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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — About to make one of the biggest decisions of his life, Wyatt reaches out to a close friend for affirmation and advice. Ivy discusses with Liam the direction that she wants her life to take and whom she wants to take it with. With Bill’s permission, Katie has a proposition for Brooke that she feels they both will greatly benefit from. Quinn is shocked when she overhears a private conversation that significantly affects a loved one. Hesitant about Katie’s gracious offer, Brooke is flooded with overwhelming emotions which she has suppressed for a long time. Wyatt has a difficult time believing the outrageous accusations that Quinn is making towards Ivy. Put on the spot in front of Wyatt, Ivy makes a heartbreaking and remorseful confession. Feeling concerned and confused about his previous interaction with Brooke, Bill attempts to redeem himself with her. Ivy apologizes to Liam about what happened with Wyatt and comes clean to him about her plan to return to Australia. With an ulterior motive in mind, Quinn asks an important favor of Steffy. As a courtesy to Eric, Katie pays him a visit to inform him of the offer that was made to Brooke. Brooke gives Bill a valid reason for her answer to his and Katie’s generous offer. Caroline plays confidante to Wyatt as he vents to her about his recent interaction with Ivy and Liam. Steffy bitterly confronts Liam after overhearing an intimate conversation between him and Ivy. Liam is forced to reveal whether or not he has residual feelings for Ivy. Deacon pays a visit to Hope and asks her to put in a good word for him with Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke is reliving fond memories of her time with Bill and considers forgiving him for his past transgressions. Wyatt makes a negative first impression on Bob Barker. In return, Bob Barker leaves a lasting impression on Wyatt.

THIS WEEK: Carter leans on Oliver for comfort as he tells of his difficulties moving on from his broken engagement with Maya. Brooke makes a gallant attempt to do make the best decision concerning everyone involved.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad surprises Belle with a kiss. Abigail questions Marlena to figure out what’s going on with Chad.Kate delivers a devastating blow to Theresa. Hope zeros in on the person responsible for Bo’s kidnapping. A fearful Abigail and Jennifer rush Thomas to the hospital. Philip comforts Belle, who has received upsetting news from Shawn. Nicole takes charge in order to save the Basic Black fashion show. Ava sets herself on a collision course with Steve and Kayla. As the New Year’s Eve relaunch of Basic Black gets underway, Theresa’s big moment of truth arrives. Joey bristles when Ava shows up at the party with a date. Belle arrives at the fashion show with one man at her side… but ends up leaving with another. Abigail receives stunning news about her son. A tragic New Year’s Eve accident forever changes the lives of several Salem citizens. Abigail finds Chad in bed with Belle! A fed-up Nicole rips into Kate. Steve and Kayla find time for romance as they ring in the New Year.

THIS WEEK: Salem is reeling from an unspeakable tragedy. Joey has a few choice words for Ava.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Spinelli comes to Jason’s defense. Liz pleads with Hayden and Nikolas to change their statements they gave to the police. She tries to appeal to her sense of guilt. Michael delivers some bad news. Tracy puts up her guard with Paul, and that only confuses him. Curtis confirms what Hayden feared all along. Johnny is willing to do Lulu’s dirty work, but will it come at a heavy price. Valerie makes a move. Morgan overhears Sonny discussing business. Carly can’t believe her eyes. Franco wants to ring in the New Year in bed with Nina, but will he be able to have his wish? Romance is in the air when Lulu is kissed as the clock strikes midnight. Morgan and Kristina agree to keep each other’s secrets. Sam and Jason find themselves in familiar territory.

THIS WEEK: Kristina is sorely tempted. Johnny gets busy and creates trouble.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Dr. Anderson hides her displeasure when Sharon tells her that Nick and Sage are working through their problems. Meanwhile, Nick decides to move into Sage’s penthouse with Faith. Chelsea asks Adam if he has given any thought to possibly wanting another baby. Marisa is worried about Noah and lets him know that Luca’s family is dangerous. Later, Victor tells Adam that he has a plan to take down the Santori Family. Adam assures Victor that he is on board with his plan to get Luca and his family out of Newman Enterprises. Victor excludes Victoria and Abby from his plan because he wants to keep them safe. Kevin confides in Mariah that his secret projects could change everyone’s lives. Billy tells Kevin that he wants to invest in his project. Kevin tells Billy it will cost him two million dollars to invest. Billy agrees to get him the money. Kevin then calls Natalie, his hacker/ partner and tells her to come to Genoa City. He then decides to make Mariah a partner in the project. Adam convinces Abby to invite Luca and Marisa to her wedding. Lily is disappointed that Cane is sick and can’t make the wedding. Billy asks Victoria to be his date while Neil is surprised that Ashley is bringing Dr. Neville.

THIS WEEK: Michael is suspicious when Kevin brags that 2016 will be a good year from him. Jack expresses his concern to Ashley for taking on so much lately.

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