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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — A very curious, yet apprehensive, Quinn is able to gauge Liam’s condition during his few moments of consciousness. Wyatt is able to at least take Steffy’s mind off of Liam during a day at the beach. When questioned by Eric about Brooke working at Spencer Publications, Katie assures him that she completely trusts that her sister and Bill have nothing more than a professional relationship. Bill and Brooke discuss their past together and how difficult it is to suppress their feelings for one other. Feeling as though her feelings for Bill are a betrayal to Katie, Brooke contemplates resigning from Spencer Publications. Because of a private conversation that she overheard, Katie recalls a part of her life that was the most painful for her. Despite being comforted by Wyatt, Steffy is still agonizingly hopeful that Liam will reach out to her. Quinn inadvertently learns about what happened to Liam before her encounter with him in the parking lot. Brooke assures her sister that she will always remain loyal when Katie angrily confronts her about professing her love for Bill. The conversation between the Logan sisters becomes heated when accusations are hurled. Caroline and Bill catch up on their respective personal and professional lives. Wyatt gives Steffy several reasons why and ideas on how to move on with her life without Liam in it. Quinn is in disbelief when Liam surprises her with a very enlightening question. Eric lends a supportive ear to Brooke as she upsettingly confides in him about her previous encounter with Katie. Excited to present his wife with a special gift, Bill is blindsided by Katie, who has a surprise of her own. Still unable to get Liam off of her mind, Steffy welcomes an unexpected distraction from Wyatt. Thinking that Steffy needs to conquer a significant fear to move on with her life, Wyatt gives her a present to assist her in doing so. Steffy is afraid and apprehensive to accept Wyatt’s gift because of a prior experience and of what using it would signify. Quinn tries her best to prevent Liam from having any contact with Steffy.

THIS WEEK: On behalf of his dear friend, Brooke, Eric pays a visit to Bill to suggest playing peacemaker between Katie and her estranged sister. Feeling as though she didn’t get her point across previously, Katie sets new ground rules for her relationship with Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve realizes Kayla is missing and angrily confronts Ava. Andre uncovers Hope’s secret! Ciara invites Rafe to join her, Chase, and Hope on a family getaway. Abigail isn’t thrilled when Chad offers up a surprising suggestion of where they should live. As Rafe and Hope share a warm moment, Andre vows revenge. A drunk Joey causes a scene at Ciara’s get-together. Abe is concerned when he realizes Theo has feelings for Ciara. Eric is released from the hospital… and promptly arrested. Theresa is jealous of Brady and Nicole’s newfound connection. Belle blasts Eve for interfering with Claire. Victor puts Deimos to the test. On the day of Daniel’s funeral, Nicole, Chloe, and Parker struggle with their loss. Abigail helps JJ deal with Daniel’s death. Eric declines to attend the funeral but finds a way to pay tribute to his friend. Before leaving town, Melanie runs into Brady and Theresa. Nicole lashes out at a guiltridden Eric. Brady questions Fynn about the dreams he’s been having of Daniel’s time in California. As part of his revenge plot, Andre breaks into Hope’s house. At the Horton cabin, Ciara makes a stunning discovery about Chase.

THIS WEEK: Fynn does his best to evade. Ava forces Steve’s hand, using Kayla as leverage.

GENERAL HOSPITAL —Jason has a breakthrough in remembering his past with Sam. For the first time, he feels a connection with his former self. Kristina interrupts a hot-and-heavy moment between TJ and Molly. Although Kristina assures Alexis that her time off from school is no problem, there is deep trouble brewing with her professor. Jordan and Curtis agree to shield TJ from the truth. Hayden makes an important decision about her future, much to Tracy’s delight. Epiphany agrees to keep Sonny’s secret but urges him to bring someone else in on the loop. Will Sonny give Julian a free pass? Valerie will not forgive and forget what happened to her. Lulu says a heartfelt goodbye. Maxie fesses up to Nathan. Carly and Sonny are increasingly concerned about Morgan, who tells Kiki he wants to be more than just friends. Julian warns Ava to get out of his way. Paul has concerns about how much Kiki knows about his relationship with Ava. Sabrina’s life takes a turn. Jake reacts badly to Jason’s news. Jason later learns just how disturbed the boy is. Carlos is forced to come through for Sabrina like never before. Anna and Robert discover frightening evidence. After learning what Ava is really up to, Sonny is determined to speed up her day of reckoning. Kiki makes a reasonable compromise with the lovesick Morgan. Sam’s attempt to make peace with Liz ends very badly. Kristina is rattled by an unexpected confrontation. Dante and Lulu have different plans for the future of their marriage.

THIS WEEK: Olivia and Alexis won’t back down. Liz and Jason come to an alarming conclusion about Jake.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sage is relieved that she and Nick both think something isn’t right about Dr. Anderson. Sage finds Nick and Dr. Anderson together at the GCAC. She discovers that Dr. Anderson wants to have her committed and hits her. Later, Adam blames Nick for Sage’s condition. Things are starting to improve between Abby and Max. Meanwhile, Ashley worries about the pain her family will experience if Simon is not able to cure her. Abby shows up to the Lab with Max who is fascinated with the place. Abby confesses to Ashley that she fears that Max could “cost me my marriage”. Abby and Max leave and Ashley pulls Simon into a kiss. Chelsea is furious as she realizes that Adam might be working with the Santori family. Marisa confesses to her that Adam and Luca are working together to take down their fathers. Luca asks Adam when he will have incriminating information against Victor. Later, Adam shows Victor a dossier that Luca gave him on his father. He tells Chelsea the truth about working with Victor to destroy Luca and his family.

THIS WEEK: Simon reacts to Ashley impetuous move. Abby makes a risky move.

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