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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Admitting to Wyatt that he hasn’t been surrounding himself with the best people, Quinn has a suggestion of who she’d like to see him spend time with. Liam angrily interrogates Steffy on how she continues to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Ivy divulges to Liam the extent of Steffy’s involvement in their latest altercation. Hoping for the best, Steffy ponders whether Liam meant what he said about their relationship in the heat of the moment. Knowing that there are problems between them, Quinn probes Liam about his future with Steffy. Despite Liam’s attempt to get her to change her mind, Ivy is determined to take a one-way trip home to Australia. Giving Steffy what Liam couldn’t, Wyatt believes her when she tells him that her latest confrontation with Ivy was an accident. Liam finds himself in quite a predicament while attempting to assist Ivy in returning to Australia. Hoping to return home from Hawaii Sasha-free, Julius is faced with the wrath of his intended blackmailer. Nicole’s insecurity rears its ugly head when Zende meets Forrester Creations’ newest employee. Steffy continues to wait for Liam to return home with the intent of repairing their relationship following their latest squabble. With Ridge being out of town, Rick confesses to Maya his desire to return to the Forrester Creations’ CEO seat someday. Sasha steps in for Nicole when she suddenly becomes unavailable to support Zende’s dream to be a photographer. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Liam feels as if the fates are working against him and Steffy. Unable to get in touch with Steffy, Liam worries what her reaction will be when she learns of where he is and who he is with. Wyatt lends a supportive shoulder for Steffy as she awaits word from Liam on the status of their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Sasha’s carefree nature and spontaneity at a photo shoot becomes the driving force to Zende’s creativity. Nicole grows increasingly insecure as she witnesses the chemistry building between Sasha and Zende.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer, Eric, Brady, and Daniel are rushed to the hospital after a horrific car accident. Maggie is faced with an impossible decision. Roman has a terrible realization about Eric. Abigail urges Chad to believe Thomas is his son. John offers to make a huge sacrifice for Brady. A bereft Nicole lashes out at Jennifer. Chad reels when he receives confirmation that Thomas is his son. Ciara, Joey, Claire, Chase, Theo, and their friends sneak into Club TBD to hold their own New Year’s Eve party. Brady and Eric’s fate is decided. Nicole says a final goodbye to Daniel. Chad has a major breakthrough. Rafe is concerned when it’s clear Hope will go to any lengths to get a confession out of Stefano. Chad deceives Stefano and Andre. Belle confides in Philip, who comforts her. Rafe grills Andre about Dr. Malcolm. Ava “accidentally” leaves evidence of her secret for Steve to find. Hope and Stefano have an epic confrontation. Brady is devastated when he discovers all that has transpired.

THIS WEEK: Marlena and Roman fear for Eric’s future. Nicole and Chloe reunite in their mutual grief.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam and Jason’s close moment is interrupted by an emergency from Liz. Lulu resists temptation. Nina and Franco reach a milestone. Morgan opens up to Kiki about his condition. Anna fills in Jordan about her suspicions regarding Julian, Carlos and someone “on the inside.” Paul assures Julian he has nothing to worry about from the DA’s office. Obrecht thinks she has Robin where she wants her. Jason promises Liz that he will be an active co-parent with her. Patrick is encouraged by but cautious about Sonny’s progress. Robin and Patrick have a heart-to-heart with Emma, who offers a brilliant suggestion. Jason is on the market for new living arrangements. Franco keeps Jake busy with an art project. An embarrassing error with the first Maxie/ Nina/Dillon collaboration of Crimson could ruin all their plans. Alexis is not thrilled with Olivia’s close involvement with Julian. Robin and Patrick’s party serves a dual purpose. Laura advises Tracy to take some time for herself. Nikolas is advised to move on without Hayden. Tracy steps up her quest to regain control of ELQ. Tracy surprises Hayden with information about her past. Jason & Liz discover something quite disturbing. Nikolas surprises Jason with an ultimatum.

THIS WEEK: Valerie struggles at the PCPD. Maxie makes a discovery.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam helps Chelsea with her idea of launching a new high end bridal line, which emboldens Chelsea and gives her the courage to move forward. Later, Chelsea tells Victor she wants him to cut all ties with Chelsea 2.0. Stitch is shocked when his past catches up with him. Sharon receives a visit from Dr. Anderson who informs Sharon it’s time to reduce her meds. This makes Sharon very uneasy, Later, Sage arrives and Dr. Anderson wonders why Sage is forcing herself to interact with Sully. Kevin receives a great deal of interest in his project but is unsure who he can trust. Ashley moves forward with her new business venture. Marisa warns Luca that Adam will betray him. Michael is suspicious when Kevin brags that 2016 will be a good year from him and intends to find out what he’s up to. Jack expresses his concern to Ashley for taking on so much lately.

THIS WEEK: Ashley ignores good advice and makes things worse. Luca begins to view Adam in a new way.

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