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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — A private conversation between Nicole and Rick regarding the new modeling position at Forrester Creations was overheard by Sasha. When given the opportunity to fess up to Sasha about her involvement in Rick’s change of heart, Nicole did what she felt comfortable doing. Despite his lingering feelings for Brooke, Bill realized the importance of his marriage and his family. Carter gave Zende a bit of advice regarding how a single guy his age should be living. Steffy walked in on a life changing moment for Liam and attempted to convince him to reconsider his drastic decisions. Hurt by Nicole’s actions against her, Sasha went to Zende to inform him of his girlfriend’s uncharacteristic deceit. Nicole was caught off-guard when Zende and Sasha confronted her about her conversation with Rick. Quinn got good news about something that she has had her heart set on for a long time. Bill, Katie and Brooke got used to working together side-by-side at Spencer Publications. While plotting to fix Wyatt’s love life, Quinn blindsided him with unexpected news regarding her marriage with Deacon. Unaware of the real reason behind his decision, Steffy crossed the line with Liam with her unfounded accusations. Quinn relentlessly interrogated Liam about his failed relationship with Steffy. Quinn took advantage of a perfect opportunity to give Wyatt and Steffy some time and space to realize that they are perfect for each other. Determined to get Liam to change his mind about their relationship, Steffy arranged for a romantic evening for them. Bill tried his best to keep his distance from Brooke knowing that she’s a big distraction to him, his work and his marriage. Distraught by the callous message that she received from Liam, Steffy found comfort in the arms of Wyatt. Wanting to cheer Steffy up, Wyatt had an idea that would take her mind off her relationship woes.

THIS WEEK: Somewhat oblivious to what is really causing Bill to be distracted in the office, Brooke makes a suggestion that she thinks may help. An anxious Quinn has her hands full while juggling several schemes in the name of family.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Victor comforted Maggie and in the process told her some secrets about his past. It had to do with his trumping up charges against his own brother for a murder that he did not commit. It destroyed his brother’s life and landed him in prison. Now his son, Deimos was coming after his Uncle Victor to even the score. Hope continued to be wracked with guilt about attacking Stefano and couldn’t keep it to herself any longer. She confessed what happened to Rafe, but he reacted with kindness and embraced her. Abigail was stunned when out of the blue Chad asked her to marry him. She’s surprised, but said “yes,” she would marry him. The beautiful mood was broken, however, when Andre showed up and demanded to speak to Chad alone. Andre angrily told Chad that he’s disowning him and wants nothing more to do with him. Claire was determined to drive a wedge between Belle and Phillip. When she seemed to be getting nowhere, she asked her father to come to the rescue.

THIS WEEK: Jack is frustrated when he can’t get the answers he seeks. Brady is having a rough recovery.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Valerie found herself in a life threatening situation. Dante and Jordan pieced together clues and came up with a theory. Sam, Liz and Jason struggled with their circumstances. Kristina confessed to Sam about her problems at school. Valerie put two and two together. Johnny was apprehended to the PCPD and balked at the public defender assigned to him. Andre and Jordan’s mutual admiration continued to grow. Dante was disappointed when he found out Lulu’s role in Val’s abduction. Robert introduced Anna to a familiar face. Olivia and Mayor Lomax faced off over a sensitive and personal issue. Nina was inspired by Olivia’s passion. Olivia was surprised to find support from a former adversary. Sam offered to help Jason figure out who broke into Liz and Jake’s home. Liz took Jake to a psychologist and was not thrilled with his suggestion. Anna, Robert and Andre pieced together Carlos and Sabrina’s location. Liz balked at the idea of having Sam investigate the ominous occurrence at her house. Sonny offered Morgan a job. Kiki used her sway with Ava to help Carly and Sonny. Hayden was torn by her feelings for Nikolas. Curtis defied Jordan’s demands. Jason had a significant memory. Laura encouraged Lulu to fight for her marriage. Dante searched his soul over whether or not he can forgive Lulu.

THIS WEEK: Jake’s drawings reveal a very dark and troubled side. Sonny makes a breakthrough, but keeps it to himself. Nikolas takes a big step.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick was concerned when Sharon informed her that Dr. Anderson wants to reduce her meds. Nick told Sharon that she’s putting too much trust in Dr. Anderson. Nick and Sage agreed that Dr. Anderson has a hidden agenda, and Sage began to look into Dr. Anderson’s past. Dylan accepted Paul’s offer to join the GCPD. Later, Chelsea asked Sharon if she fears Dylan’s new job would change their relationship. Natalie arrived in Genoa City to reconnect with Kevin who started to believe that Natalie’s conning him. Natalie assured him that he can trust her. Later, Mariah and Natalie sized each other up on any possible attraction to Kevin. Jack told Phyllis that he blames himself for Billy’s condition. Billy woke up and tried to remember details about his accident and asked Victoria if Adam’s responsible. Noah told Victor that he couldn’t handle the pressure of keeping a secret and would confess to the police that he ran over Billy.

THIS WEEK: Jack is still overwhelmed with guilt. Sharon tells Dylan she worries about his safety.

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