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RECAPS FEB. 15 – 19

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — In an attempt to repair her damaged relationship with her sister, Brooke invited Bill and an apprehensive Katie over for dinner. Even though she just spent a romantic and steamy Valentine’s evening with Wyatt, Steffy still had a difficult time keep her mind off of Liam. Caroline was overcome with conflicted emotions when Thomas asked to feel her baby kicking. Quinn let her guard just down enough to make a mistake that may ruin her plan to keep Liam all to herself. Having experienced a scary moment with Caroline, Thomas agreed to keep a secret pertaining to her pregnancy. Eric revealed to Brooke’s children why she’s no longer working at Spencer Publications with Katie and Bill. With a few drinks in her, Katie’s unintended discovery negated Brooke’s apology and caused an abrupt end to an almost-perfect evening. Before leaving Brooke’s house, Katie issued a threat to her sister that’s fueled by insecurity, jealousy and scotch. Brooke confided her feelings for Bill with someone who’s very familiar with the situation. Despite her intense feelings for Bill, Brooke had absolutely no intention of ever interfering in his marriage or family. Rick and Maya excitedly prepared for the birth of their first child by making plans for an elaborate nursery. A concerned Bill was forced to shield Will from his mother’s compromised condition and confronted Katie about her drinking. Having experienced some difficulty in her marriage and in the bedroom, Katie struggled to not turn to the bottle for comfort. When Bill brought up the unfortunate incident from the evening before, Katie was unwilling to address it and wanted to move forward. Brooke was wary about meeting Bill when he contacted her to discuss his concerns regarding Katie. Suspicion arose when Katie learned that Bill left the office for an unplanned meeting. Fresh from his European business trip, Ridge arranged for a cocktail party at the Forrester Mansion in honor of the company’s vendors. In preparation for the occasion, Ridge made redecorating decision that infuriates Rick. Irate over Ridge’s actions and Eric’s approval, Rick hastily made a threat that put a great divide within the family. Maya got an inside scoop on the ongoing sibling rivalry between brothers, Ridge and Rick.

THIS WEEK: Relaying to Brooke what happened the night before with Katie, Bill feels as though his wife is in desperate need of help. Assuming that Bill and Brooke are having a rendezvous, Katie makes a revealing admission to Wyatt about her marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady got answers from Fynn about the mystery woman. Eduardo was wary when he saw Deimos making moves on Kate. John gave Philip surprising information about Deimos. Belle made a decision about her relationship with Philip. Hope and Rafe carried out a plan to neutralize Andre who manipulated a distraught Chase. JJ was upset when he learned of Abigail’s plans. Ava returned to Salem just as Steve struggled to keep the truth from Kayla. Claire learned a shocking secret about Belle. Andre was furious when he realized that Hope and Rafe had set him up. Brady took off for California to track down the woman in his dreams. Shawn angrily told Belle he’s moving on and arranged a date with someone else. Eric received devastating news and ended up seeking comfort from Jennifer. Kayla received a shocking message from Ava. In California, Brady ran into a familiar face as he searched for the mystery woman. Nicole and Theresa separately decided to follow Brady to California. Victor offered Philip a way to earn back his forgiven.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer’s addiction starts to affect her work. Chad confronts Andre, wondering if he killed Stefano.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason received a disturbing phone call. Liz accepted Nikolas’ offer to stay at Wyndermere despite Hayden’s presence. Nathan and Maxie devised a plan to get Lulu and Dante back together – or at least start a conversation. Curtis made a move on Valerie as Jordan’s visibly rankled by his continued presence in Port Charles. Jason and Liz came together for Jake as he’s moved to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Sonny and his new doctor came to an understanding. Dillon invited Anna to participate in a feature for “Crimson.” Meanwhile, Anna used this opportunity to learn more about Paul’s family. Morgan’s manic episode led to a series of bad decisions. Alexis and her girls shared some family time as she prepared for her wedding. Paul and Anna faced off against each other, challenging each other’s motives. Morgan’s bad decisions caused Sonny to fire him. Kiki caught Morgan in the act and let him have it. Lulu decided it’s time to move on from staying at Maxie’s house. Paul dropped a bombshell on Anna that left her feeling furious yet empathetic towards him. Morgan overheard some critical information that’s meant only for Sonny’s ears. Nikolas and Hayden enjoyed some marital bliss while continuing to act on their mutual distrust of each other. Olivia had a bad premonition involving someone close to her. The Davis girls helped their mom get ready for her big day. Lucas and Julian shared an emotional moment.

THIS WEEK: Sonny tries to offer paternal advice to Morgan, but he isn’t having it. Lulu is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor gave Summer a job at Newman and enlisted her to keep tabs on Natalie. Jack did his best to ease Phyllis’ worry about working for Victor. Phyllis told Billy to walk away from their deal, so he didn’t risk losing Victoria. Devon told Hilary he’s afraid that Neil might resort to his old habits. Lily asked Neil if he’s fallen off the wagon. Simon covered for Ashley when she suffered a setback with her condition. Lily and Cane reminisced about their past. Neil pulled Nikki into a kiss, but Nikki backed away and told him that Victor knew all about their ruse. Chelsea tried to woo Adam for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Adam was determined to keep Luca in line.

THIS WEEK: Neil has to cover up the truth. Billy feels conflicted and can’t make up his mind.

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