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RECAPS - 3/31-4/4

ALL MY CHILDREN – Erica and Carmen hid out in a department store after getting off the truck. Erica freed herself from the handcuffs, but chose to stay and help Carmen reunite with Mando. Zach and Kendall clashed about Ryan. Ryan was thrown to learn what he’d done in the past. Greenlee felt sure she could fix Ryan, but Kendall advised her to stay away from him. Aiden proposed to Greenlee. When she turned him down, Aiden tried to bury his hurt by calling Annie. Jesse took Angie to the home of the justice of the peace who had married them years before so they could renew their vows to each other.

THIS WEEK: JR learns that he has a serious illness!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Barbara kept the seriousness of her condition from Gwen and Will so that they would leave Oakdale as planned. Sofie and Paul rushed Barbara to the hospital for immediate surgery. Brad made a tape of himself and Katie to prove that they belong together. She was wowed and said she’d marry him. Unbeknownst to Katie, Mike Kasnoff returned to town and formed a partnership with Paul. Together they bought the Snyder farm and plan to redevelop the land. The immigration official investigated Ameera and Noah’s marriage. Luke lied and said the Casey was his boyfriend so the INS wouldn’t suspect Ameera and Casey’s relationship.

THIS WEEK: Katie finds out about Mike.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Rick couldn’t stay away from Taylor. When Phoebe returned home unexpectedly, he hid in Taylor’s bedroom. Brooke was furious about Rick and Taylor, so she told Nick. Nick refused to let Jack visit with Taylor because of her thing with Rick. Taylor wanted to lash out at Brooke for interfering in her life. Brooke got Storm to date Ashley, but when Ridge found out he overreacted. He fired Storm and threw him out of the building. Pam changed Eric’s little blue pills with sleeping pills so he passed out when making love to Donna. Eric woke up in bed with Stephanie. Donna worried that Eric was bored with her.

THIS WEEK: Rick has an offer for Taylor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Steve went to see Ava and when she showed him "Kayla," he came face to face with Hope. The two kept up a pretense so Ava didn’t know the truth. However, after Hope was released, the real Kayla called Steve to find out what was going on. Marlena agreed to let Sami, EJ and the children live with her and John in the mansion to establish EJ’s status with immigration. Victor was shocked when Nicole appeared out of the blue and declared that they were still married. Because of her crush on Daniel, Chelsea ignored the symptoms she was feeling from the transplant.

THIS WEEK: John asks Marlena to love him for who he is now.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Claudia, Johnny and Ian arranged for a hit on Sonny at the warehouse. Kate urged Sonny to bring Michael with him to work at the coffee warehouse to prove he can be a legitimate businessman. After spending time babysitting Liz’s kids, Robin reconsidered single parenthood. Carly and Jax fought over Sonny and Kate respectively. At their new jobs, Lulu and Maxie clashed. When Maxie made a crucial mistake, she turned to Spinelli to rescue her. To thank him, Maxie kissed him. Sam defended Monica when the judge was ready to throw the book at Dr. Quartermaine. For Lulu’s sake, Johnny makes a deal with Luke to re-open the Haunted Star.

THIS WEEK: Sonny blames himself for Michael’s situation.

GUIDING LIGHT – Despite the doctors’ best efforts, Gus died. Rick asked Natalia to let Gus’s organs be used for transplantation. When Olivia’s transplant heart didn’t materialize, she received Gus’s heart instead. When Natalia later saw Emma and Ava with Olivia, she was happy about her decision. Harley was devastated by Gus’s death and planned an elaborate funeral. Vanessa caught Cyrus in the act of pretending to be her stalker. Ava lied to Bill that she was carrying his baby, while Lizzie was counting on a future with Bill. Dinah bought the Spaulding mansion and tried to prove to Mallet that she’s regained all her mental abilities.

THIS WEEK: Marina’s not ready to let Cyrus go.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Todd relented and let Starr go back to school; but she cannot spend time with Cole. Jared kissed Natalie and told her that he is not a Buchanan. She was furious at him and Nigel, but decided to keep the secret to protect Buchanan Enterprises. Nora and Bo were trapped in the car during an ice storm and reminisced about their past. Clint and Lindsay were ticked off. Jared warned Charlie so he could come clean with Viki before Natalie did. Adriana demanded that Dorian investigate Gigi’s claim that Brody Lovett was Shane’s father. Ramsey used a drug bust to set up John. Starr told Langston she might be pregnant with Cole’s baby.

THIS WEEK: Rex confronts Gigi with questions about Shane.

PASSIONS – A jealous Viki decided to kill Julian to keep him from Esme. She attempted to do him in, but he survived. She was thrilled that he couldn’t remember that she was his assailant. The Demon Elf plotted to destroy Paloma and Noah’s romance. Ethan ran off to find Theresa after Gwen claimed that she saw her still alive. Theresa’s memorial left the family devastated by her death, even though she’s very much alive. Theresa got the idea to become "Gertrude" the new Crane nanny so she could stay close to Ethan. To keep his secret from getting out, Vincent was prepared to kill Eve and Julian.

THIS WEEK: The Demon Elf continues to cause mischief.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – Gloria confessed to Michael, Lauren and Kevin that she’d fallen for Jeff. Gloria’s kids decided to let her deal with her problems on her own. Kay and Jill grilled Alistair for information about Gloria. Jack decided to stop fighting for the mansion and gave it to Gloria. He had a emotional moment giving up his family home. Brad plotted to keep David gambling, while David lied that he was dealing with his addiction. Victor went to L.A. to spend time with Sabrina. They kissed. Amber told Cane that Lily could be pregnant. Alistair tried to get close to Gloria. Adam asked Victor to tell him about Hope and why Victor loved her.

THIS WEEK: Nikki suspects that Victor is up to something.

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