit guilty when Nicole confessed to her about her recent troubles with Zende. Still reeling from Sasha’s forwardness, Zende set her straight that he’s in love with Nicole and didn’t want her hurt. Making herself more at home with Nicole and her lifestyle, Sasha announced that she plans to stay in town throughout the holidays. Urged on by Rick, Maya invited her family to the Forrester mansion to surprise them with an early Christmas gift. Ivy gave Wyatt a subtle hint about her feelings and their future together. Thomas contemplated where he’d spend the holiday due to the recent history that he has with those who would be in attendance at the Forrester family celebration. Brooke was blindsided by upsetting news that significantly changed her plan for Christmas. Feeling sentimental about family, Katie and Bill discussed incorporating Brooke into more of their social activities. Wyatt turned to Liam for some brotherly advice regarding life, love and his future with Ivy. While awaiting his guests, Eric reminisced about the many happy Christmas memories that had taken place in his home throughout the years. Wyatt broke the news to Bill and Katie about his intent to make Ivy a part of their family. Thomas and Steffy envisioned how differently the following Christmas would be for their family. Learning that his dear friend Brooke is alone for the holiday, Eric set out to rectify the situation. Family gathered together at the Forrester mansion to decorate and attempted to make merry, but someone significant was missing. Pam received a sign that Stephanie would be around in spirit to watch over the family’s celebration. Bill and Katie celebrated Baby’s First Christmas with Will. Eric found his own way to spend his first holiday without the love of his life, Stephanie, but it didn’t quite turn out the way that he had planned it.

THIS WEEK: Liam withholds details of his recent interaction with Ivy from Steffy. Knowing that Sasha has an ulterior motive, Julius attempts to talk her into leaving Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — A disbelieving Steve and Kayla put Ava’s story to the test. Chad used his charm to try to win over Belle. Philip and Brady clashed over the way that Philip planned to run Titan. Victor wanted Caroline to move in with him and Maggie. Rafe uncovered curious information about Dr. Malcolm. Caroline had another disturbing vision of Victor. Adrienne shared unsettling medical news with Lucas. Eve found a protégé in Claire. Steve asked Joey if he’s been working with Ava, warning his son that she’s dangerous. Claire’s upset when Belle suggested her daughter should return to Maine. Eve made Claire an exciting offer. Kate threatened to pull Theresa’s designs from the upcoming Basic Black fashion show. On Christmas Eve, the Horton family gathered to hang their ornaments on the tree. Abigail confronted Chad when she found him having dinner with Belle. Kate and Eduardo had a romantic evening. Steve had a very special Christmas gift for Kayla! The mystery surrounding Ava’s return deepened. Caroline foresaw trouble for Victor, and it involved Philip. Abigail confronted Stefano and Andre, believing that they forced Chad to dump her.

THIS WEEK: Stefano talks his way out of a jam. John warns Marlena that they could be in grave danger.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — As India, Arie performed a romantic song at the holiday gala. Nina and Maxie declared the evening a success for Crimson. Sam opened up to Jason about her feelings. Nik taunted Jason, and an intense fight ensued that left one of them in dire straits. Paul’s inability to resist Ava got him into a heap of trouble. Michael put two and two together about Sabrina’s baby. Robin had an emotional reunion with her family, while Jerry got his just desserts. Sam was left shaken by Jason and Liz’s close encounter. Sonny and Sam found themselves remembering their shared past. Laura came to an accurate conclusion about Lulu. Robin had an honest, heart-to-heart talk with Emma. Liz had some explaining to do to her kids. Jason had a memory about his past with Sam. Kristina deflected questions about her secret. Sonny’s sons united for the holidays and lamented their troubled, disappointing predicaments.

THIS WEEK: Kiki softens towards Ava. Sonny and Carly come to Jason’s rescue.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Noah returned to work at Newman Enterprises and was forced to give Luca and Marisa a tour of the offices. Noah assured them that he wouldn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of them working together. Noah tried not to lose his cool when Luca talked down to him. Later, Kyle confessed to Summer that he’s feeling overwhelmed by the pressures at work. Sharon ran into Adam at Crimson Lights, and they both realized that this is the first time that they’ve seen each other since Adam’s true identity was revealed. Their reunion was cut short by Victor summoning Adam to his office. Later, Sharon told Dylan that he and Sully have given her a second chance at happiness. At Newman, Victor told Adam that he would do whatever it takes to rebuild Newman Enterprises even if it means not celebrating Christmas. Nikki was appalled that Victor’s ignoring Christmas and planned a last minute party for the family. At the party, Chelsea saw Adam hold Sully and read it as a sign that he’s ready to have another baby. Devon told Lily that he doesn’t want to be around Hilary during Christmas and made plans to leave town. Meanwhile, Hilary wanted to spend Christmas with Neil, but he told her that he made other plans. Lily was hopeful when Cane asked to spend the night at the house for the sake of the kids. Jill and Colin toasted their marriage and how it surprisingly lasted longer than anyone would have expected. Ashley surprised her family when she set her sights on a new business venture. Traci surprised Ashley when she made an unexpected trip home for the holidays. Later, Traci convinced the Abbotts to celebrate Christmas together at the Abbott Cabin.

THIS WEEK: Lily asks Devon if he could ever forgive Hilary for still having feelings for Neil. Jack admits to Phyllis and Kyle that he was not sure that he can save Jabot from their recent financial loss.

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