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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Assuming that his sister is involved with someone new, Thomas isn’t too pleased when he learns that Steffy has been spending time with Wyatt. Without revealing her secret, Quinn vows to Wyatt that she will do whatever it takes to ensure his ultimate happiness. Quinn is conflicted about her stance towards Liam due to their past interactions versus his current state. Knowing that Thomas disapproves and that Steffy is still pining over Liam, Wyatt is determined to prove to everyone that he is a good man. When Julius makes another attempt to talk Sasha into returning to Chicago, she informs him that her new position as a Forrester Creations model prevents her from doing so. Zende’s repeated attempts to become intimate with Nicole again come to a screeching halt when she suggests that they wait until after the baby arrives. A still-fuming Katie has a difficult time letting go of Brooke’s betrayal and accuses Bill of not supporting her feelings. Eric defends Brooke when Rick questions her about leaving Spencer Publications. Knowing how guilty Brooke has been feeling since her altercation with Katie, Eric assures her that she is innocent of any wrongdoing. Sasha is rather unforgiving towards Nicole and considers seeking revenge by making a play for Zende. Nicole opens up to Maya on a deeper level about why having Sasha around makes her feel insecure. Sasha takes advantage of an evening alone with Zende to offer him something that Nicole isn’t giving him. Bill turns to Brooke for assistance in dealing with Katie’s recent change of attitude. Eric hosts a luncheon for Rick and Maya to celebrate the pending birth of the child that Nicole is carrying for them. The internal anger that she harbors towards Brooke causes Katie to act in a way she once condemned Bill for. Zende is faced with temptation as Sasha offers to have a physical relationship with him with no strings attached. Steffy and Wyatt contemplate Liam’s whereabouts and why he left so abruptly. Still desperate to keep Liam away from Steffy, Quinn scrambles to give him answers to his many questions. Wyatt makes another attempt to get closer to Steffy and take Liam off of her mind by a day of fun in the sun at the beach. Quinn continues to weave her web of lies hoping that Liam doesn’t uncover the truth. Believing Quinn’s words to be true, Liam’s attitude towards her takes a drastic and unexpected turn.

THIS WEEK: Despite Bill’s best efforts to calm his wife down, Katie is unable to get over Brooke’s accused betrayal. Following a day at the beach, Wyatt blindsides Steffy with a bold and impulsive statement.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve tries to strike a deal with Ava. Ciara rips into Chase after uncovering his secret. Philip opens up to Belle about Deimos’ blackmail. Eve takes Claire under her wing. Joey is stunned when he catches Steve and Ava in a compromising position. A jealous Belle warns Eve to stay away from her daughter! Theresa and Nicole make a bold career move. Brady has a dream about a mysterious woman. Chad makes a deal with Adrienne and Justin to secure his future plans with Abigail. Chase has an emotional confrontation with Ciara. Rafe bolsters Hope as she struggles with family drama. Eric accuses Jennifer of abusing painkillers. Steve is forced to take extreme action to order to save Kayla. Belle gives in to her feelings for Philip. Deimos threatens Philip. JJ comes to Gabi’s rescue once again. Andre tries to convince Chad that Hope killed Stefano. Fed up with Eduardo, Kate finds herself intrigued by Deimos.

THIS WEEK: Theresa picks up on Jennifer’s strange behavior. Brady finally sees the mystery woman’s face in his dreams.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Calamity strikes Sam, triggering a chain of potentially deadly events. Dante and Lulu’s encounter takes a drastic shift. Nina comes up with an idea for the next issue of Crimson, which Julian isn’t thrilled with. Kristina pushes her professor’s buttons. Sam’s attempt to save her life could, actually, cost it. Paul’s threat evokes a strong reaction from Ava. Kiki reluctantly trusts Sonny. Mac and Felicia come to Robert and Anna’s rescue. Michael gets a clear picture of Sabrina’s intentions. A fired up Ava is prepared to take legal action against Sonny. Nikolas is pleasantly surprised when Hayden passes his test. Their relationship is taken to the next level, only for a wrench to be thrown into their happy moment. Scotty stuns Laura with a most unexpected document. Franco and Nina flip gears from frisky and physical to deep and serious. Morgan & Kiki agree to take it slow as the two go on a proper date; will romance blossom once more for this couple? A frightening complication arises in Liz and Jason’s life. Hayden is forced to play dumb, but Nikolas remains suspicious. Morgan pulls the plug when things get hot with Kiki. Dante gets a firsthand look at Valerie “moving on.” Jake’s guilty conscience speaks up. Sam’s life is on the line. Sonny meets his new doctor, who is connected to someone in Port Charles.

THIS WEEK: Morgan is frustrated by the side effects of his medication. Kristina opens up to Molly about what happened to her in school.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby tells Victor that she wants in on the secret project that he and Adam are working on. Victor confesses that the projects might be too dangerous for her. Hilary confronts Nikki and warns her to stay away from Neil. Nikki lies to Hilary that she is having an affair with Neil. Later, Neil presses Hilary to look into her heart to figure out what she truly wants. Jack asks Ashley to come back to Jabot and help him rebuild the company. Nick confides in Chelsea that he’s worried he may have gone too far with Sage and ultimately put her in danger. Jill is determined to reunite Cane and Lily. Kevin wants to know how Natalie is going to cut him and Marisa into her new plan for the computer project. Sharon informs Nick that Faith wants to live with her full time. Nick doesn’t take the news well.

THIS WEEK: Hilary doesn’t know who to believe. Natalie plays it fast and loose.

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