Whitesburg KY


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On his way back to Los Angeles, Liam makes acquaintance with a fellow passenger who is forced to hear all about Steffy. Commiserating with Steffy over their respective flawed and failed relationships, Wyatt realizes who the perfect girl has been for him all along. Seeing how Zende’s recent success is due to his chemistry with Sasha, Nicole becomes jealous of them working together. Eric and Quinn brainstorm about how the Forrester Creations’ jewelry line will function with Ivy being in Australia. Miscommunication, coupled with an unfortunate misunderstanding, prompts Liam to make a drastic decision about his personal and professional lives. Brooke apprehensively begins her first day at Spencer Publication working hand-in-hand with Katie and Bill. Because of the previous interaction that they had, the tension between Brooke and Bill is palpable as they begin their work together at Spencer Publications. Seeing how much assistance that she was for Zende in his latest photo shoot, Rick offers Sasha a position at the company. Nicole fills Maya in on how her friendship with Sasha has always been of a competitive nature. Sasha has aspirations of obtaining more than just a job at Forrester Creations. Nicole attempts to hide her disappointment and jealousy when she learns about Sasha’s new position at Forrester Creations. Katie voices confidence in her sister’s loyalty when Rick questions how she feels about Brooke working so closely with Bill. Jealous by how closely Sasha will be working with Zende, Because Nicole has selflessly sacrificed so much of herself for him and Maya, Rick makes a sacrifice of his own. Wanting to think the best about her sister and her husband, Katie doesn’t detect the tension going on between Brooke and Bill. Nicole’s insecurity gets the best of her as she notices how much attention Zende is receiving from other females.

THIS WEEK: Sasha’s hopes are dashed as she receives bad news about her position at Forrester Creations. Nicole confronts Rick about his hiring decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad proposes to Abigail! Rafe offers his help to a traumatized Hope. Nicole angrily rips into Eric, blaming him for Daniel’s death. Victor comforts Maggie, who struggles with her grief. Steve is stunned when Ava reveals the story behind the baby pictures. Rafe risks everything to protect Hope. Andre learns the truth about Chad. Theo finds a cruel message in his locker. Melanie returns to Salem to help plan her father’s funeral. Nicole has a difficult time dealing with Daniel’s death. Eric is wracked with guilt over his actions. Eduardo gives John key information about his mother. Andre becomes suspicious of Hope. Eric and Brady have an intense confrontation. Brady has an odd dream… involving Nicole. Victor reacts mysteriously when Caroline describes another disturbing vision she had about him. Hope debates making a risky move. Kayla squares off against Ava.

THIS WEEK: Chad is unnerved by Andre’s theory. Jennifer tries to hide the pain she’s suffering.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Liz and Jason realize someone is trying to scare them. Hayden is impressed by Nikolas’ romantic insight. Maxie is concerned about Lulu’s visitor. The doctor taking over his case does not impress Sonny. Sonny gives Michael advice that he takes to heart. Anna pulls out all the stops, as she grows increasingly certain that Sabrina knows of Carlos’ whereabouts. Kiki wonders if Ava is in trouble with the law yet again. Morgan wants to do something to make his family proud of him. Johnny puts his master plan with Valerie into motion. Anna confesses to Jordan that she believes Paul is the party responsible for covering up Carlos’ “non-death.” Carlos makes a heartfelt appeal to Sabrina. Maxie has something to confess. Lulu’s guilt gets the best of her, as she starts to realize that there is no simple solution to repairing her and Dante’s marriage. Anna seeks out Robert for his help. The success of Crimson’s Green Issue puts the tax-dodging Julian on edge. Alexis nixes the idea of an engagement party. Johnny’s plans for Valerie puts her life in jeopardy. Incriminating photos of Johnny and Lulu turn up at the PCPD.

THIS WEEK: Sam uses her considerable detective skills to uncover the truth about Nikolas’ fall. Hayden’s head and heart are in conflict.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor and Jack both express interest in Kevin’s project. They are surprised when Kevin tells them he isn’t interested in taking them on as investors. Mariah is shocked that Kevin would make such a bold move. Things are tense at Newman between Noah, Luca, and Marisa. Victor warns Noah on the importance of sticking to their plan and not losing his cool. Michael delivers surprising news to Jack. Lily confronts Hilary on her treatment of Devon. They exchange words and Lily slaps Hilary. Meanwhile, Devon tells Cane he can’t bring himself to walk away from Hilary. Cane informs Lily he is not ready to move forward with their relationship. Victor discovers Nikki is on a lunch date with Neil. Later, Victor scolds Nikki and tells her she should be focusing on her family and not her friendship with Neil.

THIS WEEK: Victor and Nikki have a confrontation. Lily is left feeling confused and hurt.

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